Life Lessons, a story…

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

It was the most beautiful spring day, Adele had a song in her heart and a few errands to run, then she could spend the rest of the day sewing the new curtains for Meg’s bedroom.

Tom had visited many times since their first get together and their relationship was blossoming, so much so that in a few days’ time, he was going to be moving into her tiny flat.

Adele had her doubts at first especially as he kept getting annoying texts from an old flame of his. Tom put her mind at rest though, the texts were from a girl he had met at University and they had been considered an item for most of the 3 years spent there. Towards the end of the final year Tom realised that the relationship was going nowhere but Sarah would not let go. Every time he tried to broach the subject she got all upset and so rather than end things, he just hoped it would quietly die a death once they both had moved back to their parent’s homes, many miles apart. Sarah kept in touch much more than Tom felt comfortable with. How on earth could he end things when she kept telling him she would do something silly if they ever parted. The text he had received towards the end of the first meeting with Adele had concerned him the most. She had said that unless he got in touch soon then she would take an overdose of her anti-depressants. On the way back from Adele’s, he had contacted Sarah, told her that the relationship was over and told her to please leave him alone and definitely no more texts. Sarah sent him another few texts, threatening to do something silly and then things went quiet until he received one last text conversation from her saying that she had met a guy and was head over heels in love and was ever so sorry for giving Tom such a hard time. That was the end of that, thank goodness, now Tom was free to enjoy the wonderful relationship he had been having with Adele and her lovely little girl Meg.

The day before Tom was moving in, he had left his car with Adele as he was going to be hiring a white van in order to bring his belongings to the flat. Adele loved it that Tom had put her name on the insurance so she could drive the car. Whilst Meg was at nursery one day a week, Adele used the time wisely. Today she had already been to the supermarket and stocked up the fridge, she had posted some long overdue letters and taken back her library books. She had one last pleasurable job to do, and that was to get some flowers from the garden centre to brighten up the kitchen table ready for Tom’s arrival.

Adele chose a bunch of Alstromeria and was dashing back to the car when she bumped into William.

‘William!’ She called as she carefully placed the flowers on the parcel shelf

‘Adele, hello there, no college today?’

‘Not today William, it’s meant to be a study day although I’m running errands and need to get home in time for Tom’s arrival, he’s moving in today’ she said with a broad grin.

‘I’ll give you a lift back to college’

‘Thanks Adele, I never knew you had a car?’ he said as he strapped himself in.

Adele then proceeded to tell him the story about the car and Tom. She was so excited and William was pleased for her and enjoyed the bright sparkling eyes and body language of this interesting girl. All too soon they were back at the college, he smiled and said ‘Bye Adele, see you tomorrow, have fun, thanks for the lift’

‘No bother William, it makes me feel grown up being able to drive such a lovely car as this one!’ She waved her hand out of the open sun roof as she drove off to make her flat welcoming for Tom, ooh she could hardly wait…


William felt a bit sad that Adele appeared to be falling in love with Tom. Not exactly sad but maybe a bit jealous? It made William realise his age, and also he wondered whether he needed to tell Persephone something which has been troubling him for a few months now. Every day Adele was at college, the troubling thoughts bubbled up into his head causing him to get flustered over the slightest thing. Adele noticed these stuttering moments but just assumed they were part of William’s make up. Whenever they happened and Adele noticed, she would smile and turn her head away, silly William, I think he fancies me. She thought him to be lovely, handsome in a cheeky kind of a way but no way did Adele want to make a relationship with him, not in that way. Especially not now she had Tom in her life.

To be continued

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