Keeping busy…

I have been keeping myself out of mischief by hiding away in my lovely craft room creating lovely things…I have so many new ideas whizzing around my head at the moment so it seems to make sense to get them out of my brain and into reality!

One of those things is this pretty crochet hook case

crochet hook organiser case (2)crochet hook organiser case (3)crochet hook organiser case (1)

I had promised to make one of these for so many months, I’d had a couple of requests so I made two of them and posted them out yesterday.  As I was sewing this case, all sorts of modifications kept popping into my head. I shall make the pocket about 2/3rds the depth it is now and widen the hook keeper part so it wraps around the pocket before closing. This version holds 12 hooks but the newer version (in my head) will contain 16 hooks.

I’ve also made Barry a shirt, again I’d been promising him one for months, I had the fabric and the pattern but just needed to find the time. I am very pleased with it, although I really didn’t enjoy the collar attaching bit. Making the collar itself was ok, just the attaching to the main garment that made me get a bit cross, when I tried to do the topstitching. I needed to use my walking foot but I just wanted it finished and couldn’t be faffed to change the foot. Wish I had done though as it would probably have saved me time in the long run Winking smile

MAZ_8089 copy-1MAZ_8094 copy-1MAZ_8096 copy-1MAZ_8098 copy-1MAZ_8106 copy-1

I added a monogram to the pocket and used some of my very precious vintage buttons…

Barry loves it, he is wearing it today, even though I finished it yesterday, I had to wash it because when I was making it, I dipped one of the sleeves into my coffee Open-mouthed smile

I am very pleased with the pattern and the fit, which needed 2” removing from the length of the body and the sleeves for Barry. I like how good the finish is too and the pieces went together perfectly although the written instructions left a lot to be desired. I learnt a lot from sewing patterns over the years from the useful info they used to contain so why oh why have they stopped adding in the finer details that make sewing garments easier and more professional in the results??!?!?….However, this is just a trial shirt, I really want to make him a linen shirt for the summer, wonder if I’ll manage it?

My favourite part about this shirt is the fact that Barry tried this on before it was finished whilst I was out on Sunday…awww

MAZ_8060 copyMAZ_8061 copyMAZ_8070 copyMAZ_8075 copyMAZ_8076 copyMAZ_8047 copyMAZ_8049 copyMAZ_8052 copy

A few more of the things I’ve been making…I’ve got a few more cut out and ready to sew then I can make a start on a new project which I’m working on with a lovely inspirational friend that helped me with the idea of the Double Needle Tip Organiser….

Barry is off work, last week he had a chesty cold and this week he is on antibiotics and steroids for a chest infection….I find that having him home slows me down as he keeps finding old B&W films to watch and I keep sitting down with him. Mind you, sometimes he finds programmes about rebuilding old cars and aeroplanes and things…I do my sewing then haha, maybe I need to slow down a bit anyway….

And if you want something to read whilst you’re waiting for your coffee to go cold then Barry had blogged!


About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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4 Responses to Keeping busy…

  1. lolachoco says:

    The crochet hook case is so pretty, i wish i have one too..:)

  2. knitlass says:

    Wow – so talented. Love the shirt, looks just like a bought one LOL! You have been busy…

  3. Annie says:

    Hi Marianne
    Thanks so much for the crochet hook case, I will try it out for you and of course give a really honest review as I always try to, but actually looking at it, it just looks perfect! I have yet to put any hooks in it yet though Ha ha. Barry looks so very debonair in his shirt. I used to love making my little Ben his shirst, mid you he was only a boy then, ot a man like he is now. It is a lovely itimate thing to do, make a man a shirt he wears next to his heart xxx

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