Jez’s Mum

I knew Linda for just over 10 years….

In that time she made an impression on me

I’m not sure if I met Linda much before Ali and Jez’s wedding in 2000.  I remember that Linda and Chris came to visit and I was extremely nervous of that meeting.  However, Maisie was only 5 then and she kept us all entertained.  Linda got on especially well with children and the ice got broken really quickly.

We met up now and then after Ali’s wedding and always enjoyed a good chat about things.  Linda’s job was so interesting and caring too. She would provide respite care for children with special needs.  Amazing woman….

Linda was a good listener too and was a tower of strength to me when my marriage was failing.  I needed to talk and she listened, offering a sympathetic ear. 

Linda & Chris welcomed Barry and me into their home when we needed somewhere to use as a base when we had some business to attend to.  This was before we were married, I was so grateful for this open-minded kindness.  My life was filled with worry at that time and I didn’t know who I could turn to for fear of upsetting close family. Staying with them was a little bit of sanity and calm for me, which was so needed and so helpful.

The other family that welcomed Barry into their lives with just as much ease was none other than my eldest daughter and Jez, Linda’s son. For that I am grateful, not sure I have told them that before, well, I am telling them now, you are very special people xxx

Jeremy must get his nature from his lovely parents, I am glad they produced Jez and that he fell in love with my daughter.  Oh it goes further than that though, what about those beautiful grandchildren? 

On my last visit to Ali’s, just before Christmas, I was chatting and snuggling Sullivan, aged just 3.  He told me, ‘I love my Nanny, she is coming to stay and I’m excited about that’…I felt a bit of jealousy before laughing and pushing him off the arm of the sofa saying to him ‘you’ll have a lovely time with her too!’

I did go out into the kitchen to tell Ali what he had said, but I know I am loved just as much so I bore the jealousy…. Winking smile

I am so pleased that Lin spent that time before Christmas with that family, helping Ali when she had to work. I am even more pleased that her last Christmas was spent with them…

You can read Ali’s thoughts on her blog

This photo was taken at my Wedding in 2008


Linda died on Wednesday….

You’ll be missed…xx

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8 Responses to Jez’s Mum

  1. I am so sorry for your loss.

    I know she will be missed and heaven has welcomed a beautiful person inside the pearly gates. This is a wonderful tribute to her.

  2. Wanda J says:

    A beautifully written tribute. A huge lump is lodged in my throat at the thought that Sullivan will never be able to snuggle with his other beloved grandmother, and at the loss that you also share with Jez & Ali. A big hole has been torn in the fabric of their lives.

  3. purplume says:

    I am sorry for your loss too. Bless you all and Lin.
    I know that feeling of jealousy when the grandchildren seem to love my husband more than me. And it feels good to be bigger than the jealousy too, don’t you think? XD

  4. AlpacaAddict says:

    Sorry for your loss.

    I had feelings of jealousy toward the other Grandma, as she seems to be spending more time with the new Grandson than I am, but I figure I’ll get my turn. Thank you for the inspiration, I’m pleased Linda was a part of your life, she enriched your life (especially by allowing Barry in), and indirectly has now enriched mine.

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