What a Week

I think we manages to pack about a fortnight into three days last week, however, at the very last minute, on Friday, my birthday, we exchanged contracts on our new home. Hopefully completing the deal next Friday!

On Friday I was given strict instructions to have a relaxing day, no stress allowed. So I did as I was told and enjoyed my birthday and stayed calm not letting anything to do with the house purchase get to me. Barry said he would do all the worrying. I felt that our case was in the safe hands of our solicitor, she was brilliant I have to say. It got to about 3pm and we still hadn’t exchanged but still I stayed calm, but I started getting the occasional texts from Barry which started to sound more and more tense, still I stayed calm….but then at about 4.30pm I couldn’t keep the calm of the previous hours going. The vendor could not be found, the estate agent dealing with our case was not in the office or unavailable…. * I have removed the next sentence but if you’d like to read it then get in touch, I don’t think I ought to write it in a blog post!

So the Solicitor’s office closes at 5pm, it was 4.50pm and still no Vendor or Estate Agent available, can you imagine how Barry was feeling? Can you imagine how I was beginning to feel? Oh baby, it was a tense time…but then all of a sudden, the EA was available and he was going to get in touch with the Vendor, how come it took until 5pm!! Luckily our solicitor was still available and 10 minutes later the deal was done!

Completion will be hopefully next Friday!

I will do the competition draw soon…so much has been happening including the designing and testing of my new project bag, Thank you so much Marja & Charlie for the feedback

The Hexibag

MAZ_5472 copyMAZ_5464 copyMAZ_5466 copyMAZ_5468 copyMAZ_5469 copyMAZ_5471 copy

I initially made it to accompany The Beekeepers Quilt but since using it, I have realised that it is just a brilliant little bag, not so small as the usual project bag and it includes an inner pocket and a handy clip for attaching the bag to a handbag or beltloop or threading your yarn through to stop it tangling when knitting, or even to clip a small crochet hook or a pair of scissors! There is a lovely pocket on the front which I use for the stuffing of the puffs. On the back I have added a darling embroidered bee, it was the idea of one of my customers but it is so fun that I will keep it as part of the bag now…I love my embroidery machine Smile

I feel like I am fizzing with the excitement of the last week, now I just have to sort out a removal company, do you know how much they cost!!!!?!?!?!?

I’ll be in touch soon, well as soon as I’ve got the winner’s name in my hand!

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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7 Responses to What a Week

  1. josiekitten says:

    That bag is gorgeous. I must NOT start another blankie project tho’! Hope your move doesn’t cause any more stress.

  2. norfolklass says:

    Hi Marianne
    I think I recognise that fabric, so gorgeous, and the little bee is sooooo darling, maybee (geddit) a new logo or something but very sute nontheless. Shall have to order one of these sooner rather than later hee hee
    Glad you had a good birthday in the end and didnt have a hangover after geting beautifully squiffy!

  3. Congratulations on your birthdayt, the deal going thru, and on staying so calm so long! That bag is so clever and cute. I really like project bags to have a clip-strap like that. Imagine losing that just finished pair of socks in that one of kind yarn that you spun and dyed yourself. Now forget that ever happening, ‘cuz your project bag is clipped to your purse or backpack as you dash around town!

  4. Wow talk about Friday frazzle! I never understand why these folks leave it until the very last minute – I am sure it is a game!

    I love the new project bag and will ‘bee’ keeping my eye out for one once you release them to us, I have a sneaky feeling you will be making a lot of these!

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