Lovely Things

When we met Tal last Saturday we were given a gift from her to remember our meeting by. Look at that wonderful photo of Cromer Pier in the frame and the pretty card she made! If you can remember, Cromer is a special place for me especially after spending the day there with my best friend Andrea. Thank you Tal, I still haven’t round the right ‘home’ for the photo yet but then we haven’t quite found our right home either! You are such a thoughtful girl…
Oh and a bit later than promised, a couple of photos of the prizes I won from Erin for leaving a comment on her birthday post. I love both the items but especially the belt. It goes beautifully on my white jeans. I am just as delighted to have one of Erin’s labels to look at too! Thank you Erin…I love it!

As you can see here, I am making good progress with the Spiderman Blanket but it is growing slowly now as it is getting bigger….

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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10 Responses to Lovely Things

  1. Marianne says:

    What lovely gifts! The Spiderman blankie is looking fabulous!

  2. Rosie says:

    Who are the cheeky characters who’ve already taken over the spiderman blanket?

  3. picperfic says:

    they are Maurice, Myrtle and Monkey! I never used to have teddies on my bed….then I met Barry!

  4. Michaela says:

    Love that picture of Cromer – such fantastic blue sky! The blanket’s great too.

  5. sulu-design says:

    Oh, so YOU’RE one of the lucky belt winners! Isn’t Erin’s work great?

  6. barry says:

    Belts? No there’s a thing!When we went to Italy, Marianne had to remove her belt to go through the security, only to leave it at the desk! This, we found out was when we were waiting at the gate – 1/2 mile away! “I’ll go back and get it for you”. “Would you? It is rather special to me”. Much breathlessness later I return with said belt.4 weeks go by….. “I can’t find my belt, you know the one I left at the airport.” Dunno. “Maybe Andrea took it with her when she stayed. Oh well, it’ll turn up I’m sure. Belts don’t just disappear”.Fast forward 2 weeks and we go shopping. “Just look at these lovely belts, they’re quite cheap.” “Ok, get one you like. It’ll make up for the one you’ve lost”. 20 minutes later. “These trousers are nice. Do you like them? They’ve got such a lovely matching belt. That’ll go with every thing else I have”. They did look nice, so Marianne bought them.With me so far? Then we get a message from Ali…. “you’ve left a few things here… a belt, hairdryer thingy” and summat else I can’t remember.Then….. I get home from work. “You’ll never guess what came in the post from USA?”The rest, as they say, is history…..

  7. Your blanket is coming on so very well indeed. Can’t wait to see it completed.Cherry xx

  8. The belt is lovely, the pinks and greens will truly look nice with white pants, aren’t you the lucky one. Nice job on the trousers. I’ve never made trousers for a man but my sister use to make all the suits her husband wore. He was a private air pilot and aways flew in a suit. He preferred my sister make them because he could get just the fit he wanted to be comfortable. I remeber making my first pair of pajames in freshman home economics. We had to use a french seam on the legs and I must have pulled those seams out a dozent times. I’m surprised it wasn’t enough to turn me off sewing for the rest of my life.

  9. Angel Jem says:

    Spiderman blanket! That is a fantastic idea!

  10. Jo says:

    Tell Barry to ‘belt up’ ; )just joking, lovely to see the spiderman blankie coming together, Neo would love one!

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