It’s in the Washing Machine!

Here is the Calla Lily Bag, knitted and ready to felt. I love the colours in this yarn and the fuzzy glow it has.
There was so much knitting, it never seemed to end, even though it was on big needles. I like a challenge and this bag certainly gave me one of those! After the confusion at the base it was plain sailing, if not a bit boring, but once I got to the decreases I was off and I could read blogs as I knitted, loverly!
This is the yarn I used. I got it from Fleabay a couple of years ago from a seller called Pets Star in China. I can’t find the seller any more, which is a shame as he/she sold really good value and excellent quality yarn. If anyone knows where there are selling now I would appreciate their knowledge….
Lady Eleanor is almost finished. I left her in Devon way back in February and didn’t clap eyes on her again until Ali came up for the wedding. I have decided to get on and finish her. Only 3 balls of yarn left. I want to use every scrap of this delicious yarn on her so I will cut the lengths needed for the fringe and use up all I can in the squares. I do love doing entrelac…
I have crocheted some circles for the new Bessie’s Blanket that Amanda from The Natural Dye Studio is making. I am just waiting for her to send me the blue yarn which will surround these pretty middle bits and then I will them back to her to be sewn up. I think Amanda wants to take the blanket with her to Woolfest so I better get cracking as soon as the yarn arrives.
I also started to make these gorgeous Rivendell Socks as I was waiting for the colour to take on my hair on Tuesday. I am using the Chi yarn from the Natural Dye Studio and it is gorgeous. Love the colourway too. I can’t tell you what it is though, it was dyed just for the sock club members.
Oh and a job I have to finish today is our thank you cards…I used one of the photos from our honeymoon for the front. I also love the tall slim format of the card and found some envelopes the perfect size on our local market, amazing!
So if my washing machine ever lets me in to sort out my newly felted Calla Lily bag, I will show you the results!

Have a good weekend….

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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7 Responses to It’s in the Washing Machine!

  1. jayne says:

    Wow, you’ve been busy! I love the colours in the bag – they’ll look beautiful felted!On a different subject, liz tagged me to answer one of those random question thingies that do the rounds. I haven’t responded yet, but intend to, and I wondered if you’d mind if I tagged you? Let me know if you don’t want to – I know not everyone’s interested.

  2. Wow, that bag is going to be amazing. The colors are so beautiful…I can ‘almost’ see what it will look like felted, but I hope you post some pics so we can see it.

  3. hakucho says:

    Can’t wait to see your calla lily bag felted. I bet it will felt nice;y. Lady Eleanor is gorgeous…I love the colors 🙂

  4. gilraen says:

    That is a beautiful bag, I too am looking forward to seeing it felted :)I am going to do the Rivendell socks. I got the original yarn and the new book! Fantastic patterns in it :)Your other knits are looking really lovely 🙂

  5. PanthA says:

    Can you give instructions for those cute crochet circles please? I love the entrelac. I have a pattern somewhere. Must hunt it out. Thank you.

  6. CG says:

    The bag is lovely but it’s the Lady Eleanor that has me salivating!!

  7. Monika says:

    I hope your bag will turn out O.K. I like the pattern, but I didn’t like the yarn which was used. Yours looks like I would want to make,nice yarn. All your other projects look great too.

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