Meet the Model! PDF now in Sidebar

I had so much fun today, taking these photos was such a treat! This darling baby was born on the 5th January 2009, so she is just 10 days old and behaved like an angel!  This top photo is of me holding her in my snuggle sock design.  Barry took this shot. She was so lovely to hold in this squidgy bag and the hat fitted so well. I will probably write up the pattern tomorrow, I mean today after I have slept.  It is 00.32 am here and we have just got in from a meal out and a pub quiz.  Great fun but I can’t switch off now!

This is a pretty little top I made for her too, it is called Autumn Leaves on Ravelry.  I just made it with finer yarn to fit a newborn and decreased a few stitches on each sleeve to make them ‘puff’ a bit.  Mum loved all the hand knits and I got to photograph them being modelled, fair do’s!
I had another wedding booking today, always feels good when we come highly recommended.  This year is getting busy!

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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19 Responses to Meet the Model! PDF now in Sidebar

  1. Aim says:

    What a sweet baby! That first pic makes her look like a porcelain doll 🙂 And, I really love that sweater you made her–so beautiful! You do a great job.

  2. Yarn Devil says:

    Gorgeous! Looks like your knits were perfect too!-thanks for your comment on my girl 🙂

  3. Julie says:

    Oh my, such a sweet little baby! She looks adorable in the snuggle sock. Of course her mum loved the handknits; you do such lovely work!

  4. Those are GORGEOUS!! I’ve found a source for the Rowan and have got to make that – tho no babies around to give it to :(Great knitting – and photos!

  5. Marianne says:

    What a beautiful wee lass! she looks like she’s snuggled in a cloud ;^)The Autumn Leaves is a little Stunner! Must check that one out, and thank you!XOX

  6. Anonymous says:

    what a little sweetie. she looks lovely… especially all snuggled in her baby sock… they will soon be all the rage!.

  7. bigyarnmama says:

    That’s an amazing picture you took of the baby in the sock- I believe it will sell alot of patterns! The sweater is really lovely too.

  8. tiennie says:

    Ack! So much sweetness in this post. 🙂

  9. yuvee says:

    What an angel! I want one too!

  10. maria says:

    A beautiful baby and beautiful knitting. I think I’d book you for my wedding photos if I wasn’t already married!

  11. Thimbleanna says:

    Wow Marianne! You’ve been so busy. I love the new baby items — especially that darling little Autumn Leaves sweater. Thanks for the pdf — I’ll file it away into my grandma hope chest LOL!

  12. Kyoko says:

    Hello!What a gorgeous baby! Only 10 days old and is perfect 😀 AAAwww.It’s so easy and addictive to stay up all night knitting and blogging. I do that all the time. The snuggle sock and the autumn leaf patterns are amazing!

  13. The photo of her feet is just beautiful – would make a wonderful ‘birth announcement’ card!

  14. Lupie says:

    So glad to see you joined the Lesser Nown Skeins on Ravelry. There are some nice blogs and interesting people. Enjoy!The Autumn Leaves top is amazing and I love the snuggle sock. What a great idea!

  15. Pooch says:

    Baby is beauty and only 10 days old! The little sweater is absolutely luscious and beautifully done!

  16. KSee says:

    What beautiful pictures. She looks like a Ann Geddes baby in that first picture. Love the sweater. I just don’t know how you do it.

  17. TeaMouse says:

    What an adorable baby!!!!That little sweater is just precious, it will look so nice on her!

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