Name that bag! Comments now closed on this post

….well this bag actually

Name this project bag

I have a little competition for you…I am stumped as to what to call this small project bag and thought it might be a good idea to ask for your help.

All you have to do is tell me what you would call it in a comment to this post, and the name Barry & I like best will win this bag! Simple eh?

You can see the dimensions in the collage, I’ve been using the prototype for quite a while now and have sold a few already after people saw the design and wanted one of their own.  I just didn’t know what to call the bag when I sent the invoices out Open-mouthed smile

I love how it holds my yarn securely as I knit, I love how the top folds over and I put all my bits and bobs into the pocket. It stands up on it’s own too…it’s definitely a bag you can pick up easily to take with you on a day out.

Anyway, I don’t want to sway you with my ideas…I await your comments!!

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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51 Responses to Name that bag! Comments now closed on this post

  1. Annie Wells says:

    Hi Marianne,
    I love this bag! I call mine the little cuff bag, but if I can have another go I would call it the Handy Bag. Good luck with the naming

  2. marianne says:

    Hah! As children, myself, my kids, and grandkids.. we had little bags, they were called “Diddy bags” have no idea.. but there it is (we would store our favourite little figures, or rocks, or or or, in them).
    This could be “Sweet Diddy Bag” or “Wee Diddy Bag”.

  3. Razmabaz says:

    Harummph! Seems like “relatives or employees” can’t enter the competition!

    Worse than Kellogg’s!

  4. Topsy Turvy Bag.

    It’s gorgeous by the way!!

  5. The Pick’n’Mix Bag!

    You could hide your sweets in it as well as your bits and bobs.

  6. josiekitten says:

    How about the PPP? (Perfect project pouch!)

    It looks fabulous!

  7. Liz Phillips says:

    Summertime-it looks like sea and sunny days

  8. Freyalyn says:

    The Fold-down Bag! What a lovely little design, well done. This one’s in a gorgeous fabric and colour too.

  9. angie/knittynutter says:

    what about the [mini] cuff bucket !!

  10. jan says:

    The tardis, just when you thought you couldn’t get anymore in – up comes the cuff – nuff said.

    Is there no end to your talents – superlicious

  11. Jen says:

    Love the bag – I’d go with the Every Which Way bag. I like the idea of a cuff bag but if you called it that could you add some button holes so I would be able to put a cuff link or two on it

  12. How about ‘Flip, flap, flop!’ Flip it open, fold down the flap, and flop her on the counter/floor. Lovely fabric choices as usual! 😀

  13. picperfic says:

    loving these names!

  14. How about ‘Turnover Bag’? The top does indeed turn over and the name would fit with the Dumpling bags too!

  15. the baby bucket bag :o)

  16. angie/knittynutter says:

    what about the ‘wip-away’ !!

  17. Moosieuk says:

    What about the Lucy Locket bag – it looks lovely like her lost pocket!

  18. Denise says:

    The Duffelle, the Hobo, the Open Sesame (there’s a treasure inside) or the Goody Bag.

  19. Pooey, I left a comment earlier via my Blackberry and it didn’t post. Yarnvelope? Or another thought I had is that I am sure you’ll come out with new designs as you go along, so maybe do them as a collection of names either traditional girls names, modern girls names, that sort of thing. Very pretty no matter what you name it 🙂

  20. Knitcave says:

    I love the look and wondered if Ashbury would be a good name (after Haights Ashbury).

  21. Kerry says:

    Topsy turvy bag?

  22. Pic’s Perfect Pocket. Love the colours and the bag!

  23. Linda Rose Stewart says:

    Hello Marianne: well, Eddy and I came up with two names…Knitty Gritty Bag..and Summer daze…it was fun to try and think of matter what ..the little wee bag is lovely and the colors of this particular one are beautiful…very calming….

  24. sussexyorkie says:

    My first though was “Bijou”. Looks rather compact and Bijou to me!

  25. LucyJ says:

    How about squiggle?

  26. Adrienne Sharman says:

    Wow – love that bag and the colourways too! How about the Just E-Nuff Stuff bag!

  27. The Pop-Over Pouch or Pop-Over Bag.

  28. Pauline Hornsby says:

    Commuting Crafter’s Carry-all.

    Lovely bag. Colours, size and style are all eye-candy.

  29. Susan says:


    after Purple Haze

  30. SarahJ says:

    I thought that ‘Perfect Pochette’ summed it up quite well especially when I checked the dictionary:

    World English Dictionary
    pochette (pəˈʃɛt)
    — n
    an envelope-shaped handbag used by women and men
    [C20: from French: little pocket]

  31. Fiberjoy says:

    Lots of wonderful suggestions!


  32. Robin C. says:

    I think the “the Marianne”. It’s cute, got lots of spunk and will help you when you need it

  33. Kerry says:

    Foldit, just a little bit

    Knitters foldaway

  34. Gothy says:

    Flip and Stitch!

    Not very witty I know but shirt and descriptive lol!

  35. How about “Bitsy Bag” ?

  36. mistyfuji says:

    How about the Make & Take Bag. It’s so versatile; I can think of a bunch of uses for it.

  37. Annie Wells says:

    ermmm another thought, I think it should be called the ‘Flap Top, ou know like Lap Top with an F, and no I’m am not being rude at all

  38. Gabrielle Ash says:

    How about a “Perfect Petite Project” bag?

    Possibly P3 for short?

  39. Shirley says:

    The Prismatic

  40. annat2 says:

    How about the Stand Up Fold Over (SUFO) bag?
    And you are one of the people I most envy Marianne – knits, sews and has very very good taste all round. When I grow up I want to be just like you…

  41. Sue says:

    How about ‘The stuff ‘n’ go’ bag. It does what it says on the ti…(sorry) bag!! 🙂

  42. Mariask says:

    It’s beautiful, whatever you decide to call it.
    I’d go for something descriptive, but not catchy – something like ‘The Better than a Yarn Bowl Bag’ (unless, of course, you’re planning on selling yarn bowls any time soon… In which case, you might be shooting yourself in the foot a little with this…
    Maria x

  43. cybil says:

    pic’s pouch

  44. faerynuff1 says:

    The Spring bag because we are having great Spring weather and when you’ve got that bag with you, you can ‘spring’ into action wherever you are.

    But ignore me, being one of your spring-offs! Xxx

  45. Sarah says:

    Perfic Pick-up Pouch…?

    Pick-up, Turn-down Pouch…?

    Oh heck, I don’t know. I just know I’d love to win it!!!! 🙂

  46. Catherine says:

    The Jewel in the Crown

  47. vivi says:

    ‘Purple Project Eater.’

    it’s beautiful, and i wantsssssss it, preciousssssss!


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