Life Lessons, a story…

Chapter One


She was waiting for the postman to stuff the letters through the rather too small letterbox. Persephone had work to do but her mind kept wondering back to the post for some silly reason. It annoyed her that since the well trained post lady had retired a few months earlier, the post was never delivered at the same time and very often it got damaged by being pushed through the letter box. The large post would get folded and squashed and pushed through until it plopped into the porch with a fragmented thud, over and over until the post person had finished. Ripped and bent post was simply not acceptable.

The porch was a small covered affair, the old house had been built with one of those step in porches and someone in the past, very sensibly decided to create a double-doored entrance. One of those double doors stuck in the damp cold winter weather so the new post person thought it was locked. Well Persephone presumed that was why the post was mostly stuffed through the letterbox. The well trained but retired post lady would simply open the stubborn door of the porch and with a flourish she would drop the post onto the doormat and then she would give the doorbell a friendly ding dong just in case Persephone didn’t hear the post arriving. It was a satisfying sound, hearing the squeak of the gate opening and then the porch door being tugged open, the plop of the post being dropped onto the mat and then the doorbell ringing. What also annoyed her was not hearing the gate squeak as the new untrained post person moved on to the next victim. That meant that Persephone had to move out of her warm home and go and shut the gate. Oh why was everything annoying her this morning?

Probably because she was worn out, continuous sleep was a distant memory.

Persephone had a light bulb moment, she would write a note and tape it to the door of the porch. The new post people needed educating.

“Dear Postie

Sometimes our post gets damaged by being pushed through our silly little letterbox. It would be great if you could open the door and drop our post onto the mat. You’ll need to give the door a good pull push Smile

She hoped that the note didn’t offend anyone, which was the last thing that Persephone would want to do, the thought filled her with dread, but her need for undamaged post was far more important. She hoped that the word ‘pull’ being crossed out and the smiley face would make the post person smile. The note would be stuck on the glass panel in the porch door for a few weeks, just to make sure that all the new post people got the message. She hoped they would find a permanent replacement very soon, it was so inconvenient having to do this, training just one post person would be so much easier..

To be continued…

chapter 2

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I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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3 Responses to Life Lessons, a story…

  1. Fiberjoy says:

    It’s off to a great start! Keep up the story writing. 🙂

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