It’s My Birthday Today!!!

Woo Hoo!! How happy am I?? Last week, I was surfing, as you do, and I came across this pattern
You know that, ‘I’ve just got to have that‘ feeling? Well I got that feeling and I really wanted that kit! Well then I remembered something, it was to be my birthday in a few days time and I knew Barry was struggling to think of a gift for me so I put him straight out of his misery and told him the gift I needed! So I ordered it and it came yesterday. I didn’t open it until today and I am not one bit disappointed. I am totally in love with the design and those darling little skeins of lace weight cashmere. Spoilt or what? Thank you Barry, I love you!! So glad I married you!
Barry gave me this stunning card too, it is so twinkly and beautiful, I think I might just design our bedroom around the colours in the card, not so much the black but the other colours are gorgeous! He is such a romantic darling….lucky me!
See these cupcakes? They are little candles and once the candles have been used they are pretty little trinket pots. My Granddaughters, Millie and Maddie sent them to me along with the phone charm and the earrings. There is a necklace too but I have that on and forgot to photograph it. The gifts were wrapped in these pretty tea towels, thank you all so much, I am a lucky Grandma!

My lovely Mum sent me this gorgeous diamond and pearl necklace…I love the star twinkle that the photo has captured! Mum suggested I got a stronger chain for it as the one supplied looks very fragile. I adore the colours of the pearls….thank you Mavis xxx
My best friend Andrea sent me a box of treats in the very same box that I used to send her some treats back in July, this could become a tradition! What a wonderful day this is, I feel so happy….!
On the way to visit Denise* on Sunday, I crocheted most of this little top for Emilia. I used Debbie Bliss, Alpaca Silk Aran and the drape and softness of this is stunning. I might have to get some more to make one for Maddie!

This is the Hooded Sweater I am knitting for Sullivan as part of the Ravelympics. Sorry if you’re not a Raveler, you won’t know what I am on about. Basically, I have signed up to knit and finish certain things for the duration of the Olympics. Talking of which, didn’t we do well in the swimming yesterday?? Well done girls!
I finished these Fiori di Zucca socks at last. I have a bit of trouble with the heel and apart from trying to be clever and knitting them two at once I mostly enjoyed the pattern. Think Barry is glad I finished them though lol! A bit of advise, don’t try these two at once OK?! I know it doesn’t work and so does Barry! These are the most recent of the Socktopus Sock Club Socks, the clever Alice designed them. I have signed up for another year of this amazing sock club, only existing members can sign up at the moment but it will be open to all soon I think.
I love how the pattern looks, and the way it cables around the foot….beautiful yarn, Smooshy by Dream in Colour in Pistachio, dyed just for the sock club!
Here’s a photo taken by Maisie, of Imogen wearing her Lily the Pink Cardigan. Apart from the sleeves being a bit long it looks lovely and Denise* loved it too. It was only knitting the stripes that annoyed me, I love how the cardigan looks now it is finished..

*Denise is Barry’s daughter

Oh and you know what, apart from being so happy about my birthday and being totally spoilt, something else happened today. We have been given the go ahead to rent our dream house. We would really love to be buying it but, luckily for us the owner can’t sell at the moment because of the house selling climate in the UK right now. We can’t buy because Barry is still trying to sell his house but if everything sorts itself out we could be buying it. I am so excited!! I now have to go and order some moving boxes so I can sort this place out and not take all the stuff I’ve been meaning to sort out for months now! Now, who want my ironing pile??

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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27 Responses to It’s My Birthday Today!!!

  1. mooncalf says:

    What an amazing array of gifts! Have a very happy birthday!

  2. Jo says:

    Have a lovely day Marianne!x

  3. kv says:

    it looks like it’s shaping up to be a spectacular birthday! enjoy your family and your gifts.

  4. TeaMouse says:

    Happy Birthday – enjoy your new pattern and all your special treats, it looks like your day is off to a fabulous start.

