First Ever Weaving Project

I have been feeling so poorly lately, I thought they were constant migraines but after some research I have come to the conclusion that I am now the proud sufferer of Cluster Headaches and I ain’t happy! Three weeks of headaches, sometimes 2 a day, had left me worn out and tearful. However, today I feel ok for now, so let’s hope I have weeks/months of headache free time now!
Meanwhile, Barry kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I kept changing my mind until I started seeing all the wonderful weaving projects people we making. I knew I wanted a loom and was aiming for a 20″ Ashford Knitter’s Loom. A few days later, I noticed that someone was selling their heddle loom and I mentioned it to Barry. He just wanted me to be happy and suggested we bought it. I love that man!
We were meant to be going to Devon for the weekend so that I could do some spinning at the Green Man Festival in Pilton but I got a tearful phone call from Ali on Thursday, saying that her health visitor had just told her that Sullivan had got Swine Flu. On hearing that, and coupled with the fact that I was still in the middle of a cluster attack and felt awful and that the weather forecast was for rain, I made the decision not to go to Devon, especially as I thought that Ali would be nursing her poorly little boy.
Barry then suggested we drove to Sheffield to pick up the loom instead of paying the £20 postage. So I made the arrangements. Then on the Friday, Ali let me know that Sullivan was fine, no temperature and just fine! He didn’t have swine flu, that health visitor made us all worry so much. I had stopped getting my fibre shop up together for Devon, nothing was packed and I’d made arrangements to pick up the loom so still we didn’t go to Devon. As it turns out, Ali had a brilliant day, taking part in the parade and then did some spinning in a tent with a girl doing some felting. I am so glad she enjoyed the day although I am a bit peeved at how it all turned out. I just didn’t have the energy to do it, let’s hope we can do it next year.
We drove to pick up my almost new 32″ Kromski Harp Riggid Heddle loom on Saturday. Someone was selling it on Ravelry and I told Barry about it, such a bargain, especially as the stand came with it too.
(don’t look too closely at this photo, you might see that I was rather wobbly on the first end of the scarf!) The yarn used was some lovely merino/silk fingering that I dyed myself…
I had read loads about weaving and watched a few videos on You Tube about doing the warping, so Sunday, I got up early and started to play. I had to start early you see, because if I was going to get a headache, they seemed to appear in the afternoon.
So, after a few false starts, I was off, wasn’t sure if what I was doing was correct or not but I am overjoyed at how it has turned out.

I have already got my next project on the loom so I must dash, it is beckoning me!


About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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26 Responses to First Ever Weaving Project

  1. RooKnits says:

    That weaving is just gorgeous. I hope the headaches stay away for a while now. They sound horrid.

  2. Pixie says:

    Oh my drop dead gorgeous scarf.. your making me want a loom now! lolSo sorry that your weekend down this way didn't happen, with how you have been feeling perhaps wise..I know that headache pain oh too well, and I hope you get some respite from them soonTake care and thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos with us, brightens up a dull gloomy day :))

  3. Kathleen says:

    Oh, what a pretty scarf! Is this really your first weaving project? Wow! Congratulations.

  4. Rani says:

    THAT'S your first weaving project?! Get out! Look at that – and with a migraine, too! you have found another new talent.

  5. you are doing really well with the weaving – fab use for your handspun! really sorry about the headaches. hope they stay away for a bit now. they are just life draining, aren't they? xx Adee

  6. Monika says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful first scarf! I love the colors, which surprises me. :o)

  7. Marianne says:

    You are, without a doubt, the most accomplished Domestic Goddess Ever! Your first woven scarf is gorgeous!(I really like your little Summer frock you sewed :^)As to those cluster headaches, yikes, I worked with a neurologist who had a few patients with them..I hope you get out of this cluster asap and may there be a long period of time cluster free.XOXOX

  8. angela says:

