A Crafty Week

My special friend Andrea came to stay on Tuesday for a few days and we had a great time doing crafty stuff and laughing a lot. On the Wednesday we went into Ely and browsed the amazing antique shop down by the Maltings after having the most delicious lunch in Peacocks Tearoom

On Thursday, Barry took the day off work to take us to the Country Living Spring Fair, something Andrea and I had talked about doing for years.  It was brilliant to actually be there.  Barry took this photo of us, I think we did a lot of what we are doing in the photo!
Whilst we were browsing, we came across these strange egg cosies, now this is quite amazing really because when we were at The Threshing Barn a couple of months ago we noticed these on the table upstairs as Janet was making them. I remember talking to Janet about them, what a coincidence! It was brilliant to see them again in the shop at the fair.
Barry bought me this funny little bag, it is very soft and fluffy, perfect for a spinner eh?

Barry also bought me this darling cup, I was so moved when I saw it.  How that clever little designer actually got to make this wonderful cup is beyond me.  See the three things hanging up in the photo? Those are her templates for the designs.  I love this cup so much and simply couldn’t move away from the stand so Barry bought one for me.  I think it amused him at how I was so entranced with a cup! Clare Gage you are amazing!

I love how my tulips look in the morning sunshine, a gift from Andrea, the colours are so pretty!
I have been dyeing some luxury fibre, these will be added to my shop either today or tomorrow, along with some Shetland and Falkland fibre and some of my squishy batts. Thank you to all my customers for their positivity and encouragement to keep going.  I love my shop!
Barry spoilt me even further by buying me these two books, we loved watching the Victorian Farm and felt quite sad when it ended. The other book is just so amazing, I didn’t realise we had missed the first episode but we can watch it on Iplayer.  I love the way James Wong treats ailments with natural remedies, and he shows us how to make the recipes too, compulsive viewing indeed!

On Friday afternoon, Andrea and I had a go at some felting and this is my attempt and I love it!!  I am thinking of making it into a flap of a shoulder bag, I might keep it or I might put it in my shop….
Andrea went home yesterday, I miss her, we get on so well and have done since we met.  I sent her back with a bag of roving and some net so she can make some more at home, I think Andrea is as hooked as I am! She did try spinning but decided she liked felting much better. Mind you, we were both rather tired when we ‘did do’ the spinning hahah!

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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10 Responses to A Crafty Week

  1. nicolette says:

    I love the last picture of your felted work! It looks like an impressionistic painting!

  2. tiennie says:

    Your felting is gorgeous! I can’t believe that is your first attempt.

  3. sue says:

    You are so talented. The felting work does look amazing. Those tulips are beautiful. The cup is so sweet, no wonder you couldnt leave it behind.

  4. Thimbleanna says:

    Oooh, it all looks so lovely Marianne! I love the little felted piece that you’ve done — it’s so sweet. I’m so glad you had a wonderful time at the fair!

  5. Kari Gibson says:

    What a lovely time you two had! I love those egg cosies and that cup too. How tempting will it be to spin bits of that lovely handbag!I loved both those tv programmes (shame the Victorian Farm didn’t feature any spinning though), so those books will be great.Beautiful felt – clever you!

  6. KSee says:

    From top to bottom I love all the pictures and gifts. More details on your felting, please. I love it and hope I could do something that beautiful for a first timer.

  7. silverpebble says:

    Your felt work is gorgeous Marianne – and thanks for sharing the delights of the COuntry Living Fair.My all time favourite place to have tea is the Peacock Tearooms – I go regularly – what a treat!

  8. Clare Gage says:

    Hi Marianne! I’m glad you like your cup. I had a wonderful time at the Country Living Fair, it was a fantastic event, and I got to meet some great people.Good luck with all you’re crafty projects!Clare

  9. CG says:

    Love the cup and fluffy bag!!

  10. Lupie says:

    Lucky women! Great friends, family and gifts as well!!!

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