  5. I am exhausted just reading that post – what a joyful, busy and creative life you have!Hope your birthday marks the start of a year even better than the last.

  6. Monika says:

    I wish you a very happy birthday! It all sounds wonderful!

  7. Marianne says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!What a lovely whack of birthday gifts, all Very Splendid!I must say, that sock is one of the most gorgeous socks I seen!YAY on the house and wishing the very best that everything sorts out and you and Barry get to buy it.XOXOX

  8. missmalice says:

    Happy happy birthday my dear!!! A perfect day for a gorgeous lady!!! :DLove the socks too (hee hee). And ooooo about the house – that is just soooo wonderful!

  9. CG says:

    Happy birthday!! You did have a lovely time. I must photograph my birthday gifts soon!

  10. yuvee says:

    Happy birthday! Those are some wonderful gifts πŸ™‚

  11. gilraen says:

    Have a lovely Birthday!!!! Gorgeous gifts and the Socks look fabulous!!!! I am very envious of you finishing them πŸ™‚

  12. Lupie says:

    Happy Birthday!! May you have many more happy and healthy ones. I went to publish your comment and rejected it instead. That is one of the problems with Lupus it affects the joints and can be very painful. What happens is your autoimmune system freaks out and starts attacking your bodies organs. I have been lucky that I have not gotten to that point.I made two of the Debbie Bliss hooded sweater. It’s a very fast project. And cute!

  13. Rosie says:

    Happy Birthday! The presents look gorgeous, the socks are stunning and the news about the house is wonderful!

  14. hakucho says:

    Happy Birthday. My oldest son’s birthday is today too. It’s a special day all around :)My goodness looks like you have received lots of wonderful presents. I love your new kit especially…I bet you can’t wait to start it πŸ™‚ Looks like it will be very fun and not boring at all!!

  15. sue says:

    Happy Birthday to you! It seems you have a very loving family giving you so many beautiful gifts. Barry bought you the best one I think, that scarf is gorgeous. I love your crocheted top too, I am just learning how to crochet now. The striped bolero is just adorable, how sweet.

  16. Denise says:

    Happy Birthday, looks like you were truly spoiled πŸ™‚

  17. tiennie says:

    What lovely gifts! Happy happy birthday!!!!

  18. fiberjoy says:

    It’s still your birthday on this far side of the pond, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!What a lovely assortment of gifts! Love the crochet scarf. Sadly the link tells me it’s no longer available.Wow, You’ve been so productively busy lately! And now you’ll be adding the organization of packing a household. (And what a loving household you have created.) Best wishes that the house will eventually become yours. Is it in the same village? Many happily fulfilled years to you.

  19. Happy birthday! And lovely presents you had there:)

  20. Julie says:

    Happy belated Birthday, Marianne!!!What nice gifts you received!You certainly have been busy, haven’t you? Those socks are gorgeous!

  21. Denise says:

    I was in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear (where I was born and my family still live!) πŸ™‚

  22. Thimbleanna says:

    Oh HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY sweet Marianne!!! I’m so happy to see that Barry is still taking great care of you ;-). Looks like you’ve had a wonderful birthday — aren’t they fun? But HOLY COW Woman! You’re supposed to slow down as you get older. It would take me months to get that much knitting done. I love the new socks and that new little crocheted sweater is just adorable! I really need to check ravelry — I keep saying that but I forget to log on — too busy reading blogs!

  23. Faerynuff says:

    Did anyone take your ironing?Are you still singing Mamma Mia? I am!Love you xxx

  24. maria says:

    A late happy birthday.What lovely presents.

  25. Nora says:

    Happy birthday gorgeous gal!! xx

  26. Capucine says:

    Happy Birthday in late !!! mine is 16 August from 1956 like you ????

  27. Capucine says:

    thanks for your comment on my blog ….. I don’t understand all your comment… I’m born in 1956 and you ??? are you born in 1956 ??? perhaps we are nearly twins by four days !!!!

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