Pete’s socks and other items…..

Here’s the socks that I will be posting off today to Pete in Wales…hope he likes them and finds a pair of feet suitable for such prettiness! I used a pattern out of Anne Budd’s ‘Favourite Socks’ The yarn used is a beautiful soft, fluffy, drapey alpaca/silk hand dyed yarn from the natural dye studio I think this statement from their website sums up their wonderful approach to yarn and dying ~

‘We specialise in hand-dyeing natural luxury yarns with historical plant dyes.
We believe that our customers deserve the best that money can buy.
Our range includes Silk, Kid Mohair, Alpaca, Merino and Blue Faced Leicester British wool which comes from certified British flocks and is spun, then dyed by us here in the UK.
We exclusively use natural dyes, which are safer for the environment and kinder to your skin.’

Madder was used to dye the yarn I used, a very pretty peachy terracotta colour

You can also see a couple of 4″ squares I have knitted to send to Michaela to help her a bit along the way with her appeal for squares for Oliver’s Blanket. Here’s a link to his Mum’s blog
I am sure Michaela would be delighted to hear from any of you wanting to donate squares or buy a raffle ticket or two to try and win the finished blanket! I will knit a couple more before I send them off, but I might even deliver them by hand as Michaela is a wonderful cook and I am desperate to taste one of her cakes! (she is making our wedding cake BTW)

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t spend any money, and had been very careful and worried and frightened for about 2 years. So, in celebration of us now being able to ‘get on with our lives’ I have been spending a little bit and I chose a few pink things…

everything you see here needed replacing so it wasn’t too extravagant was it? The image on the phone is my Barry a few years ago doing a time trial on his racing bike. How I wish I had known him then, but knowing him now is wonderful, we both feel so very lucky to be together.

I have also made a February sweater
you can read about it over on Zimmermania
the yarn was so delicious to knit with (thank you Kerrie)and the bit of yarn that is left just cries out for some of Saartje’s Bootees.

and this is what is on my needles right now, I am making the ‘Fescue’ cardigan from the latest Rowan Tapestry Book

The yarn is named ‘highland’ and it is so soft and has that lovely fuzzy halo to it. I am making the size 12/14 as the last cardigan I knitted in my bust size came out too large even though I had wool left over so my tension was OK. This looks to be heading for a good size too. I think these models are so tall and willowy because so far, the length of it is not so short as it looks in the pattern. Bear in mind I am 5’4″ and that model is about 6 foot tall….well they usually are!


My shoulder appears to be making good progress, still painful but I am determined to get it moving properly again. My physiotherapist assures me that if I do as I am told then I won’t be left with a frozen shoulder, actually, she is amazed at my progress, well she appeared to be, not sure if she was simply encouraging me to do my exercises! …… I can now spray my deodorant under and with my left arm and I can also use my curling tongs but I do have to move my left arm down slowly cause it sort of locks up in the air! Ouch! Bet you’re glad I told you that aren’t you?


Oh and I have managed to lose almost 4lbs in the last fortnight, we are both dieting using Rosemary Conley’s Ultimate GI Jeans Diet, well sort of, I am using her delicious recipes and cutting out the fat. Barry seems to be losing weight so easily, but then I haven’t been too active lately and feel the need to do more walking, especially as I can’t drive right now. So a walk to the post office to post those socks off to Wales will be a good start! only another 24lbs to go!

ps i got my invite to Ravelry yesterday…how exciting! Now all I have to do is get off this pretty pink laptop and go and do some housework! I wonder if I have any messages on Ravelry…hmm…I might just go and take a peek! I’m picperfic over there if you wanted to look me up! ;^)


About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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7 Responses to Pete’s socks and other items…..

  1. They look lovely!Does anyone remember Frank Sinatra’s fuzzy orange sweater in the original ‘Ocean’s Eleven’? If Frankie can do that, then maybe Kini’ll have to fight me for these wonderfully cosy-looking socks! :)I’m glad to hear you’ve been shopping and that your shoulder is allowing you to ‘let your hair down’ (I’ll get me coat).All the best, and hope to see you soon,Pete.

  2. keri says:

    What an adorable little sweater, and such gorgeous yarn! =)

  3. CG says:

    Am now even more jealous that I didn’t win the socks!!Love all your pink things!!

  4. Jo says:

    Off to Ravelry to see if I can find you there, what a gorgeous little February sweater, and the Rowan Tapestry looks great Marianne, can’t wait to see you modelling that!

  5. Marianne says:

    All those lovely pink things! and the socks? Gorgeous, love that delicate peach colour! The wee sweater is precious, lovely knitting there.So glad to hear you’re progressing so well with the therapy!XOX

  6. tiennie says:

    Beautiful pics and sweater! Yay for Ravelry! I will go add you as a friend!

  7. Faerynuff says:

    What purty pink things, you deserve a little bit of luxury xxxI got my ravelry invite a few days ago, seeing as I can’t sleep I think I will go and sign up.See you soon xxxOh, a magic 8 ball in Woolworths told me that the ‘signs to point to yes’ today. My question was ‘Is this baby a girl?’ lol!

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