Cranberry Mincemeat

I cannot believe that I have at last completed my last special order for 2011. I was feeling under great pressure as I had been taking longer than usual to get my orders sewn up.  It’s my own fault, I came up with the Hexibag design and this went crazy from the moment I showed it.  I have totally enjoyed putting custom fabric combinations together, I truly love to work with colour!

The main thing that slowed me down was moving house….it became quite frustrating because I wanted to sew but I also wanted to play houses.  Loads has been done to the house, well loads considering we’ve not been in here that long. I still need to work on my routine but I’ll get there. The more I sort out the more I feel back in control.

A couple of weekends ago, Ali, my eldest came for a visit and we met her new man. Must have been as nerve wracking for him as it was for us, however my Mum helped me follow in the family tradition that she started when she met Barry for the first time.  Well the first thing Mum said to Barry when she met him was ‘Hold your hand out’ so he did and she put in his hand the little furry toy mouse that normally scuttles along the floor if you pull his tail. You can imagine that this broke the ice and Mum and Barry get on really well. So I asked Mum if she would send the mouse over so I could give Jamie the same treatment. I noticed Ali looking as bemused with me as I had been with my Mum…a very tense moment diffused by a vibrating mouse! Ha-ha! Love you Mum xXx

I’ve been doing loads of knitting, small items, using lots of my handspun yarn up.

MAZ_7008 copyMAZ_7022 copyMAZ_7034 copyMAZ_7042 copy

Love these three very much… Smile

I’ve been sewing

Ambers Multi Tasking Tote

and sewing

jumper dumper collage

and designing and sewing my new mini needle organiser for keeping all the tools needed for a project together in one place

MAZ_7104 copyMAZ_7105 copyMAZ_7106 copyMAZ_7107 copy

and cooking

I made some of Nigella’s Cranberry Mincemeat at the weekend, I doubled up the recipe as it doesn’t seem to make enough for the amount of mince pies I have to make.  Barry takes them into work every year…I couldn’t help but use some of the mincemeat to top a steamed almond sponge


My Christmas holiday food (mostly ingredients Maisie Winking smile) was delivered this morning, nightmare putting it all away.  I was very pleased that there were only 3 substitutions out of a very big order which would make your eyes water if I told you how much it all cost. I totally enjoyed doing a food order online with my favourite Christmas Cookery Books by my side. This year I seem to be favouring Nigella…

I cleaned all the downstairs windows today, inside and out and tidied up the dining roomwhich was in a pretty bad way and had been irritating me all the time I was sewing





The scene was worse in real life but I couldn’t be bothered to go and change my lens and even standing out by the front door this was as much as I could get in the frame lol

I had a lovely Christmas card from the best daughter ever, well it said so on the envelope so it must be true


Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, or holiday or whatever floats your boat

Marianne x

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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6 Responses to Cranberry Mincemeat

  1. josiekitten says:

    I’m drooling at your pudding! I’m a complete sucker for anything with custard!! I rather like the look of your mini-organiser too!! Have a great Christmas in your new home. xx

  2. mavis32 says:

    Glad the furry mouse broke the ice ha ha. Forgot to ask him how it went , but when I said the Motor bikes ran their race through Enniskillen THAT broke the ice & he came and sat beside me and said hed definitely be over for a visit. Love Mum xxx

  3. Annie says:

    John and I hope that you and Barry have the Christmas that you are hoping for, you know that I will love mine. Baby Noah here I come. Have the best Christmas ever in your New House. Love to you and Barry

    Annie n John xxx

  4. Wanda J says:

    Your eye for colours is superb be it fiber, fabric, house paints, food! I’m not crazy about mincemeat but your almond sponge looks very tempting!

  5. missmalice says:

    Merry Christmas to you too! Lots of love, Alice xxx

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