Loretta Tassel Bag

Minus the tassel!

I recently had the pleasure of testing another delightful bag design by Delinda Boutique

I found this to be a relatively simple bag to make, even though it looks tricky. An adventurous beginner would have no problems sewing this bag as long as they were careful to match the points at the side seams :)

I used some beautiful Fabrics, for the outside I used some yummy textured fabric, Time Warp by Jessica Jones – Barkcloth by Cloud 9 Organic Fabrics and for the lining I chose a toning quilting weight cotton

The bag measures 15″ W x 12.5″ H x 2.5″ D ( 38cm x 32 x 6.5) so it is roomy without being too big. The straps are long enough to fit over my shoulder but can easily be made longer. I like the idea of using the straps to carry the bag over my arm too, so the length is perfect for me :)

DSC_8852 copy

There are 2 inner pockets, on slip pocket which has been divided into a pen and a larger pocket. The other pocket is zipped for your more precious items…

DSC_8853 copy

So, if you’d like to make this bag for yourself hop along over to Delinda Boutique where you will find all her designs, including this one

Never worry about there being too many pages to these designs, this is what makes them perfect for all levels of sewing abilities. I never print off the whole pattern, just the pattern pieces. I view the instructions on my iPad :)

DSC_8850 copy

If you click on the photo above, you can see the gorgeous texture of this cloth, as you can see, it had a lovely roomy pocket on the front, held flat against the bag by an elastic casing

This bag is for sale, you can find the listing in my shop here

Right now I am testing yet another of Delinda’s designs…I’ll be blogging about it soon



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Oasis Quilt Sewalong Day 4

I have diamonds!

Here I am on step 6, using my very old rotary marker to show me where to pin….we are told to use a pen marker but this caught my eye so i used it. I bought it many years ago when Burda sewing patterns needed a seam allowance adding to them

so I have completed step 7 and I now have the diamonds all joined together

I am really loving this project!

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Oasis Quilt Sewalong Day 3

Step 5 done…. I’ve also nearly completed step 7 but I have to wait to show you

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Oasis Quilt Sewalong Day 2

I couldn’t wait to get sewing and start to visualise my quilt

This is step 3

day 1

day 3

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Oasis Quilt Sewalong Day 1

As the house is relatively sorted out after the 3 lovely visitors we had with us last week, I thought I’d sew something just for the pleasure…

In issue 8 of One Thimble Magazine I came across this lovely quilt but was too busy to take much notice of it

Then I had an email from Jen, the producer of that lovely magazine, suggesting that there might be a sewalong

Then another mail saying that it was about to start

So I took myself upstairs to my sewing room and chose some fabrics

I deliberately choose some fabrics that I don’t have too much of for the main colours and after a bit of a rummage in me drawers 😀 I came across some white cotton linen blend and felt that would be a good choice for the sashing and the rest of the quilt

day 2

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Summer Sale

I am having a sale in my shop!!!

There are bags and designer children’s clothes to buy with a massive 30% off using the code HAPPY30 when prompted in the checkout process

Click here to go straight to the sale!!

Please spread the lurve…xx

Millie Outside Peckover House

I can’t do a blog post without a photo so here’s a happy shot of my eldest Granddaughter Emilia, swinging on a lamppost outside Peckover House in Wisbech

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Machine Knitted Lace

Light Blue Lace Yoke Cardigan Lambswool Machine Knitted (5)

Machine knitting lace needs total concentration

Or this can happen

oops lace carriage knitmaster

It’s ‘clattered off’ as my husband likes to call it! When it does that, it always makes me jump and then swear…bigly! I don’t swear too much normally but ‘clattering off’ gets me every time!!

Not the first time either, it happened about 4 times altogether


I rehung the knitting the next day and carried on fine, shaping the pieces is the problem, oh and remembering to put the yarn back into the lace carriage after transferring the stitches over 6 passes of the carriage, and also remembering to move the dial on the carriage…I think I’m back into the swing of it now though…I liken it to that thing we did as children, rubbing your head and patting your tummy!!

Light Blue Lace Yoke Cardigan Lambswool Machine Knitted (1)

I love the look of the fashion lace, it just takes a lot of brain power…..you simply cannot whizz through the lace, it’s quicker to do the ordinary lace that transfers and knits at the same time, but you would still have the shaping to deal with

I managed to shape the back neck by taking the stitches back out of working position using the ravel cord, I even managed to wrap the stitches

I used some of Uppingham Yarn’s beautiful Lambswool

The pretty rolled edge and tuck is the same as I have used on two of my designs

Light Blue Lace Yoke Cardigan Lambswool Machine Knitted (3)

This cardigan took me ages to knit, in the past, I would knit a cardigan like this in about 2 days, but each of those pieces with the lace on took me at least a day to produce

Light Blue Lace Yoke Cardigan Lambswool Machine Knitted (2)

I love the shape of this cardigan, I have tried it on and I prefer it left unbuttoned. The fabric is soft and has movement and the garment works well as a lightweight jacket

Light Blue Lace Yoke Cardigan Lambswool Machine Knitted (4)

All in all, I am glad that I persevered with this, I would have liked it to be a bit more fitted so I’ll probably knit another but at a tighter tension.

