Does it fit?

….corset does!!
I am delighted with this top, the fit is amazing and makes me feel all girly and curvy….
I love the colours, I seem to have a lot of these pink tones in my wardrobe, I must find another colour theme to work with!
for some reason I turned my camera upside down for these shots, why I didn’t think to turn it up the other way I do not know!
an upside down boob shot…see how nicely it fits? All the buttons look so pretty but because they were small the buttonholes were too big. If I make this again, I would leave out the buttonholes although they were useful as markers as any Elizabeth Zimmerman fan of the BSJ would understand. I sewed the fronts together too, this thing was far too slippery to stay neatly closed just with the buttons. I love it, I love both yarns used. This is definitely a hit!
I have also started crocheting this jacket using some ends of cones of cashmere and silk from Colourmart. This will be in ice cream shades. I have learnt a new stitch too, linked treble (double) crochet and although it is a bit slower than regular treble crochet, the close fabric is worth the effort.

Oh and I have made some progress with this Lily the Pink cardigan, I am knitting the back and fronts all in one to save time and to eliminate the side seams and ends. In fact I have already woven in my ends as I go, I hate ends! I bought the yarn for this cardigan at the Knit and Stitch show at Ally Pally last year. I have decided that it is not safe for me to go to these shows!

Here is the progress on the Rivendell Sock
A lovely pattern, very interesting to knit and the fabric is firm but springy! I am using some yarn from Amanda’s Sock Club at The Natural Dye Studio. It’s called Chi, which has a percentage of bamboo in it.
When will I get to finish all these yummy things? I have to go now and do some work although what I really want to do is sew this bag, after all, a girl needs something to keep her knitting projects hidden in doesn’t she??!!

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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29 Responses to Does it fit?

  1. twigletqueen says:

    Love your upside down corset 😛 It’s gorgeous! I have that pattern stashed away on my shelf, really want to buy some yarn for it now after seeing how fantastic yours looks!

  2. Monika says:

    Lovely, it fits perfectly!

  3. Thats so pretty and it fits perfectly!

  4. gilraen says:

    Oh my that is gorgeous on you!!!! Just stunning :)I’m knitting the rivendell sock too! snap 🙂

  5. Knitman says:

    Yes I quite agree, your boobs look very good in this excellent piece of knitting.

  6. hakucho says:

    Yes, your corset does fit very well :)Looks like you have LOTS of wonderful projects in the works…very pretty!

  7. Jo says:

    It looks lovely M, and look at all those wips, how exciting and challenging to have so much on the go!

  8. Thimbleanna says:

    OhMyGosh Marianne — What’s up with bloglines! Today, it suddenly throws your last 5 posts at me — I’m SO mad! I’d been wondering where you’d been — I just figured you were REALLY tired from shooting that wedding.You’ve been SO busy!!! I love all the knits. Love the corset — SOOOO pretty and fun to see the differences in color with the changes in light. And holy cow — is that Imogen a beautiful baby or what???

  9. Marianne says:

    Oh dear, Muk, bloglines just alerted me to your blog… with several posts. There’s been a few blogs in the same boat. so sorry. and I see my bloglines isn’t the only one… rats.You look quite the fetching lady in the corset, beautifully knit, as well as the Cala Lily bag.. and of course I love the Rivendell socks!

  10. That top is beautiful, I love the colours and it looks great on you. I can’t even keep up with all the projects you get through let alone imagine knitting that many things, you are so fast and clever. I keep seeing your projects popping up on the groups in Ravelry and thinking not another one!!!!LOL.Amanda.x

  11. silverpebble says:

    Love that top – rather saucy and Fanny Hill-ish! Delicious colours and your other knitting work is sumptuous too.Thanks for the lovely message on my blog – so fab to have new visitors! Putting you in my favourites now…

  12. Julie says:

    My Goodness, you certainlly have been busy! I love the corsett; stunning! I especially like the upside down boob shot ;-)That’s really a nice looking crochet sweater; I may have to go look a little closer at that pattern.

  13. nicolette says:

    Pretty perfect Marianne! It looks really great!

  14. Capucine says:

    marianne I love your new corset … colors are great !!!! and the new one on crochet is nice also … thanks for your comment yeeesss I am a great Mummy !!!!

  15. Wow! That is beautiful….and a gorgeous fit! Great Work!!

  16. Denise says:

    Hi Marianne, thanks for leaving a comment at my blog, it’s always nice to find new blogs, I’ve never seen yours before – and it’s lovely. Will definitely add you to my bloglines so I can visit often.SO you’re in Cambs? I used to live in Bury St Edmunds before coming to the states and worked at the DSS in Cambridge 🙂

  17. That corset is seriously great. The colors are so pretty and the fit is amazing…great work. I need to get knitting…I have been procrastinating a bit.

  18. Susan says:

    Fabulous! You look fantastic in it too.

  19. DiddyBug says:

    I love this – shapely, feminine and sexy! Great job.

  20. tiennie says:

    OMGosh! All of a sudden you have 6 posts popping up on bloglines. Let’s catch up…Looks like you’re having fun – yummy crabs and wonderful friends.Looks like you’re having beautiful projects fly off the needles! Love your latest girliness – cute colors together!

  21. Soo says:

    That’s gorgeous – the colours – the fit – everything!In fact I love the colours of all of the yarns you’ve got in this post. Sigh…..

  22. Faerynuff says:

    Oh wow!That is so beautiful! I love it :)Looking forward to next weekend xxx

  23. fleegle says:

    The corset is gorgeous! And the crocheted ice cream looks llovely too. Very intricate socks!

  24. LittleBerry says:

    ooh glad you found my blog and left a comment it’s nice to know who reads them…. as for a spinner, I would say novice about 10 months so not a beginner but definitely not a fully fledged spinner….I love your corset and IMHO pink always looks best with lime green….

  25. Carolyn says:

    Your corset is stunning! Very chic ;)Thank you for commenting on my blog!

  26. Soo says:

    Hello again! Just wanted to say that one skein of Smooshy was all I needed for the Clementine Shawlette. I didn’t have much left over, but I don’t remember any panic either!

  27. KSee says:

    Stunning! Just love all the colors you have selected for everything.

  28. weebug says:

    that is absolutely stunning! i (who normally shuns that type of garment) am absolutely yearning to make one!

  29. Dove Knits says:

    “Corset does”! Hee 🙂 It looks great! Can’t wait to see everything else finished, too.

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