Tops and Bottoms

I keep putting off my other sewing….you see, I have 2 very delicious little Granddaughters. Don’t get me wrong, all my Grandchildren are wonderful little people, but right now, I am enjoying sewing dinky little things for them <3 The first outfit is made from some soft stretch denim for the trousers and my last of that pretty owl fabric….. The pattern is one I have had in my stash for about 12 years, I bought it when Emilia, my eldest Granddaughter was about 2, she is now 13!! The pink outfit is made from some beautiful linen blend for the trousers and some cotton lawn I have had for a couple of years I used shirring instead of making channels with bias binding and threading elastic through…I love shirring!! This is Esme wearing her dress that I made, there’s some shirring at the waistline…love that photo of the little gorgeous with her Eldest Ali. In the background is my youngest Granddaughter Indi, she is such a little cutie, very sociable and constantly chatting!! The outfit I made for Indi was a bit big…which makes a change as I’ve been making quite a few things that hardly got any wear! This set will be good for next year too!

I made this pretty make up bag for a gift for a friend, I love the shape…It’s an AnnaKa pattern, instructions in Norwegian but the pictures are great!

I’ve also been doing a bit of machine knitting….  The red cardigan is being test knitted and will be published soon…. I have made a few more things but don’t seem to have photographed them…. Have a lovely weekend everyone xxx

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Kauni…Hearts and Flowers

I came across this wonderful design when I was browsing Pinterest…I get lost on Pinterest…

I have long admired the colours and transitions of colours of Kauni and when I saw this design I just knew I would have to make one

I ordered the kit, you can only purchase the pattern in the kit…sadly one of the colourways for the design wasn’t available, however, I did have one ball of it lurking in my stash so I was halfway there. I ordered the kit, but with one of the colourways in the picture on the front of the design, and another colourway that will be used for something else I’m sure

I had a bit of trouble working out which colour was to go where and after reading through the booklet I realised that there would be a lot of winding off balls of yarn in order to get to the colours that I needed to use in the Fair Isle

So, this is my progress, lots of little balls of colours and I’m sure there will be more as I progress, I loved the colours that the designer used and I am doing my best to place them where she has…

It’s definitely photogenic….

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Comfy Machine Knit Jumper Published

You can purchase the pattern via the link in the side bar or in Ravelry

This lovely machine Knit jumper features a soft V neck which is not so deep as a classic V neck and looks good with shirts or t-shirts. I love how the neckline looks with the fully fashioned decreasing and that satisfying tuck and rolled hems

All sizes have been vigorously tested by 5 lovely machine knitters with varying skill levels so that you can knit this design with confidence

Five sizes from 38-46inch chest, or bigger if you don’t want such a loose fit

One of the things that was noted by my testers was the looser cuffs, a design feature that I love but wasn’t so popular with all the wearers, so, I have given you two versions, the one in the photos and a narrower cuff

I have 2 more designs in the writing stage, so that will keep me and my testers busy for a while…

If you have any questions just leave me a message somewhere….

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Decisions and Designing

I have been designing for the knitting machine again…this time a fitted cardigan, with tuck detail on the waist and cuffs, I used Yeoman Yarn’s Sari, another beautiful yarn to work with. The design looks simple enough but the detail on it is quite complex and will need a fair bit of detailed instruction. I will be creating many sizes for this design, this one is the first size and fits a 32″ bust measurement, it needs a few tweaks but I’m very pleased with the outcome


For quite some time, I have been mulling over the idea of not exhibiting at Fibre-East this year and finally made the decision a couple of days ago…it felt like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. The build up to a show is immense, the workload is never ending until the day of the show and then all the hard work pays dividends. Meeting so many of my lovely customers, chatting, advising…I love all of that but even with the thought of those rewards I knew that for me, it was going to be impossible this year

Barry has to go to Australia again soon and this time I’d like to go with him, hopefully he will take some holiday one side of the 2 weeks working…in fact, he keeps popping off to so many lovely new places and I would like the freedom to choose whether I go with him or not

I simply need to slow down a little…my 2 youngest Granddaughter’s are growing so fast, I keep buying fabric and patterns to make them some dinky outfits but the thought of all the dyeing and sewing I needed to do for FE kept stopping me…so now, I can make a few things without a guilty conscience

I could be in danger of filling my new found spare time with more interesting projects though………

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Slouchy Review

I am delighted that so many of you are enjoying my new machine knitting designs, my Slouchy Cardigan Pattern has received such a wonderful review, makes it all worthwhile.

I have another design for a Comfy Jumper for Men (and Women) which is in the hands of the testers right now and will be released soon

Here’s Barry modelling it…

He came home from work, saw his new jumper on the back of his chair and put it on! So that’s why he is looking a bit tired…

I particularly love the soft V of the neckline

Whilst that pattern is being tested, I am working on a fitted cardigan for Women, I’m taking more time over this one as it is rather more detailed than the Comfy Jumper and will be in a large range of sizes

Today, I am going to a smallish quilt show in Spalding…so I better get off my bottom and get dressed!

