Life Lessons, a story…

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Adele woke up with a happy heart. She had been looking forward to today ever since she had received that phone call a few days earlier.

Tom, a friend from her past, had moved back home after finishing University. His Mum was a close friend of Adele’s Mum and they got chatting as mums tend to do. Anyway, Tom phoned her out of the blue and suggested they meet up sometime. Adele jumped at the chance of some time with another adult. Although she was at college now, she ached for adult company. Her life revolved around her daughter and there was precious little time left for herself these days.

Meg was such an entertaining little girl, at 20 months old she could hold a conversation and always amused Adele when she came out with such grown up words. She was a very proud mother and looked after Meg in a very caring manner, talking to her all the time. It was important to Adele that she didn’t use baby-talk to her daughter. She didn’t know why, but it just made sense to chat to her in her normal voice. Perhaps it was to do with all the annoying grammar corrections her mother had given her as a child.  They had fun together and at times Adele felt she was learning a lot about life from this small but very wise person.

When she was at her lowest, shortly after Richard’s accident, Meg helped her to stay focused. Carrie stayed with Adele in the days leading up to Richard’s funeral.  As much as her Mum could grate on her at times, Adele was grateful to her for giving her the strength to just deal with those sad days as they came and went without having to deal with a small baby’s needs. Apart from breastfeeding Meg when necessary, she did nothing. Adele had felt unable to make any sensible decisions of her own at that difficult time and so she just went with the flow.

After the funeral, Adele and Meg went to stay with her parents, about an hour’s drive away. During that time, Adele gradually regained her sanity and soon felt able to get back to the home she had shared with Richard. She wanted to sort everything out and move on as quickly as she could. She hated herself at times for she knew now that she had never loved Richard but she had cared for him deeply. The security he provided was a good feeling but now that security had gone, she realised that she had to deal with life and make decisions for herself and Meg. Quite a responsibility which was overwhelming at times but she soon felt in control again. She told herself that nobody else was going to do the things that needed doing, it was all up to her and it was far easier to actually deal with life as it happened than sit there worrying about it.

The Interior Décor course at college had been a life saver, Adele knew she loved being creative but never imagined that doing this course would be such an enjoyable experience. The college ran this course for full time students but a few places were made available for adult education. Adele was only a few years older than most of the class and a great deal younger than the other adults taking part in the course. There was no charge for the course as Adele was claiming benefit for herself and Meg since there was no other income for them. The crèche was included so Adele was relaxed and happy on those 2 days every week. The rest of the week was spent looking after Meg and looking longingly at interior design ideas in magazines and on the internet. She was also so very grateful to her parents for the financial support they gave her to allow her to buy the materials needed for the course.


Today was different, Tom was coming for a visit, Adele had prepared a meal the day before and as she was waiting for Tom’s imminent arrival, she busied herself by making the flat look as pretty as she could. She was very pleased with how her flat was looking. It seemed that home making was something she was good at, right down to sewing the soft furnishings that finished each room off to perfection. Most of the fabric used for these furnishings had been purchased from charity shops. She had bought skirts and curtains and refashioned them into cushion covers and curtains to fit in with her style. Adele was so proud of her achievements.

The doorbell rang …

She skipped down the flight of stairs to meet him and was smiling from ear to ear when she opened the door. Tom had changed much since secondary school, but his familiar smile broke through his worried expression and she invited him upstairs. Meg was having her morning nap for which Adele was grateful. She warned Tom that their peace would be shattered shortly when her little bundle of mischief awoke.

Tom had the most amazingly deep blue eyes surrounded by thick dark eyelashes, Adele remembered his handsome face and dreamy eyes from school, the girls would all flock around him and his popular friends every break time. They all hoped that maybe one of them would be his choice of girlfriend next.

He never used to give Adele a second glance at school and why would he; he was in the year above Adele anyway. She was a timid schoolgirl, very skinny, spots, long straight hair, why would this confident boy give her a second glance? Yet, six years later, here he was, in her flat and he was charming the pants off her, well not exactly the pants off her but it had been a long time since Adele had spent some time in bed with a man so who knows? She cast that thought to one side, for goodness sake, whatever was she thinking of!

Tom was very interested in hearing all about the college course and enjoyed watching Adele telling him about the various techniques involved. He particularly loved the way she became so animated when she talked. She told him all about her marvellous tutor and how he made each session fun. She told him how she had found it difficult at first to actually let go and just “Do it!” as William like to say with a twinkle of his eye. William soon gave her the confidence she needed to be creative in her own way and once started there was no stopping her. Every process seemed to lead to the next, always Adele’s mind would be working out her next project.

Tom suggested that maybe Adele should set this passion into a business when she had finished the course, this thought had indeed crossed Adele’s mind from time to time.

Meg started making chatty baby noises from her bedroom and Adele went to get her to show her off to Tom. He was amazing with Meg, he lay on the floor playing with her, chatting all the time, this gave Adele a lovely warm glow, Meg wasn’t usually so giving towards strangers, what made Tom so different she wondered? Did Meg have the same happy feelings about this man as she had?

Adele left them together as she put the finishing touches to their lunch, a simple meal of soup, homemade bread and a microwaved self-saucing chocolate pudding for dessert. They all sat around her small dining table and didn’t notice that they had been sat there for almost 2 hours. Even Meg, stuck in her highchair was enjoying this time, and didn’t seem to wriggle and fidget to get away from the table as she usually did.

All too soon it came to an abrupt end. Tom received a text message, frowned, then looked at his watch and declared that it was time he was making tracks. The flat was suddenly too quiet when Adele walked back upstairs with Meg in her arms. At least they had exchanged mobile numbers, she hoped he would get in touch soon..

Chapter 6

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