It didn’t fit…..

Our beautiful red front door had to go back to the workshop to have the glass bit at the top reduced by half…how could 2 different men measure the hole it would fill and come up with that? I thought the first one to measure it had been too casual and asked for it to be measured again.

I measured the door and the hole and told the man that dropped the door off that it was too big. he phoned the man that was doing the fitting. He phoned me and told me not to worry it would be fine. I stopped worrying but then Barry came home and measured it and he said, “It won’t fit”. So Barry phoned the fitter and told him it was too big. The fitter then drove miles to measure it himself and then he admitted that indeed it wouldn’t fit!!

That was last week

So today, the door went back to be resized and hopefully on Saturday, this door will be fitted…

MAZ_6718 copy


that bit at the top really annoys me….!

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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17 Responses to It didn’t fit…..

  1. p-la says:

    That is a beautiful red door!!! It would be even more beautiful if it fit!! So sorry!

  2. Robin Crittemden says:

    Well it’s very very pretty. Send it to me, maybe it will fit my house

  3. Linda Rose Stewart says:

    that is so irritating!!!! but it is world wide …the irritation …we had a floor installed and it started pulling apart right off…we have been having a “dealy-o'” with the installers and who ever they happen to send out to measure and photograph and mark for over a year now..and still the silly floor is in place…thanks to my medicine ..i have a better approach to these kind of problems…or someone would be standing on their head!!!! ohhhhhhh i am going to be cooking up a supper of
    “mince n’ tatties!!!!! thanks to lovely Tristan…… found the recipe..and oh yum..our kind of food…I do believe that Tristan is a really good person..I like his photo’s and his writings to you…a good person..indeed!!! you both match for your love of photography!!

    • picperfic says:

      there doesn’t seem to be the pride that craft people used to have for their labours…creating one of these doors is an art I can tell, they are beautifully made. They are so very expensive for and I daresay the manufacturer to produce. Errors do happen but not this big an error, that simply careless!

  4. Tanna says:

    So sorry the beautiful red door didn’t fit!! Hopefully, it will on the next try! blessings ~ tanna

  5. norfolklass says:

    Beautiful door Marianne, men always have to get a measuring tape out don’t they. Bet the door was taller than Barry though! It will fit this time, even they can’t get it wrong again. Then I can come and see it. xx

  6. Heather says:

    Hi, My name is Heather and I just found your blog(s) because I read a comment you made about a sweater on the Lion Brand Yarn site. I’ve been sewing since about when I could walk, though I haven’t done a lot of it these days aside from a pair of pants for my mother. : ) I’ve been crocheting since 2000 when a friend taught me (I recommended your blog here to her just now, too!), and I started knitting maybe 2 or 4 years later – have made quite a few sweaters, vests, blankets, and little knit dresses for friends’ children in both knit and crochet. I LOVE the colors of yarn/fabrics you choose to make your little purses, aprons, sweaters, and more. I tend to love bold colors, too. As I begin to grow familiar with your blog, what you do and sell, I wanted to ask you about your beautiful aspen leaf sweater I saw in blue/green on your old Blogger site. How difficult would you say that was to make for a person who taught herself how to cable and created some hat and scarf patterns but has never really followed a line by line complex color-changing knitting pattern? Also, is that a pattern you created from scratch and routinely sell, have you considered selling it to/making it available for Lion Brand or other web sites, or is it something you found somewhere and doctored? I don’t have a blog myself but perhaps you’ve inspired me to start one – I’m not really interested in selling things but more for my friends and family if they wish to see the evolution of what I’ve created. I’ve made things from macrame plant hangers to sundresses to flapper hats. Hmmm… Looking forward to hearing from you! : ) Heather

    • picperfic says:

      Hi Heather, what a lovely long comment! Thank you for the compliments….I can’t remember which pattern i commented on on the Lion Brand site, must ahve been quite a while ago. My Aspen cardigan desin is totally my own work, right from the dyeing of the fibre, the spinning and the knitting. It can be made with a heavy worsted weight yarn and I sell my pattern here, are you a member of Ravelry? I wonder if this will work? buy now

      • Heather says:

        Hi, again! The sweater you posted photos of and made a comment about on the Lion Brand site was the “Bebop Cardi” or “Giovanni’s Cardi (or sweater)” – apparently all the same thing. I had printed off directions and was looking at tips for how to do the bobbles, photos, etc. You were one of many commenters but only a few who had posted very nice up close photos. I clicked on the link to your [older] blog and at the bottom of the page saw the gorgeous blue/green version of the Aspen Leaf sweater. I was actually considering making it for my niece who just turned 1 or a friend’s daughter who is almost 3. I had not realized there is a split in the middle – thought it was a line of knit stitches down the front. Either way, it is still gorgeous – from the colors (I hadn’t realized you’d done the dying yourself!) to the stitch details at the sleeves. Are you in the U.K.? Ha! I hadn’t realized that either – I am in the Washington, D.C., area of the U.S. – very soon to move back to Richmond, Virginia. I rarely make things for myself other than hats/scarves, but I do enjoy making sweaters, vests, and more as gifts, as I am sentimental like that! : ) No, I had never heard of Ravelry – I will check it out, thanks!!

  7. Wanda J says:

    Totally non-excusable! Too big of a hurry, too sure of themselves and didn’t pay complete heed to what the tape measure showed, or perhaps recorded the numbers wrong. Incompetence.

    Doors to old buildings can be very tricky and need to be measured carefully, not only for width and height but across both diagonals for often a building will settle slightly crooked, not enough to see with the eye but measuring shows it’s out of square. Wonder how much planing and adjusting they’ll need to do to properly install it once it’s the proper height? Best wishes on this!

    • picperfic says:

      fingers crossed for this Saturday Wanda…they did a good job of our French Doors so I’m hoping the fitting of the front door will go smoothly. I doubt I’ll look much at what they’re doing

  8. Littlehomesteader says:

    It sounds like the Hubble fiasco, or measuring in inches and manufacturing in centimetres, or perhaps a converted combo of the two! Irk – some

    Perhaps it’s all neatly installed by now. I do hope so Bx

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