Vintage Vogue and a Bit of Duxford

I just got this gorgeous sewing pattern from Ebay, I am so excited because I find it so difficult to find dress patterns that suit me and isn’t this just so ‘in’ right now? It’s an original Italian Designer pattern from 1961. My problem will be finding some suitable fabric which is fine enough but has a delicious drape to it.

Well we got to Duxford where they were holding the first Air Show of the season I think, and it was wonderful to see these amazing aircraft in flight…I did take some knitting to do. I’m not too bothered about photographing these beasts because Barry does it so well, let him tell you about his love of Aviation:-

My Life and Aviation….

I’ve always had a passion for Aircraft, I don’t know why but it’s been there as long as I can remember. Maybe it’s the sheer wonder of all that weight hanging up there on seemingly nothing! I don’t suppose I’m alone in this but an aircraft in flight leaves me breathless and spellbound.
When Marianne first came to live in Cambridgeshire it was the start the “Air show Season”. How can I admit to this passion for all things avian and not appear as a geek; I didn’t want to frighten her. As it was a lovely sunny day I suggested we go to Duxford (It’s part of the Imperial War Museum and well worth a visit, very educational too) and sit in a sunny field just opposite the airfield. (I always park in the nearby school playground which requests a contribution toward the school funds, it’s actually better for photographs too). “Good idea,” she said, “we can take some of that delicious strawberry sponge and have a little picnic”. Was this the start of my trip to those ‘Elysian Fields”, the fulfillment of my dreams? To be with an amazingly interesting and talented woman; using my camera to photograph the object of my childhood obsessions. Almost too good to be true… After pinching myself and noticing it hurts – yes, it must be real.
I remember seeing her that day, big smile, big hat…. knitting! But we were so happy, and still are. Memories!
Yesterday wasn’t a very nice day weather wise and, as Marianne has said previously, it was to be a ‘take it as it comes’ weekend. “If we’re going out would it be OK if we find ourselves over a Duxford for an hour?” “Of course.” So, after ridding ourselves of the rubbish at the refuse centre we go for our short drive armed with camera. Actually, Marianne didn’t take hers only some yarn, patterns and needles. “I’ll be quite happy here whilst you disappear for an hour in that field.” I actually, felt quite guilty being there alone, even though she was only about a quarter of a mile away! We just can’t really bear to be apart! How on earth we manage when I have to go to work…… But, what an hour!
It was a show dedicated to the RAF and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) and there was to be a display of World War II aircraft. Spitfires, Hurricanes and a Lancaster (there are only two left flying, one in Canada and the other here, in the UK. Job to believe there were over 7,000 of these produced). Also included was a parachute drop by the RAF’s Red Falcons display team. I was stood next to a Dad and his young son. So many questions. I guess I must’ve been the same – my poor father, bless him. I wondered then if this same small boy was on the start of his “journey to the clouds”. The look of wonderment in his eyes. Yes, the evidence was there, it had started!
So, much noise, such a spectacle… 5 Spitfires, 2 Hurricanes and 1 Lancaster – that’s 11 Rolls Royce engines…. wow! [listen to this] Warning, 500Kb file. (And, unfortunately, my camera shutter!).
After they had passed I receive a text message – “Woh!” Ah, she has enjoyed the spectacle too. I really must rush to get back to her…. Hello Honey, I’ve really missed you!

I’m back! If you’d like to see more of Barry photos from yesterday just hold down the ‘ctrl’ key and click the photo and it will open up a new window for you….

Doesn’t he tell a lovely story…..what Barry didn’t say was how delicious that strawberry and vanilla butter cream sponge was in the summer sunshine, all warm and full of flavour…..

We are off on another jaunt in a while, we’re going to Wimpole Hall, for some photography and to have a look at the Craft Fair which is there today and tomorrow….


About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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5 Responses to Vintage Vogue and a Bit of Duxford

  1. Ann says:

    Sounds like a lovely day. I enjoy reading Barry as much as I do you… it is nice that you “publish” him.The pattern looks wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. XO

  2. Nora says:

    A beautifully written piece Barry. Admittedly, reading about your love for M thrilled me slightly more than the planes did. :)Marianne, I love your vintage pattern – the white dress looks stunning. You’ve just given me an idea for the wedding… I wonder if I can buy that pattern somewhere!

  3. Marianne says:

    First things first…I REMEMBER that pattern! The strawberry and vanilla butter cream sponge sounds heavenly…Lovely post from both of you, yes, Barry, I still adore you and I’m so very glad the two of you have each other..because I adore Marianne also.

  4. CG says:

    That sounds like a great day…I’m quite into aircraft myself Barry!!Your dress pattern is gorgeous. I don’t wear dresses these days as modern styles don’t suit me either…I’ve a sudden longing for a proper ladylike dress!!

  5. Marianne,I love your “Art Gallery”, what a unique idea. I too, dislike today’s fashion but adore the fashions of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s when ladies dressed like ladies and looked ever so smart.

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