Have a lovely weekend


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Ali’s Jumper has been published

Ali, my eldest, asked me to make her a not too boxy jumper which slid off her shoulders and had a curved front which touched just below the waist, shorter than the back, bracelet length sleeves. This is the result!

There are endless possibilities for change, longer body, shorter sleeves

An optional downward curve can be added to the back so the line curves from front to back

Neckbands are knitted on after the shaping, making life less complicated and giving superb results

The sleeves are picked up from the edges of the body and knitted down towards the cuff
Worn with 10-15 cms (4-6 inches) of positive ease this jumper is fun to make and wear!

The neck and shoulder shaping is fully charted; I find this makes it far easier to see where I am in the pattern and the charts are all on separate pages so you can just print off the size you require

All curves are worked using short row shaping, this is described fully in the pattern

To fit sizes:
Small 30-34”
Medium 36-38”
Large 40-42”
Extra Large 44-46”

I used a standard gauge knitting machine SK280, no ribber required!

Skills required: A beginner machine knitter with a little experience could knit this design with a little concentration…

Tibet is knitted at a looser than normal tension for 3ply to allow for shrinkage and this looser tension gives a lovely drape to the finished garment
28 stitches and 40 rows to 4” square at TD 8 (MT) after washing, drying and gentle pressing
Although this is a standard tension for 4ply coned yarns, I don’t recommend that you use it. The fabric will be too dense for it to drape as this jumper needs

This pattern has been vigorously tested by three lovely machine knitters offering various abilities, I particularly wanted newbie machine knitters to test the pattern as well as knitters with experience, because I felt that useful questions would be asked and I have answered them to the best of my ability in the pattern

This is the Extra-large size showing the downward curve option…

This one is the second size but knitted 2″ longer and also has the downward curve at the back

You can buy the pattern using this Ravelry Link or from the link in my sidebar if you’re not on Ravelry

I am so happy about the success of my Slouchy Cardigan pattern…I have more ideas in the pipeline, a man’s jumper and a fitted cardigan for women….I just can’t go fast enough!!

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A little bit of sunshine

Today, I had my camera in my hand as I’d been taking the photos of an old dwelling earlier, sadly those shots didn’t please…but I was amazed to see all these little beauties in my garden already…plenty of buds of more things to pop open too!

Have a lovely weekend :)

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Machine Knit Slouchy Cardigan is Go!

At last…the pattern has been tested and is now for sale

You can view it on Ravelry here or you can purchase it using the link in my sidebar without going into Ravelry ;)

finished mustard slouchy cardigan  (1)


finished mustard slouchy cardigan  (2)

I can’t wait to see your makes of this unusual design

I have created a group on Flickr so you can show off your lovely makes from my patterns…there will be more and soon!

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Pattern Coming Soon

I am so happy with this design…I just had to make another, this time I made the largest size just to check out if I understood the written pattern and charts myself…!!

I am sending a public apology to all my testers for the number of updates there have been to the pattern…must have been driving you all bonkers!

Still I do think we are nearly there though

The weather has been appalling here today, really black with rain one minute and then sunny but very windy! It was a miracle that I managed to get this photo as the wind was blowing it all over the place! I love the stormy sky though….

Today I made yet another of my Slouchy Cardigans…I love it! That design is almost ready for publication too…watch this space!!

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Designing, Creating and Pattern Writing

I had a request from Ali, “Can you make me a not too boxy, curved hem jumper which falls off my shoulders and has bracelet length sleeves?”

“Oh yes, no problems!” says I….

Little did I know that it would lead to me writing up my first proper grown up machine knitting pattern!

I showed off the jumper in a lovely friendly and chatty Machine Knitting Group on Facebook and had a wonderful response to it….

I wrote up the design for Ali’s size….now that was mind blowing enough in itself….I asked my lovely new friend Cristina to test the pattern for me in that size. We had a few issues and after Cristina sent me a chart of what I had written down, to show me the error in my writing, I realised that charts for all the neck and shoulder shaping was the way to go

I have now written up the design in 4 sizes, 30″ to 46″ and as the actual jumper measures from up to 57″ it will fit even larger sizes but with less positive ease

The curved hem is created using hold position, if you don’t want a curved hem but like the look of the rest of the jumper then just follow the instructions for the back of the jumper up to the armhole markers…

I pattern is being tested in all the sizes and as soon as I get the results back from my testers I will publish this pattern

Hours and hours of my precious time has been taken up with writing this pattern, hours of my testers’ time has been taken up too, endless patience on both sides has been required. I chose Cristina as my first tester because she is a newbie machine knitter and having seen the lovely garments she has been making after only a few weeks with her machine, I realised she would ask me the right questions that would remind me of the information that would be needed to get the same finish as I did

I’ve got another newbie, Sally, testing one of the other sizes, hope she understands the lingo!

Oh and my poor husband, he was scared to speak to me over the weekend….

I could have waited until he was back at work but once the design was flowing it was impossible not to write it all down and so, I apologise Barry, thank you for understanding (most of the time xx)

I’ll let you all know when the design is available…..

It is all very exciting and a totally new venture for Fluff-n-Stuff :D

For now, I can get on with my other stuff that has been neglected for a while….food shopping first though eugh…wish me luck!

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