Life Lessons, a story…

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Persephone felt pleased with herself. Since she had put that note on the porch window her post had been delivered without any bends or tears in it. The post person simply opened the porch door and dropped the Mail on the mat.  The note was still stuck to the inside of the porch, below the window, just in case it was needed again.

She liked her life to run smoothly; it took a great deal of effort to keep things on track. Never a waking moment was wasted. Always her mind was active; lists were a great friend of Persephone’s.  It helped her to relax if she could get her thoughts into some kind of orderly state and writing them down always helped. It gave her a sense of relief to get them out of her head. Persephone knew she was strange, but she had grown to like the way she was and William seemed to love her however she was behaving. This thought brought a smile to her face. William, the love of her life, but then she had that other doubting thought, one she wished would just go away, it was like a blemish to their otherwise perfectly contented and loving relationship.  William was always talking about Adele, the talented older student he had in his class. He openly told Persephone of how he often helped Adele to sort out a new idea for a project she was working on, either in her flat or at college for the final exam. A few times he had been late home from work, once or twice he had phoned to tell her that he was dropping Adele off and might be a bit late but more often than not, he simply arrived home rather later than usual after stopping for a cup of tea with Adele.  He would tell Persephone about Adele’s lovely child Meg, how funny and clever she was, not at all a difficult child.  This information made Persephone bristle, she would have loved to have had a child with William but age was against her and they both discussed how ridiculous it would be to have a child in their lives at this late stage. Not that it would be possible of course; Persephone was well into her menopause which brought immense relief after years of hateful monthly cycles to deal with which had given her endless pain, mood swings and migraine headaches. No, she said to herself, life was good right now, but it would have been fun to see what a child of theirs would look like, how it would behave. Ah well, it was a lovely dream, one she dismissed with the same speed with which it had entered her head.

Today, the sun was shining and Persephone had done all the necessary housework to keep their life on track. Washing was in the machine, the dishwasher had been emptied, there was just a bit of ironing to do but that could wait.

Persephone was meeting William for lunch at a nearby garden centre. It was just around the corner from the college where William worked so he could walk the short distance.

As she parked her small red car on the gravel outside the garden centre, she immediately saw William near the entrance, already waiting with a smile and an eager kiss and hug.  Her body did a funny flip thing when she saw him, even though they had been together for a few years now, their relationship was still powerful and full of love.

They enjoyed a stodgy lunch, a basic meal of jacket potato and beans with a cup of tea.  She refused his offer of sharing a traditional pudding with custard, she felt full and needed no more food. William never seemed to know when he was full, until it was too late and indigestion set in. After lunch they walked around for a while, hand in hand, enjoying the closeness but then all too soon, it was time for William to return to work.  They embraced, kissed and parted, each enjoying the smell of the other… Usually, after William had left, Persephone would browse the various displays of plants and other necessities for the home and garden, but today she decided she would go straight home after purchasing one small plant which would look perfect in the corner of the kitchen.

As she left the garden centre, something caught her eye, it was a bright green car, and there were 2 people laughing as they then got into the car. Persephone saw a pretty young woman get into the driver’s side of the car and climbing into the passenger side of the green car was William.  The pretty young woman was Adele.  Persephone felt all the happiness of the previous hour drain out of her, she felt sick and angry.  All the worrying thoughts she kept having seemed to be making sense and she needed some answers but needed to go home and try to make some sense of what she had just seen.

Chapter 7

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  2. Linda Rose Stewart says:

    ooooo I feel the insecurity that Persephone is feeling ~~you did good on this ..

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