Cheerio 2010

Well, what a year that was!

I have been looking back through my photos and have them date sorted so I can see what events have happened in the life of Mr & Mrs Fluffy…


Freezing cold but having a lovely time in Prague


and then….


Prague Castle, I slipped and….

ooohh it hurts


I am now very cautious when walking on ice or snow or anything remotely slippery,  breaking one’s wrist or any bone bone for that matter is a painful experience. I do not wish to go through that trauma again and I doubt my lovely husband would want to deal with me in that predicament again either!


me and longdrawjames flitwick 2010 taken on James camera (1)

That’s me, doing a little spinning with LongdrawJames at the Flitwick meet, I love that place, such a friendly bunch of people, wonder if I can nag Jan and the others to arrange another one, I have been sadly neglecting my spinning Sad smile

Imogen pink crochet dress (1)

I did manage to crochet this dress for Imogen with a broken wrist, I am such a stubborn woman and even though it was painful and awkward I still had to do it.



I was getting lots of stock ready for my online shop and these Easter Egg Batts were very popular. I also took part in a Valentine’s Swap, guess i must have been a bit lat with my package unless I was late uploading my photos? I love that little heart sachet and had been wanting to make it for ages.  The little chicks are hiding a chocolate egg, I handspun the yarn I used to make them with too…


P1000647MAZ_6861MAZ_6837MAZ_6828travelling woman shawl

Ahh, April was a good month, I love the warmth and the light that shows promise for the summer…Wonderwool Wales, where I met the lovely Helen, a Gaenor Shawlette and a Travelling Woman KAL, not forgetting Michaela’s birthday  and those wonderful Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes!!


Started my diet!


Wah….I am only showing you this photo because it is the very one that prompted me to diet, how embarrassing, I hope never to get this podgy again! I still wear the same outfit but it fits me so much better now, love my Elsewhere Cardigan!

WWII at kentwell 31st May 2010 (19)

We visited Kentwell where they were holding a WWII day, looking forward to this year’s events there too. Great fun for photographers.

WWII at kentwell 31st May 2010 (44)

Not sure that Maisie and Kylie were that impressed with the day though…

WWII at kentwell 31st May 2010 (47)


sewing a dressbeaded handknit socks

Sewing and Knitting were on the agenda, the dress came out too big for me though so I sold it and used the money to buy some more of the same material, hopefully this year I will find the time to sew it again to fit me!

The beaded socks were a first for me, I loved every stitch of these pretty socks and they are still my favourite socks. Think it’s the cashmere darling!

Anyone for Tennis

bought these stitch markers in anticipation of Wimbledon Fortnight…love that time every year


Went to listen to Barry playing in his first concert with Somersham Town Band…

a walk round my garden 12th May 2010 5pm

and took lots of photos of the flowers emerging in my garden


So that’s the first half of 2010 for you, it looks like it was quite a nice year apart from the broken wrist. Mind you, most days are happier now, my only sadness is being so far away from my family.

I’ll hopefully add the second half of 2010 tomorrow but it is going to be a busy day as we’re taking the girls back to Southampton


About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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3 Responses to Cheerio 2010

  1. hakucho says:

    Happy New Year…and happy new blog! Hope you have better luck with wordpress 🙂

  2. Bee says:

    Hee! Yes, the Valentine heart came with the Easter swap package, because of your poor wrist 🙂 It was all so lovely, sparkly ducks! Happy New Year Marianne

  3. Wanda J says:

    Fun snapshots of the 1st half of the year in review. Looking forward to the 2nd half, then bring on 2011!

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