Stuff and Fluff

I’m going to look through my photos and see if I can recall what I’ve been up to…I have been incredibly busy but can’t remember off hand what it is I’ve been busy with!

MAZ_7567 copy

A plaited handle bag for Ali


A Slouchy bag for Maisie

MAZ_7632 copy

A Manu for me, I love and adore this cardigan and would wear it every day if I could…i do mostly lol

MAZ_7647 copy

Spinning up 200g of my Seduce fibre Smile


MAZ_7671 copyMAZ_7679 copy

Two Multi Tasking Totes, one for my mum and one for a lovely customer..

MAZ_7669 copy

Finished the back of my silk bolero…this has been put back in it’s project bag for now…

MAZ_7654 copy

Sewed myself a dress to wear to London

MAZ_7656 copy

Made some socks for my Aunty Sally

MAZ_7717 copy

Dyed up the fibre club blend….lots of it!! (If you would like the details of my fibre club you can click the pink link)

P1010334 copyP1010335 copyP1010337 copy

Snow Outside the Globe Theatre in London, we went to see a play called voices off with our neighbours from Haddenham, Rob & Lyndsey, it was an hilarious farce, the play not the whole day although it was a lot of fun.  Sadly my knee joint decided to play up and going up and down lots of stairs for the tube trains was very painful, then my hip on the other leg started to join in. whinge whinge whinge…it’s all ok again now though Smile

P1010326 copy

Barry tried on an armoured glove in the V&A museum…love that place and that man ❤

MAZ_7778 copy

I spun up the club fibre so that i could add a sample with each package

update 13th feb 2012

Did a shop update, I’m trying out dyeing some yarn, I’m not so confident with it as I am with tops though.  I might try some more …

MAZ_7806 copy

I bought a pretty bobbin holder from Jaycott’s. Maisie arranged my bobbins, love how it looks. I need another bobbin holder though lol

MAZ_7876 copyMAZ_7879 copyMAZ_7880 copy

Sewed a couple of my Dumpling bags for a customer

MAZ_7800 copy

Knitted this tiny little jacket from the club handspun

MAZ_7790 copy

Made these i-cord finger gloves because I found the pattern in one of my Meg Swanson Books and just had to make them!


Knitted Maisie a pair of cashmerino socks to wear under her ugg boots

MAZ_7911 copy

Knitted these cute little bootees from some more of the club handspun (I have enough left to knit a tiny hat too)

polwarth and cost update 17th February 2012

Did another shop update, this time with some more of the club blend of SW Merino and Seacell and some beautiful Polwarth fibre


In between all that activity, my sewing machine needed to go back to the shop for a repair and my Maisie has been here for the last week. I love having her in the house, she is such good company even if she does spend most of her time in her room studying I think….Open-mouthed smile 

We’re about to take her back to her Dad’s now….

It’s no wonder I’m knackered worn out!

I’m going to be doing lots of sewing next week so if you’ve requested a bag or a needle case from me, this could be the week you hear from me!

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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4 Responses to Stuff and Fluff

  1. amber says:

    Not been busy then (VBG) love love them all so inspiring and I adore my bag:)

  2. Mary says:

    You really must find a hobby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kaimistry says:

    Busy bee!! Love everything… and the booties are so, so cute! Loving the bags…

  4. darciad says:

    Wow! You are SO productive! You must be a master at time management!

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