Spanish Holiday part 1

We left Cambridgeshire after lunch on Monday 16th May. The car had been packed and we set off on our wonderful adventure of a holiday.  We tried to make sure there would be enough space left in the car on our return to Portsmouth on the 27th May as we were picking up my Maisie to spend a few days with us whilst I made her a prom dress. There didn’t appear to be any space left in the car though, (most important bag contained my Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel) but Barry assured me it would be fine as we could stack the bags a bit higher when we collected my girl  Red heart

We arrived at Portsmouth on the evening of the 16th in good time to catch the ferry to St Malo.  It was a Brittany Ferry, very swish, first impressions were that of a mini cruise, especially as Barry had booked us a cabin with a porthole. We left our belongings in our room cabin and made out way to a very posh restaurant. We were doing this holiday in style but eugh eugh!!! The starter was quite peculiar, a bed of spinach, topped with a poached egg,(now that I could handle) but then they poured over some sort of consommé and it turned into a sludgy mess which was difficult to eat with a knife and fork. not that I really wanted to eat it anyway, but I am a pig and can eat most things but this got the better of me. I daren’t even glimpse at Barry trying to do his best with it hahah…the rest of the meal was lovely if not a bit strange. The hot sweet soufflé with the shot of cognac to pour into it was rather delicious though and a perfect way to end the meal. The service was impeccable Smile

We slept well and woke refreshed, I never thought I would be able to sleep on a ferry but I had gone into holiday mode and discovered I could sleep anywhere!! I love St Malo, brings back such happy memories of when I lived in Jersey and used to take Ali there on the occasional day trip. I left Jersey in the year I was 31 so I was a very young Mum in those days Girl It was great seeing the walls of the town again, we didn’t stop though, we had a long day of driving to Bordeaux. What a gorgeous place that is…we stopped at Cognac too, Barry wanted to see if he could still smell the brandy in the air, he couldn’t much to his sadness. It was so very warm and sunny there and we were thirsty and hungry. We had a horrid flabby tasteless Panini in a cafe …… the toilet was a great relief to us both though Thumbs up

We spent the night in a Campanile Hotel, very nice although the room was a bit smelly due to someone smoking in there. They do lovely meals in their restaurants, we particularly enjoyed the dessert buffet, did I mention that I was a piggy? They offered a selection of such pretty little desserts, all in tiny pots, and then there was the small doughnuts, oh dear, there was no hope for our diet once we got going! We also discovered that they did a starter buffet too but we saved that for the return journey lol

The next morning Barry continued the drive to my lovely friend’s home in Asturias, Northern Spain. I continued knitting my beautiful Cashmere Laar Cardigan  and slept from time to time. This is how far I have got with it, 2ply cashmere lace everybody, it is divine!!


The yarn feels like butter and it is so light and airy, the pattern is wonderful. No errors so far. Lots of stocking stitch which was perfect for long car journeys and then the lace which was easy to memorise. I’ve finished one of the sleeves now and cannot wait to get going with the second one but that will have to wait til this evening In love

Back to the driving ….. After taking a wrong turn right at the end we ended up a tiny road up a wrong mountain, one in which I was fearing for our lives but not as much as I feared for our lives on one of our trips to Italy… I thought it prudent to us the TomTom SatNav rather than the in-car one which appeared to be having a brain fart. It was a good idea!

Eventually, we found the correct mountain to go up, quite a long winding track of a road and then at last we turned a corner and found it! Peter was outside and immediately he went to find Jacquie. It was quite cold and dull up that mountain on the day we arrived but the welcome we got was so special, we had made it to our destination and immediately felt at home, relaxed and happy.

You can see an album of photos about the cottage and the surrounding views here but here’s a photo to whet your appetite Smile


part 2 to follow…


About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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3 Responses to Spanish Holiday part 1

  1. Bazza says:

    The ‘in-car’ Sat Nav used a different spelling than the Spanish. Once I found that out I restored it to ‘good favour’. I was impressed it was even in the database… there can’t be any more than 6 residences in Ablanedo!

  2. Angela says:

    Gorgeous photos! And your sweater is beautiful, too!

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