    Really love that weaving…one of the fiber arts I haven't taken up…I started getting more migraines when I took hormones trying to get pregnant and have had them bad ever since–finally learning some cautions–get enough sleep and water and no days totally in the sun. Forget the red wine. But luckily I eat all the pizza and chocolate I want. Not together though…When I finally got the right meds, they are mostly manageable. Sounds like take care of you and family too–

  9. Rosie says:

    That's your first weaving?!! You're so talented.Sorry to hear your weekend plans went awry, but thank goodness that Sullivan is OK.As for cluster headaches, poor you. I had them about 20 years ago but they cleared up as suddenly as they'd started, so fingers crossed…

  10. sue says:

    Your weaving looks beautiful. It makes me want one to start making some beautiful scarves. The colors look very pretty together. I hope your cluster headaches disappear for good, not nice at all. My uncle used to suffer from terrible migraines and was told to take a hot shower until they subsided, and dont eat cheese. I guess it depends on the person doesnt it. My SIL used to get them when she got her period as her estrogen levels used to drop too low and she would be very sick for about 2 days. I guess in time you will find a solution!

  11. Beautiful weaving, much better than my first attempt. Hope you feel better soon.

  12. sussexyorkie says:

    Beautiful scarf, the colours go together so well. Hope the headaches stay away. x

  13. Wow, that scarf is beautiful! You really are multi talented. I have taken an embroidery and a sewing class this week – must not look at weaving!Hope your headaches have gone away!

  14. Lupie says:

    My daughters gets very bad headaches and they just wipe her out. The scarf is beautiful.I may want to look into looms.

  15. Robin C says:

    Marianne,first, hello, it's been a while. I'm sorry you are being tormented with the headaches. Mine are definitely migraines but clusters are supposed to be hideous so I hope you are just having migraines in a series.Love the weaving. You always amaze me. I think you can just do anything. Love the colors, i've been wanting to try this. You make me want to look for a loom. My hubby Ray will cringe, more stuff. Actually he's like Barry, spoils me more than I deserve.Hope you are feeling better.Robin in VA

  16. CG says:

    That is so beautiful; I want one!!Glad Sullivan is ok!

  17. Linda says:

    I am sorry about the headaches, I hope they go. Your weaving is beautiful. I sold my loom as I just was never using it and couldn't see having the time too … bought a nice lens with th money though! I shall enjoy your weaving instead. 🙂

  18. hakucho says:

    Your loom looks like so much fun! I love the colors of yarn you chose for your first project…awesome results 🙂

  19. Julie says:

    I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well; I hope you will be headache free for a long time now!Your first weaving project is amazing! You are such a talented artist.

  20. JCW says:

    That's just gorgeous – great colours, wonderful drape, bet you get loads of wear out of it. Well done you, although I'm really sorry about the headaches, hope they stop soon.

  21. Uli says:

    from someone who has just been bitten by the "I want to weave" bug, I must say this is just gorgeous.

  22. tiennie says:

    That is very pretty! You are very talented! I hope you're feeling better.

  23. Thimbleanna says:

    OhMyGosh Marianne! That scarf is gorgeous — wow, and a first project even. I Love it! You had me worried for a minute about little Sullivan — so glad it was a false alarm. Hope your headaches are getting better!

  24. Karen says:

    Found your blog on Ravelry–what fun! Your weaving is just beautiful. Are your headaches mainly in the sinus area? I had this for years and found taking a Zantac (for stomache acid) before bed completely stopped them. They were caused by acid inflammation from my stomach up through my sinuses. Just an idea for you. Hope you get rid of the headaches very soon! You sound so nice!

  25. Michaela says:

    Think I just may have to take up weaving now – that scarf is stunning. (When you get fed up with it, just send it over with the Rivendells!)

  26. Artis-Anne says:

    Thanks for dropping by my Blog :)I really sympathize re the headaches as I suffer also ;they can be exhausting.You really are getting on well with weaving;it is addictive 😉

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