Is It Christmas or What?

Should I be worried?

Barry and I went for a meal today at the hotel where we are to have our wedding.

It snowed overnight, looked so pretty for an Easter Sunday.

The meal was delicious.


We were a bit perturbed when the music playing through the hotel’s speakers was of a Christmas nature….

We laughed, and eventually I mentioned it to the waitress.

She just rolled her eyes and said that Robert had been playing the same CD all weekend and was driving them all nuts! Several guests at the hotel mentioned it but apparently, Robert likes the saxophone which was quite dominant throughout the Christmas songs.

Robert is the hotel manager

This latest scenario has really tickled us…things are looking a lot more like Faulty Towers.

I think we will rename Robert, he will now be known as Basil!!

Wish us luck! ha-ha!!

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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6 Responses to Is It Christmas or What?

  1. sulu-design says:

    I do wish you two luck – hopefully “your song” won’t end up being Jingle Bells!

  2. Wouldn’t you love a wedding in Faulty Towers style? I can watch the episodes over and over again! No seriously, I hope everything will go fine. The weddingdate is approaching fast now!

  3. Rosie says:

    (Laughs until she nearly wets herself) Hmm, let’s just hope the mananger’s got it out of his system by next month…

  4. Oh I think the most memorable weddings are those where something goes slightly wrong, you can laugh about it later and it doesn’t spoil what is a special day! A Fawlty Towers wedding sounds just fab!

  5. Jo says:

    It snowed on my (first) wedding day, (March 1st, 2003) I even wore a pretty cotton vest for warmth under my suit! Your wedding day will be perfect, whatever, what you and Barry have is magical!

  6. tiennie says:

    I like Christmas music but not so much year round. Maybe you should bring some CDs just in case?

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