Life Lessons, a story…

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Adele had moved into the flat above the Chemist shop about 6 months ago. She was nicely settled in now and had redecorated the flat beautifully throughout. Her budget was tight but the course she was studying at college gave her the confidence to do her own home makeover.

The college was only a few minutes’ walk away and Adele loved pushing the pushchair whilst chatting to her daughter on their way to the crèche which was an integral part of the college.

A year earlier life was so different for Adele. Although she was only 19, she was married to a sensible young man. Her parents loved Richard and felt happy that their beautiful only child was at least going to be looked after by someone responsible and not that lay about Paul who had been a big part of Adele’s life since the last year at school. Adele and Richard had a modern 2up 2down terraced house that was easy to maintain but so boring in style. She longed for an old house, Victorian, Edwardian something like that, a home with a bit of character. She was often planning the décor in her mind and bought the occasional treasure from antique shops in readiness for this dream home.

Richard enjoyed listening to her life plans and worked hard to earn some money which he could put in a reliable bank account for their future. Adele felt safe with Richard, all the bills were paid but they had no spare money for any big purchases so most of their furniture was bought second hand. Oh how she longed for a washing machine! Life was tough with a new baby to care for. The trek to the launderette was hard with a baby and a pushchair with the bag of washing straining to break free from the slightly wobbly handles. Richard worked out that if he borrowed some money from his father and paid him back the same amount of money which Adele was spending every week at the launderette, the loan would be paid back after a few months. Richard’s father agreed to the request and Adele was delighted with her brand new washing machine, what a luxury!  Adele felt that Richard was so grown up and sorted out most of the things that were bothering her, but did she love him?

Most Thursday evenings, Richard would go out for a drink with his friends. Sometimes Adele would wonder how she would feel if Richard had a car accident on the way home. She used to get cross with herself for thinking these thoughts. Her response was one of indifference and this made her question whether she actually loved Richard. At 24 years old, he was so boring, so serious, Adele knew that money was tight but oh how she longed for some fun!  These thoughts were quickly shrugged off, she didn’t feel overly bothered by them and doubted that she loved Richard after reading somewhere that if you have to ask yourself whether you love someone then you can’t be in love. Her life was safe and secure and now that she had a baby to care for, security was high on the agenda although she wasn’t so sure where being in love was on that list.

The doorbell rang as she was getting into bed, she grabbed her dressing gown and with a fearful heart she opened the door to two policemen. Her heart sank; she knew what they were there for. Apparently Richard was on his way home from the pub when a car travelling in the other direction careered straight into his car. It was on a busy, fast stretch of road, the two cars must have both been travelling at about 60mph, he died instantly from the head on collision.

As Richard had only been working for a few years, there was not much recompense for Adele. It came to light that although Richard had a sensible head on his shoulders, he hadn’t made any provisions for either of them had one or the other died. He had made a start on those savings though and this small amount of money allowed Adele to decorate the pretty Victorian flat that was now her home. The 2up 2down box had been sold, no profit, they hadn’t lived there long enough to gain any. Renting was not so much fun but whilst Adele was getting her life back on track it would suffice and it did have character.

The Interior Décor course was the highlight of the week for Adele. She dropped Meg off at the crèche, no problem, Adele knew that Meg loved going to the crèche as much as Adele loved spending the day at college.

William, her tutor had one of those lovely handsome faces that Adele had often admired in older men. She would wonder why some men, as they grew older, became more handsome, William was one of those men…

Chapter 4


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