It Looks Like Canada Out There….

I went to the loo at 5am and when I came back into the bedroom Barry said, ‘Look out of the window’, so I did, and I squealed!

We had thick snow and it was still coming down…
I told him it looked like Canada out there, it tickled him, he wondered why I didn’t say Alaska or the Alps or something more frozen.  I replied that that was exactly why I said Canada, not quite so frozen!
My poor little Tete-a-tete’s are struggling, hope they don’t give up and shrivel…I know I would if I was left outside!
My alpine bed is completely covered, oh dear….
Anyway, i have been spinning, looks lovely doesn’t it?  I think I will be using this to tie up my plants in the garden as it feels like twine!

I dyed my new little niddy noddy at the same time I dyed the fibre….after dyeing it, I sanded it down and gave it a couple of coats of wax polish.  I like that photo!

These fibres all came with some dyes I ordered from Forest Fibres.  I had fun using them but that pretty pink was deceptive.  It is Cotswold and I struggled with it.  It didn’t like to be spun but it plied ok.  Full of lanolin and very strange to work with.  I will use my flick carder on locks in the future…I think I prepped it wrongly, doh!
The fibres are left to right, kid mohair, alpaca (cria full of vm but so soft), Cotswold and blue faced Leicester.
I have also dyed up 500grammes of merino to make myself another garment…think I might make a shrug out of the gorgeous book, Inspired to Knit…which I have just discovered has two different covers, see here and here

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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13 Responses to It Looks Like Canada Out There….

  1. Rani says:

    lovely fiber. Your place looks like a mr. charles dickens scene.

  2. tiennie says:

    I love the snow! I hope you’re staying warm. 🙂

  3. Kyoko says:

    The snow was so beautiful wasn’t it? Apparently it will snow again tomorrow. I had to rescue my geranium during the snow as they were completely covered under it. I hope your plants are OK! Beautiful dyed fibre♥ I absolutely love your pink mini niddy noddy!

  4. KSee says:

    Just beautiful. I sure wish we would get snow like that here in Virginia. We had 2″ last week and they closed the schools once again. What did they do there? Love all your fiber. lovely colors

  5. Wow, your fibre is lovely! You’ve certainly got the spinning bug!I think abbreviated Lady Eleanors are a lovely way to show off hand painted hand spun.I’ve got 600g BFL of which 400g is spun to a heavy DK light Aran sort of weight. It isn’t happy being what it is at the moment so I am looking for alternatives – any suggestions?

  6. Denise says:

    All that snow looks so pretty – as does the yarn 😉

  7. Marianne says:

    It truly does look to be a Winter Wonderland! Your alpine garden should be just fine, it is after all an ‘alpine’ garden :^)Your batts are gorgeous as are your braids, yummy!Ditto on your cardi… stunningly GORgeous! and yes, mercy, the wee cardi. Congrats on your drum carder!

  8. Michaela says:

    You have completely lost me now with all the spinning talk! Have not the foggiest idea what you’re talking about! But that cardi from last Saturday’s post is beautiful. How clever to have made the whole thing yourself – and you showed us the whole thing too rather than a teeny arty shot! Brilliant! You look gorgeous in it – far to young to be thinking menopause!I really must call in one day. Promise.

  9. CG says:

    All the pretty colours of the snow and your lovely yarns!

  10. Lucette says:

    You look like you are having a lot of fun with the spinning. hello from canada

  11. AliP says:

    You are so prolific these days with the spinning AND knitting etc etc. Wow!!! The colours are gorgeous…I love that you dyed your niddy noddy… its so YOU!! We watched the snow you got on the news. Is it evil that we snickered openly at the issues it created regarding transport etc? I’m sorry.. ;oD

  12. TeaMouse says:

    I wish I could be so excited to see the peaceful snowfall that we are experiencing today but I am so tired of snow – yes I am in Canada.We’ve been very lucky to not have much of any snow through February but now we are expected 5 – 10 cm of it today.

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