It’s all Gordon’s fault…

We never took to Gordon Ramsey, couldn’t handle his holyer than though arogance, let alone the swearing! However, for some reason we tuned into the recent series of the ‘F’ Word and apart from the occasional expletive Gordon seemed different, less full of himself somehow. We really got into this series and looked forward to viewing every episode. Never thought that would happen, nor did I ever think I would enjoy a programme with Gordon as the host either, even though I admired his cooking…

As the weeks progressed we realised that one of the semi finalists in the competition was from Cambridgeshire so of course we were routing for them. The competition was tough, they were looking for Britain’s best local restaurant.
The Pheasant got through every round and whilst watching the semi final, I said to Barry, who was in a hotel in Manchester at the time and we were simultaneously watching the programme and chatting on google chat, “Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a meal there on Valentine’s Day?” To which he replied, “Go on then, book it!” I then answered him with something along the lines of, “It’s all to do with romance, where’s the romance in booking this myself?” Barry slapped down his hands, (he’s good at that, I knew he had done that even though I couldn’t see him)…and said “have I blown it then?” to which I smiled and said “of course not”. So last night, 14th February 2010 we made our way to this very special restaurant.
Barry on anti-biotics for Tonsillitis and me with my broken wrist…what a pair! He couldn’t drink, I couldn’t cut up anything, hilarious!
Oh but ohh wow! What a wonderful time we had, the first thing we ordered was a delicious bottle of Prosecco, quite rash really as Barry only had one glass, and now and then I get a migraine from the wrong wine, but not last night, mmmm, delicious wine, my favourite…think I giggled a lot too.
I was rather worried about Barry as Jay (the boss) uses lots of vegetables in his cooking and Barry doesn’t ‘do’ many veg. To start he ordered Pigs in Blankets and I had a darling Chorizo Cassoulet, we then went on to the starter, where B had French Onion Soup and I had the most beautiful plate of food, the Crab with Blood Oranges pictured above. So pretty and every morsel was savoured. What was the crunchy crumbs? Intriguing….Barry found the onion soup a bit too oniony, haha, but I had a few mouthfuls of it cause I am greedy like that and I told him it was amazing, perfectly caramelised onion soup..
I then went onto a Confit of Duck Leg, oh wow, once Barry had cut the meat off the bone I was in my element, those Dauphinoise Potatoes were out of this world, just wish I had got room to finish them! My meal tasted like the best Christmas dinner, so many flavours, think it might be to do with the sprouts. Barry had the Fillet au Poivre with homemade chips, I could tell he was loving every tasty mouthful!
Really and truthfully we were full to bursting and I had finished off the fizzy stuff so was making lots of happy noises, but we just had to try the next course…everyone was whispering in there last night, do they always whisper in The Pheasant I wonder? I find it a bit hard to be quiet when I’ve had a bit of bubbly, in fact I find it hard to be quiet most of the time haha.
We had to try a pudding, we really didn’t need one but well you know…I had Rhubarb Pavlova and Barry has the Creme Brulee followed by coffee. To tell you the truth, I thought my homemade Pavlova was nicer but Barry was impressed with the Brulee..
All in all, we had the best time and will go back again once our bank balance has recovered! Sometimes it is good to just ‘Do It!’

This is me, did you guess?, after that wonderful meal…so glad I had bought a metre of that dull lime green linen to make a bag with, it was a perfect colour match for my top and made a substantial supporting sling! I’ll make a bag with it once I am mended :^)
Oh and the brooch is a parting gift from Prague, it is green Amber and silver, meant to be a pendent but they added a brooch back for me, I am definitely going through my green phase…I had never heard of green Amber before, it is very pretty.
Being left-handed with my left wrist broken is pants, but at least I have managed to do a bit of dyeing for my shop with a bit of help from Barry when needed. Talking of pants, the ladies toilet in that restaurant is quite simply gorgeous, smelt deliciously of babies, due the fact that they had L’Occitaine soap and hand cream in there no doubt. (Have you ever tried to wash one hand, dry it with a paper towel and then add some hand cream from a dispenser? I was determined!) I was equally impressed by the pretty Orchid on the side which matched the decor to a T. The baby changing area was cute too with a very interest picture on the wall to keep a wriggling baby quiet whilst it’s bum was being changed.
Another thing which amused me immensely was the fact that we never seemed to see the same person twice, well except for two lovely girls’ which looked after us so well. Every course was proudly brought to the table by a new member of staff, I had to comment, made them smile and me giggle, I loved last night, in fact I loved everything about yesterday, starting with the card propped on the mantelpiece in our bedroom, then the flowers and raggy teddy delivered later on, how spoilt am I?
Hope you had a happy day…I know I am lucky xxx
by the way, The Pheasant was the runner up in the comp, even though we voted for them hmmph!
Oh and Gordon, if you’re reading this, I still wish you wouldn’t swear so much, I enjoy the occasional ‘F’ word myself but you seem to pop them out at every opportunity and it really gets to me! x
(photos by Barry, thank you honey, you are the best!)

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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10 Responses to It’s all Gordon’s fault…

  1. peri says:

    Sounds like a wonderful evening and your post made me hungry. You are right, sometimes you just have to 'do' it and s*d the bank balance.Hope you and Barry both recover to full health soon.xxP

  2. CG says:

    OOH, that sounds lovely!! Prosecco is my favourite wine too. You wear your sling so well!!

  3. Rani says:

    Julia Childs would be proud of that description. My mouth is watering. It sounds like a beautiful, candlelit and romantic day – wrist sling and all! HA HA HA.

  4. Thimbleanna says:

    Oh, it all sounds so perfect and delicious. And you look adorable! I'm glad you two had a wonderful time – in spite of your ailments LOL!

  5. Marianne says:

    Mmmm, wonderful evening full of All Good. well, beyond 'good'. you know.and yes, you were looking Lovely! xox

  6. missmalice says:

    wow what a meal! sounds completely yummy and am now rather hungry…Axx

  7. Caroline M says:

    Popped in to see how your hand is going on. I enjoyed the meal, especially the onion soup which I love but can't make. I think you should go back again when you can use a knife because another time you might want the steak.Dinner seems such a long way away, I might investigate cheese and biscuits now.

  8. hakucho says:

    You are so stylish with your sling and beautiful pin that matches your dress….very cool indeed 🙂

  9. Smellyann says:

    Glad you had such a lovely time! Barry sounds like such a sweet guy. I never heard of green amber, either. Hm, I'll have to check it out.

  10. KSee says:

    what a wonderful evening. I've been watching Gordon on the weekends. Re-runs. Some when he was here is USA to help some restaurants. I really like the follow up at the end of the show. So many go under after he has visited. I they either take the money and run or just fail. Do they beep out the F word? They do over here. So and it Beep, Beep yada, yada, beep, beep and so on.

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