Raggety Edge Quilt, MRI scan and a bit of Taboo!

So there I was, happily sewing this dress pattern, well I say happily but it was actually not a very nice pattern to use. I should have realised that when it said ‘easy’ on the packet is was going to be tricky…so much to cut out, it told me to cut out too many pieces, so I ignored that and used my experience to guide me. All the time I doubted myself but as I started to sew I realised there had been a printing error on a couple of the pattern pieces. But I persevered and gathered and stitched and thought I was doing really well, then I joined the front bodice to the back bodice and the seams needed to be pressed open. I just knew the material was going to let me down, it felt like cotton lawn fabric, nice and drapey….it was a bargain fabric…..I put the iron on a low setting and it ironed beautifully. I took a good look at the flattened seam, spread the material to check the stitching and it happened…..the fabric just came apart, in straight lines, it had gone sort of crispy. i just threw the whole thing in the bin, a disaster from start to finish! Anyway, I had seen this deliciousness and it was beckoning me so I followed the link to this post and I just had to try this out for myself, I cut out 25cm squares of cotton fabric and 20cm squares of curtain interlining (it was what I had in my stash and I just had to get on with this quilt) even though the interlining smelt funny when I ironed it. Anyway, the quilt is washed twice, line dried then tumbled so it would wash away the odd aroma. It did, it worked!! This is just a cot sized quilt but I have plans to make one for our bed, in quiet shades with varying sizes of roses and stuff over the different squares. Watch this space!


I had an MRI scan on my shoulder yesterday…totally freaked me out as I went into the tunnel thingy, so they reversed the switch so I came back out. The lady in charge was brilliant with me, no doubt had loads of experience with claustrophobic patients. I knew I suffered a bit with it but thought I was OK in reality. Well I’m not, I hated the whole experience. I couldn’t bear the earphones clamped to my ears (maybe something to do with the dental nurse holding my head last week?)and changed them for some earplugs. I came to my senses and let the procedure carry on…I was to be in this tunnel for 25 minutes, I was ok’ish if I kept my eyes shut. The radiologist talked to me between scans which lasted all different lengths of time, 7 minutes being the longest. No, I couldn’t do my ‘deep breathing’ which normally calms me as it might move my shoulder. So I did lots of shallow tummy breaths, there was no way I was going to make the scans blurry, I was not going to be in that tunnel one moment longer than I had to be! …..Did I tell you that Barry came in with me? Barry made the whole experience a little less terrifying by stroking my legs throughout and saying ‘hello’ in between the very noisy scans. I never used to be so pathetic, I think it is a combination of what’s been happening to me emotionally over the last three years (almost at an end now) and the menopause.
Now all I need to know is if I should go and get some HRT or ERT as it is known in the States. Why do we spell Oestrogen with an O?
I am reading this book right now and it is helpful…from the information contained within the book, I’m beginning to think I am over the worst bit anyway, but what about brittle bones and heart disease…so many concerns, how on earth do I make the right decision? One of the things that Jenni talks about in the book is the lack of female history regarding this subject and the taboo that menopause brings. Ssshhhh…. I hope that me talking about it might be of help to both myself and the occasional peri-menopausal woman dropping by :^) Now I must go and find my cooling spray…is it me or is it hot in here?

Oh and if you have the time go and see my Ali’s blog……it made me smile but then I am biased!

I found this rating thing on Julie’s blog…a bit of fun?

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10 Responses to Raggety Edge Quilt, MRI scan and a bit of Taboo!

  1. talj says:

    YOU ARE NOT PATHETIC!! I have never suffered from claustrophobia but when I had an MRI in December it was one of the worst things I have experienced. My face was so close to the roof of the machine and there was a huge sense of being trapped, I was actually frightened, even though I knew it wasnt going to do me any harm the need to get out of there just seemed to build up so quickly…I think that the MRI ‘technicians’ must be very used to people pressing the button to come out before things have even begun! I am glad you had Barry there with you :o){{{HUGS}}} xx

  2. Marianne says:

    oops, mine was PG…Oh dear, I’m so sorry, but I don’t think you’re pathetic at all, none whatsoever! That’s a very scary place. MRI machines.I love the little quilt! How sweet is that!HRT is what we tend to call it, and seriously, they found that it doesn’t help with the heart (in fact the opposite), and if you feel you’re nearly through the worst of it, leave it alone, keep muddling through..in that (and I speak from experience) if you do take hormones to lessen the symptoms..when you do quit taking them… You will go through all of it…all over again. Not so much fun at all. I took them a bit over a year and I wish I hadn’t, but that was years ago now.Just take it as easy as you can and above all else, cut yourself plenty of slack, be kind to yourself, it really does help.XOXOX

  3. picperfic says:

    love that your blog was PG M, I wish mine was!

  4. Ann says:

    I love these fun little things you put on your blog…mine is rated PG because I wrote “hell” 2x and “breast” 1x. Breast! I am a dressmaker…and isn’t breast the correct anatomical term??!! LOL!I can totally sympathize with your MRI experience. They had to drag me out once, too. And I apparently looked so pale that the techie advised I go get a tranquilizer from the doc and come back another day! The thought of having to wait again to be tortured was too much, so I closed my eyes, sucked it up, and got thru it. Barry is the best!The quilt is adorable.XX

  5. Papoosue says:

    Hi there. No, you are not pathetic, I would hate to go in one of those things. And yes, it probably could be partly to do with the menopause. I have early onset menopause and a lot of the time I think it isn’t affecting me at all, but if I stop and think of the way I am now compared to how I was in years gone by – I do see a difference. Not to mention the sudden and rapid heating up that occurs at the most inappropriate moments! We probably should talk about all this stuff more – like you say, it could benefit others a lot. x

  6. Rita says:

    Hi, you are not pathetic, hope the scan is worth the stress. I’m only just putting two and two together and realising that depression/anxiety/divorce was probably more to do with the menopause than I realised! On a happier note, thanks for all the links you put in your blog, I think I follow more than on any other, I’m really into “Fat Quarters” now lol.

  7. Alison says:

    Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog.I have MRI scans of my brain and back every month for my MS. Believe me your reaction was/is the same as mine. I don’t think people realise just how horrid they are!!!!I was never costrophobic (not spelt right) before MRI scans… now I can not even sleep with the curtains shut. Did you ask for the blind fold? I did because I was so scared that I would open my eyes while in the tunnel!I have found that Paul Mckenna’s visulization methods have helped me cope a tiny bit better if you ever need another one.Take care,Alison x

  8. Fiberjoy says:

    As another person muddling through this awkward stage in life (Ha! Teens have nothing on us!)I’m trying to work with menopause as naturally as possible, afterall it is a natural occurrence for all women. So far primrose oil has been a bit beneficial. I just wish the night anxieties didn’t grab me out of sleep.

  9. Melly says:

    This raggety patchwork quilt is soooo cute!!! Making me think of making one myself – a quick quilt is VERY appealing!! Thanks for the link =)

  10. Dr. Harold says:

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