I wanted to throw the lace carriage out of the window at times…when it ‘clattered off’ I walked away and did some handknitting instead

wentworth rowan kidsilk haze yarn bowl

This is my Wentworth Cardigan 

Those of you that have visited me over the last couple of years will have seen this beautiful yarn bowl full of the colourful Rowan Kidsilk Haze. The way this bowl looks pleases me no end and it had become a very beautiful ornament! Not any more, I have nearly finished the whole of the back and fronts…

But I have also been knitting something else

Yell Rowan colourspun

This is a jumper for Barry, it’s from the new Rowan magazine and is called Yell!

The twisted rib is worked on the front and back of the knitting, it’s enjoyable to knit but a bit tough on my hands though so I am alternating with the Wentworth which is such a joy to knit as long as I get the colour sequence in order

I have finished a sleeve of the Yell and I handed it to Barry to admire, he proceeded to put it on and then he carried on watching the television


I think he likes it :)

He’s wearing shorts in case you were worried…haha

My last daily migraine lifted on Saturday, so that was two weeks they were with me…I am still a bit under the weather from them but it is great to be pain free again :)

Now I need to tidy up the house, it’s had 2 weeks off and is a bit disorderly to say the least!

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Mini Tulip Tote

I knew immediately that I was going to have to make this pretty bag

mini tulip tote (1)

I loved the positivity of it, hope that makes sense lol..it is just a cute little bag, with pretty gathers and a lovely curvy shape

I made the straps long enough to sit on your shoulder, but I also love the shorter handles, they’d be perfect for an evening out

The fabrics used are a linen and cotton blend for the gathered outside and for the straps and the lining I used some of Amy Butler’s Gypsy Caravan fabric

mini tulip tote (7)

The design is by Sarah Markos, you can read more about this bag on her blog

mini tulip tote (5)

Notice that the bag stands up all on it’s own, inside is some clever stabilizer in the form of foam, so it is light but holds it’s shape. There are two pockets, both divided so you can keep your valuables safe and to hand

mini tulip tote (2)

The bag has a squarish base, so when it is open you can see all your stuff easily

mini tulip tote (3)

The bag closes with 2 strong magnetic snaps, one on each peak of the bag (love those gathers in the side seams)

mini tulip tote (4)

If you’d like to order one of these bags, please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you :)

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FLASH SALE this weekend only

If you missed my 25% discount code for my shop earlier in the week fear not, I am repeating the offer this weekend

Just use the code FLASH25 in the checkout process, this code will expire at Midnight Sunday 2nd August 2015

There are some very beautiful products for sale, all handcrafted with love by me over many weeks

Clothes and bags for sale at picperfic's Fluff-n-stuff

I am particularly proud of the children’s clothes section, a new venture for me, I have only sewn clothes for family members until now, I have had great fun choosing the patterns and fabrics. Everything is unique, the patterns are mostly from indie designers.

I hope you enjoy browsing my shop and snag yourself a bargain

Have a lovely weekend



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Dangling Conversation

Dangling Conversation

It’s been a while since I blocked a shawl, a few years I’d say….

This curving shawlette had me fooled for a while as I was knitting it

I didn’t realise that the long curving beaded edge was actually the neck edge

It wasn’t meant to be this big, but once I started I couldn’t stop, I love adding beads with a tiny crochet hook, the pattern is rhythmical and easy to remember once you get going

I love the twinkling beads

I have used them on the long curved edge and on the cast off edge

DSC_8698 copy

Where the beads are placed is unusual, but I love not to conform, it is hard to work out where you are in the pattern, which side goes where?

The photos of it blocking show the shawl soaking wet, I let it rest in the Eucalan bath for about half an hour before squeezing it and pinning it out

The yarn is some handspun of mine, Polwarth and Kid Mohair, in my Red Delicious colourway

The kid mohair is giving the surface a wonderful soft halo

I love how the stitches have opened in the blocking, I really think I am going to love wearing this

Oh, I made the larger size, but then I wanted to keep on knitting with this delicious lace yarn, I didn’t want to waste any, so my Dangling Conversation is rather off centre which adds to the unique quality of it!

The pattern can be found here, I’ll make this one again, that’s for sure

I’m in the middle of a bout of cluster migraines…feel druggy and yukky but I know I will be feeling more like myself in a few days time. I hate it when these headaches strike, so frustrating when I have so much I want to be doing!

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