Moving on….

Well, it’s been 18 days since we moved in, crikey, is that all!!?!? Feels like we’ve been here for ages now..

Mostly, the time has been spent unpacking, decluttering and generally finding homes for everything. Barry has put up an Ikea curtain track in our bedroom so we could at least sleep in a bit longer in the mornings. He was impressed with the quality of the track thank goodness, so we’ll be getting more of those I expect…it does run smoothly. There are 3  4 rooms in the house that don’t need too much attention, the kitchen, downstairs loo, the bathroom and our bedroom. We just love the bathroom, we chose some lovely stripey fluffy bath and shower mats and matching brightly coloured towels, it looks very cheerful in there now and less like a spa room.

Barry has filled all the many screw holes and sanded and started painting my workroom, which is in fact a spare bedroom too. We have a curtain pole and funky lights to fit. I have bought curtain lining & heading tape and intend to find the time to sew some patchwork curtains from my fabric scraps. You might see your fabric in my curtains if you’ve bought one of my bags! haha

Today our gardener from the other place came and spent 7 hours cutting back our jungle, the front is amazingly bigger and the back is starting to grow in size too. It is scary how 14months of neglect can turn into a jungle, really really overgrown. Trouble is, we are left with massive piles of garden waste to dispose of..hmmmm…. The gardener is coming to do more work in a couple of weeks. I expect he needs that time to recover  Smile especially as he fell into the water feature that was under all the overgrowth..oops sorry Ray! He only got a wet leg, no damage done haha, hope the fish tank he discovered will come in useful for his guppies Smile

This is a before picture…the after one is quite dramatic but I’ve not taken it yet….


I have been sewing, lots…and have made good headway with my orders…if you’ve ordered from me, I hope to be in contact soon, do message me if you feel I may have forgotten you, you never know, I might have! You can see the Hexibags made to date here, I am adding them as I make them..

I have taken photos of the back garden before work started on it but forgot to take a photo of the front. I can probably dig one out from somewhere though


Since starting to write this we have cleared away a lot of the garden waste, Barry has been working so hard to get this place presentable….

I have made even more bags and organisers, and I’ve ordered the fabric for the curtains in the craft/spare room. Just need to find the time to make them!

On Friday I received my copy of The Knitter magazine, I felt so proud seeing my Needle Tip Organiser on their review page. It was this beautiful organiser which features Kaffe Fassett designer fabric

INO wardrobe chest of drawers

I can’t tell you how proud it made me feel to see my organiser in that special magazine, they got the info a bit wrong though, saying it had 16 pockets for needle tips, it has in fact, double that amount as there is room for 2 sets of each size, apart from the 2 largest sizes..

What along way I’ve come since my first thoughts on making one of these organisers….

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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8 Responses to Moving on….

  1. Kira Davison says:

    Since you moved you’ve spent a lot of time with a group of penguins on Ravelry. It’s been great seeing you there.

  2. p-la says:

    How wonderful!! So nice to hear you are making your house a home!

  3. Patricia says:

    Well done on the needle organiser lives next to me on the sofa!

    You’ve made loads of headway in a short time and you sound happy! So pleased for you ad Barry.x

  4. josiekitten says:

    Congratulations on your feature in The Knitter. I love those needel organisers and directed my good mate Snoopydog in your direction as a not very subtle hint for my birthday!!! Your garden will be fabulous once everything is cleared away. We discovered that we actually had another 12ft of garden which was just completely hidden by the density of all the overgrown plants!

    • picperfic says:

      When the front was cut back it was amazing to see the extra room we had….we were amazed at how much room the big plants took up, when they were cut back we discovered that most of them were in pots!

  5. tanna says:

    Oh, the excitement of bringing a home back to life!! Especially after reading that note from the previous occupant! Rehabing ‘lost causes’ is one of my passions. And, of course, there is knitting… 😉

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. I have so enjoyed my visit here and look forward to getting to *know you* and watch your progress and projects through future visits! blessings ~ Tanna

  6. Wanda J says:

    Do you and Barry ever sleep? 😉
    You just never know what might materialize whacking back an overgrown garden. Nice the big plants are in pots – easier to deal with. By this time next year you’ll be enjoying all the hard work you’ve been putting into your new home this fall.

    • picperfic says:

      Sleeping is what we do! I have slept like a log since we bought this place…total exhaustion haha! We got a gardener in to do the cutting back, it’s just our job to get rid of the cuttings!

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