It’s rather tidy here…

I am feeling relaxed and happy.

We have had a busy week and even busier weekend. Mostly the busy-ness was caused by the flu.  We were unable to entertain over the holidays because of it, nor was I able to do much cooking or cleaning or tidying either.  However, about 10 days after the flu invaded my body I found an energy returning and we invited our lovely neighbours over for a meal on Saturday evening. Something that had been promised for months, I owe another dinner party or two too, but I’ll deal with them next month I hope! We had a great time, almost felt like we had royalty at the table, nice Champers Colonel!

How I enjoyed cooking again. I made Pate with a Red Onion Relish and Melba Toast, a gigantic Roast Rib of Beef with all the trimmings, Nigella’s Chinese Yorkshire Pudding (you’ll have to ignore the rest of the recipes but this is the recipe I use for my Yorkshires) recipe never lets me down, wow, it puffed up a treat! Then we had Delia’s Fallen Chocolate Soufflé with Prunes in Armagnac. So rich and naughty! I had made some Pink Prosecco Jellies with Raspberries too but they were just glanced at as the chocolate stole the day! I had also made some sea salt water biscuits to have with cheese but we were all so full that this got left.  I really didn’t want all the extra food hanging about this place so after the dinner party I sent a couple of texts to Barry’s children and they came over and after I made more roast potatoes and cooked more veg, they demolished most of what was left yesterday. We also exchanged Christmas presents which was such a pleasure, considering that last year I remember having to dust off their presents once or twice as we left it so long before we exchanged!

prosecco jellies

Anyway, what I am trying to tell you is the fact that my house is clean and tidy, Barry and I worked really hard getting every room except my glory hole tidy.  Unfortunately that room is rather full of everything crafty, not much floor space! In my defence, we are in the throes of moving my craft stuff up to the old study and bringing everything from the study down to the old craft room.  Health issues put all that on hold and we have been working with those 2 room half finished and the mess and confusion has really been bothering me, even though it is hidden mess!  What has The Flylady done to me! ha-ha!!

Oh @rse, my coffee is cold again, I keep on doing that. I make myself a lovely mug of fresh coffee, bring it into the sitting room, open my laptop and before I know it my coffee is cold.  Thank goodness for microwaves!

I have some lovely things to do now, all sewing related….my new embroidery machine keeps giving off a stifled squeal now and then. I think she wants to get out of the antique wooden box I have stored her in. I need to bond with my new baby, Barry has done far too much playing with her for my liking, who’s blimmin present was she anyway!?!?

I’m off to play now, my iPod is blaring out Ken Bruce’s Pop Quiz in the dining room but I might just listen to one of those audio books I keep downloading…what are you up to this week?

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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5 Responses to It’s rather tidy here…

  1. Fiberjoy says:

    Your fridge is so shiny clean!
    The best kind of week – lots accomplished in the house plus food and friends.
    Heehee, I had just warmed up my coffee for the same reason. If I didn’t prefer drinking it out of a proper coffee mug I’d settle for Ed’s solution of using an insulated mug.

  2. Zina says:

    Drat it all. I’d love to be finishing up my craft room re-do myself. Instead, I’m looking at the snowy Colorado plains (which is getting snowier) and considering going to do some shopping before I take my car in to have the oil changed before driving out to California as soon as the weather lets up a bit. So it’ll be a week of sitting in a car a lot, I guess.

  3. Alice says:

    Mm sounds delicious! And wow- your fridge is amazingly clean!!

  4. purplume says:

    Wow, you are a good cook. I had a lovely week recuperating and doing handwork. I liked it very much.

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