Since we got the keys last Monday evening, we have been backwards and forwards to the new home most days. 22 miles each way, about 40 minutes in the car

I have been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning, mostly the kitchen

MAZ_5680 copy

Every journey to the house, I take a car full of stuff, most of the cupboards in my old kitchen are empty now and I have filled the newly cleaned cupboards

I will take you on a tour…

Dining room, which has a radiator under the window but it is not attached to the central heating system, grrr, another job!

MAZ_5679 copy

Sitting room

MAZ_5676 copyMAZ_5677 copy

and the bit which needs lots of work

MAZ_5675 copy

The whole of the sitting room needs lots of love and attention but it will be lovely when it is all done. Oh and almost none of the doors fit into their frames…soooo annoying!

There is a little gangway between the kitchen and the sitting room which has loads of room for books, a small room leading off the gangway is the downstairs loo which has a purple bubbly sparkly loo seat but it doesn’t show up in the photos, the paint used on the walls is sparkly too…

MAZ_5705 copyMAZ_5703 copy

view from the front door, sorry about the over exposure Winking smile

MAZ_5691 copy

and upstairs we have

the main bedroom

MAZ_5692 copyMAZ_5693 copy

The guest room

MAZ_5697 copyMAZ_5698 copy

My workroom which is going to be decorated first so I can get on and do my sewing Smile

MAZ_5699 copyMAZ_5701 copy

The bathroom, with a Jacuzzi bath which Barry fixed and a walk in shower

MAZ_5695 copyMAZ_5696 copy


Everywhere is very grubby, the house was abandoned over a year ago, I’ll soon get it spick and span but it’s hard when you have 2 houses to make good

Our furniture gets moved over to the new house a week tomorrow, I am looking forward to just having one home to sort out.  Right now, I am just chipping away at everything and I just hope that it all comes together in the end..

We found this note on the windowsill of my workroom, made us both feel a bit sad but happy that the little girl that used to live there loved this house, shame her Daddy wasn’t such a nice man to deal with!

MAZ_5700 copy

And while all that is going on I managed to sew a pile of hexibags

MAZ_5746 copy

all of them were posted to their new owners yesterday…

I also designed a new little sister to the Hexibag, The Little Dumpling

MAZ_5760 copyMAZ_5763 copyMAZ_5775 copyMAZ_5776 copyMAZ_5778 copyMAZ_5780 copy

it’s just a bit smaller than the hexibag but has all of the same features including the clip but this little cutie has a shapely bottom, just like me! haha This small project bag is being tested at the moment and adjustments will be made if necessary before they hit my shop. I can’t wait to do some more sewing as  loads of lovely new fabric has arrived for me to play with Smile

I have also got a layer of hexipuffs in my basket

MAZ_5793 copy

and I discovered Amanda Perkins amazing Lily Blanket

so pretty…I am imagining this on the back of one of our sofas

MAZ_5809 copyMAZ_5812 copyMAZ_5814 copy

I moustache…I want to do another star before I hit the sack!


About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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17 Responses to Cleaning..

  1. Zina says:

    Doesn’t it all look lovely! I wish I was there to help with the cleaning!

  2. p-la says:

    What a sweet little note the girl left for you. Your new home looks lovely!

  3. Catherine says:

    What a darling girl to leave such a lovely note for you. The new home will be wonderful, lots of room and cupboards. Like the new dumpling bag, just the ticket! Enjoy Marianne! xo

  4. Linda Rose Stewart says:

    ahhh you are going to love that house…right into being a home you love to come “home” will glow with your care…and it is so roomy…take it easy..and enjoy some of the moving..get a vase of flowers to set out …then when you come back with a load they will greet you!!!xo

  5. It looks lovely and will be amazing once you have put your own stamp on it and your furniture in the rooms. Well worth the agro and stress in the end although it didn’t feel like it at the time! Am loving both styles of bags and can’t wait for you to settle in and make some for the shop! Sx

  6. knitlass says:

    Glad to hear you finally got the keys! How fantastic, It looks like a lovely house, and I’m sure it will benefit from your love and care. I’m very envious – our house seems to be getting smaller and smaller and filling up with stuff, so those nice big rooms look great to me! x

  7. hope you manage to get it all sorted out soon and that you are very happy in your new home x

  8. Wanda J says:

    It will be a charming home! So much potential.
    Tons of work but it helps that you’re able to thoroughly clean before moving all your furniture and belongings. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could organize a cleaning party (or painting party) with all the blog friends!
    Egads! the color of the loo! I’d have to tackle that right off, or never walk into it.

  9. Peter says:

    Loads of Potential , I agree !! Those wood floors will come up a treat !!

  10. Peter says:

    Errr is that artex on the cielings ????

  11. It’s a lovey warm looking house. I think yu will both be very very happy there. Congratulations.
    Card and Hollyhock seeds on the way.xx

    • picperfic says:

      Thank you Claire! I took a Ka-full of stuff to the house today and whilst i was there, I cooked a cake and made some lemon curd to fill it with, this will be a treat for the removal men coming on Thursday. I used my old broken cooker, I have a new one coming on Wednesday, and a new dishwasher coming tomorrow…I am getting very excited! Whilst the cake was cooking I unpacked all the bags and boxes so I could bring them beck to the old house and fill them up again. One day I will be calm….lol

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