Super Duper De Luxe 2 Set Interchangeable Needle Organiser


I hope you can see the details of this lovely bag?  The outer fabric is some black denim so the photography is maybe a bit the individual photos for a better look Smile

inside the bag are three more different fabrics

For ease of finding the correct size needle I have managed to make some templates so that I can embroider the main numbers of the needles in millimetres. I have left the spaces in between where there is a size that will fit

3, 3.25, 3.50, 3.75, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 & 15!! 16 slots for your needles twice!! Yes behind the first set is another set of pockets for those of you that have 2 sets of needles.  You’d be hard pressed to fit 2 sets of the larger 2 sizes though…does anybody have 2 sets of those sizes?

I have also added in some pockets on the large zippered pocket for things like your tape measure and scissors..

There are 3 large pockets behind the needle tips for your cables and fixed circulars and 2 smaller pockets for some crochet hooks or DPN’s.

The bag closes with a flap and a pretty button


Main body 45cm wide 20cms tall with top flap closed

Large Zipped Pocket 20cm by 20cm

3 large pockets for cables, approximately 11cm wide and 2 smaller pockets each measuring approx. 5.5cm wide

Unfortunately, i forgot to take photos of the cables in situ but I have asked Rosanna for a photo or two and will add them when I receive them

It has been great fun working with Rosanna on this bag, she gave me ideas and I worked them into the design, like the extra pockets on the large zipped pocket

The hardest part of making this bag is the numbered embroidery.  Getting it into the right place, all aligned. You see, my embroidery machine works with a hoop.  I have had to make 3 documents to fit all the numbers in and they have to be matched up but before that there was lots of maths going on.

Initially, I measured the sizes of the pockets on my smaller bags. this was only a starting point but i took those measurements into photoshop and made an image using rulers and guides which I could import into my embroidery machine software to make the documents that the machine could understand and reproduce.

I made little stitches to mark where the slots needed stitching and I placed the first set of numbers on the fabric, after that is all gets a bit messy…lining up the numbers in the hoops is simply the hardest thing! I had to do it twice more..can you imagine how many times I did this? I didn’t know my embroidery machine very well, we hadn’t bonded  you see. Barry enjoyed her more than I had before Christmas, I was just too busy, and then I got ill and then I didn’t know if I wanted a bloomin’ embroidery machine anyway! Sad smile

Oh Rosanna, do you know what you have put me through? A nightmare, a crafting nightmare but…I did not give in, I won the fight, well there was one more battle to be won.  I actually made myself a double pocketed 16 needle spaced organiser. After all, I didn’t want to mess up the fabric that Rosanna had so carefully chosen for her bag.  I am so glad I made a cock mock up first. Although one set of needles fitted in the slots perfectly, I had trouble fitting the second set in arghhh!! Alright for me to use but not if I wanted 2 sets of needles in one bag! So it was back to the drawing board, Photoshop, to make the spacing’s wider and the process had to be done all over again.

It all worked out better this time, I still have to be careful about the placing’s of the embroidery, this takes the most time as I have to sit and watch the machine doing it’s thing. Well, I don’t have to watch but I like to as it is magic!!

Anyway, the bag now works really well and Rosanna is happy, so much so that she even ordered another bag in which to keep a knitting project. One of my Bigger Bobble clutch bags


So, now I have finally got to grips with my embroidery machine and done all the calculations needed to get to this stage, I am happy to be taking orders for more of these very special bags which are made all by me with a happy disposition! Open-mouthed smile

Thanks Rosanna for the inspiration and your patience!


About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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9 Responses to Super Duper De Luxe 2 Set Interchangeable Needle Organiser

  1. Rosanna says:

    I’m sorry I put you through so much but it really is the most wonderful bag. I want you to know it will be used and treasured and shown off with pride! I really appreciate your patience and sticking with it even after everything.

    It was great bouncing ideas off you and working with someone so talented and creative. I love your big bobble bags and I love how that one shows off the fabric (and that it matches!) I couldn’t pass up matching bags. I’ll get the photos to you right away (I’ve been very forgetful sorry!) showing where I have put everything.

    My knitting bag will turn everyone green with envy now!


    • picperfic says:

      Rosanna, you were wonderful to work with, I needed to do 2 things at once and it did give me some grief but I do like to work like that … truly. I love a challenge and I got there in the end. Every bag I make in the future will be a little easier to work! I already have 2 new orders so thank you thank you thank you for asking me to do this!! x

  2. purplume says:

    What beautiful bags. I am so impressed. You did a beautiful job here, so precise and well lined up. I love that you like to watch the magic.

  3. What a beautiful piece of work! I am in awe, there is no way I could make anything like that. Such detail —– amazing. You are very talented. Great job!

  4. Fiberjoy says:

    Impressive!!! Love your bags! For a short bit I made a series of clutches for crochet hooks but my, they were time consuming.
    I take it that the sized slots are for straight needles? I use circs and dpns almost exclusively. Still haven’t come up with a satisfying way to manage the circs. As for sizes… you know, Ed makes needles in 13mm, 14mm, and 5 more sizes up to 25mm. 😉
    (That’s a whole ‘nother sort of bag!)

  5. Fiberjoy says:

    Whoa, cool needles! Thanks for the link!
    Obviously, I haven’t used interchangeable needles yet but I might have to break down and buy some one of these days.

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