Life Lessons, a story…

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Every evening was the same, William and Persephone both went to bed at the same time. Neither of them functioned too well without the safe feeling that the other was nearby or easily contacted. Bedtime was no exception; they each needed the comforting warmth of the other and would fall asleep in a snuggly embrace. Well, of course that was the plan, but William was a noisy sleeper (he snored) and whilst Persephone was in this depressed state, she would waken to the slightest noise. So the pattern was formed, go to bed together, snuggle up, feel a warm glow, drop off to sleep only to wake up with a start when William started snoring. She would then leave the bed as quietly as she could, hoping that William wouldn’t notice. More often than not he did. “Where are you going?” he would sleepily ask. Persephone didn’t answer. William then let out a disappointed groan of realization and Persephone sought the peacefully comfortable firm-mattressed single bed in the guest bedroom. She loved that firm mattress, as she climbed into the small bed she always remembered that she preferred a firm mattress.

William preferred a less firm mattress and so the couple’s bed had a medium mattress on it. The previous mattress’ sides had collapsed for some peculiar reason so after a few months of that annoying her every time she got out of the bed, she decided to look online to find a new mattress. Yes, the big safe department store that she liked to use had mattresses in stock but it was a big purchase so to be on the safe side she suggested to William that they make a visit to the store and try out the various densities or whatever it is that mattresses are measured in. William loved to go out with Persephone and he loved spoiling her with new things for the home or whatever she thought they might need. He also liked a new gadget; nothing pleased William more than the buzz of a purchase! Persephone had learned to keep quiet about the things that pleased her unless of course it was something that truly set her heart on fire.

The following Saturday they had a drive out to the shopping centre and took the escalator up to the third floor where the bedroom furniture was housed. They self-consciously tried out most of the mattresses, and Persephone decided that yes, they did indeed need a firm mattress with one of those toppers that ate your body. They didn’t exactly ‘eat’ your body but they conformed to your shape. Unfortunately the store didn’t have the one she had decided upon in stock.

Once home, she phoned the nearest store

Store, “Which department please?”

Persephone, “Bedroom furniture please”

Store, “Bedroom furniture”

Persephone, “Oh hello, I have seen a mattress online that I would like to purchase only you don’t have the option to buy a firm mattress online, only a medium one, I wondered, do you have a firm mattress in stock that I can buy please?”

Store, “Our online policy is that we only sell medium mattresses, so would you like to purchase a firm mattress from the store instead?”

Persephone, “Oh yes please, I have the order code here”

Store, “Thank you, and can I have your post code please?”

Persephone, “CR65 4NT”

Store, “I’m sorry but this store doesn’t deliver in your area, would you like the phone number of the store that does?”

She huffed noisily to herself and then said brightly as if it didn’t matter, “Yes please”

So the phone call was repeated all over again up to the bit where Persephone gives out the code number.

Store, “What base are you putting the mattress onto?”

Persephone, “A wooden slatted base”

Store, “Did you test out the mattress on a wooden slatted base?”

Persephone, “I don’t know, we just tried the mattresses displayed in the store”

Store, “well can I point out that the mattresses in store are usually all on a Divan bed base, it would be best if you came into the store and asked for the mattresses to be put on a wooden slatted bad base for you to try”

Persephone, “Why?” this was not what she wanted to hear, she just wanted to order a flippin’ mattress for goodness sake!!

Store, “Well the mattresses will feel firmer on a wooden slatted bed base”

Persephone, “Oh I see, so I probably will be happy with a medium mattress then?”

Store, “Probably”

Persephone, “So can I just buy a medium one online then?”

Store, “I would advise you try the mattress out on a wooden slatted bed base Madam”

Oh bugger he’s a jobsworth!

Persephone, “Do your staff mind doing this?”

Store, “Not at all, it is our pleasure to make sure you are happy with your purchase”

Persephone did not want another hour’s drive to a different store to try out any more mattresses!!

Persephone, “OK, thank you, we’ll come in sometime next week”

Store, “We’ll look forward to meeting you”

Persephone, “Thank you for all your help, I must say you have been most helpful, the other store never offered that option”

Store, “That’s because we’re lovely in this store Madam”

Persephone, “Haha, I’ll be in soon, bye now”

And then she hung up the phone and relayed all the info to William who had his nose in his laptop so wasn’t overly interested…

Persephone had full intentions of visiting the friendly store as soon as possible to test out both firm and medium mattresses on a wooden slatted bed base but she then thought that she could just order a medium mattress online and get the whole process sorted and dealt with. So she did! She thought to herself that if a medium mattress felt firmer on a wooden slatted bed base then both she and William would be happy. William would be happy because the mattress was a medium one and Persephone would be happy because the mattress felt firm.

The mattress was delivered about 10 days after she placed the online order for a medium mattress. It was a bit of a struggle getting the old mattress out of the bedroom but Adele, their beautiful young neighbour was eager to take the collapsed sided mattress of their hands. Persephone was happy to see it go. The new mattress smelled new, the sheets fitted well, the bed looked beautiful and she looked forward to bedtime.

The mattress was too soft for Persephone but William loved it!

To be continued….

chapter 3

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4 Responses to Life Lessons, a story…

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  2. ksee says:

    I can’t wait to see who slept better and if the temp posties ever delivered the mail like Persephone wanted it.

  3. ooohps…. this has all the elements you need in a tragidrama !!!

    Best wishes and am off to test various mattresses – lesson learned…

    hugs Shani

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