Did you see me? Whizzing round like a mad thing? I don’t know whether I’m coming or going to tell you the truth and consequently I have a rotten migraine Sad smile I thought I would write a blog post to try and clear my head….

You see, since the beginning of this year, my life has gone into fast forward mode. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining one little bit, it just feels like everything is happening at once

I am taking my shop to a Spinning Guild on the 2nd June, so I must replenish my stock before then but the trouble is, every time I show a photo of what I’ve been making, I either sell what I have made or get orders to make more, which is brilliant and makes me very happy but makes my to-do list a bit longer, I’ve also got Fibre-East on my mind, I have booked a double space this year so have another table to fill!

My Luxury Fibre Club is going from strength to strength and I’ve just dyed up the latest parcel of gorgeousness. I have also sewn over 30 gifts which will be included in the parcels.  I made the gifts a while ago, whilst I was waiting for my daughter to have her 4th baby. I also made her this wonderful but complicated and time consuming Baby Changing Bag

Fashionista Baby Bag

Last weekend we went to Barry’s old band’s Christmas Meal and had a lovely time. They are all so friendly, and the meal at the Golf Club was delicious..I think Barry misses them all, so do I, it took me ages to get to know who was who lol

I made myself this lovely dress, cut it out on Saturday whilst Barry was at a ‘do’ with his current Brass Band, and finished sewing it on Sunday  morning, just in time to wear to the event Open-mouthed smile

Viscose Jersey Dress

My shoes do have heels but they kept sinking into the very damp and soggy ground, which will be a lawn again one day. I had to clean my shoes before we left the house!

Oh and in between all this happening, I went to stay with Ali and got to know our newest little Granddaughter, Esme…she is so beautiful

You can see an album of photos from my time there here, Clever Ali, made the Hungry Caterpillar outfit and wrap, I love it that she takes after me with all her creativity x

MAZ_8605 copy

The day I returned from Hampshire was our 4th Wedding Anniversary. I pulled up our driveway about 4pm only to see that Barry’s car was already in the driveway. My heart melted and it was so good to see him as soon as I got home.  Barry had bought flowers,  2 delicious fillet steaks and a bottle of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, which was an area in Tuscany that we had visited on our honeymoon. I helped Barry to drink the wine, no headache involved, just me turning into chatbag mode!

Oh and just before we had our meal, Barry insisted I tried out Outlook Express on the laptop even though I never use that as my email client. I did moan and groan to him about doing it the minute I had got indoors from driving 180 miles! So Jo, we do have our bickerish sessions, but nothing too serious, we really are that happy together Smile


I do love this picture of us but Barry’s expression makes me smile, I was getting cramp in my back so getting up from this position was not as romantic as this looks lol

A couple of days ago, I finished knitting my Frost Flowers Stole and after a good soak I blocked it. Magic happens when you block lace…I love how it fitted perfectly onto 3 of my foam blocking squares

frost flower stole

On the 5th May, my son Edward will marry his school sweetheart Michelle, I hope to be wearing this stole but I’m hoping more that the weather will be too warm to need it. I think I need to order an umbrella just in case

My migraine tablet seems to have done it’s job, I just feel a bit drugged now though, I really can’t indulge it any longer, I have a suit to make!!

Just before I leave you in peace, I wondered if you’ve read my interview in Hand Spinning News? I am offering a  £15 shop voucher as a prize in a competition for likers of my Facebook page, you can read all about how to enter in the article. The draw will take place as soon as the next issue of the magazine comes out.


Marianne x

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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5 Responses to Whoosh…

  1. Robin Crittenden says:

    must be something in the air, I’ve got a migraine thing going on too and stayed home from work. Hope you feel better.

  2. josiekitten says:

    My goodness, you’ve been juggling lots of things recently. I am excited to receive my next club fibre. I just know it’s going to be gorgeous! Esme is a really sweetie, how lovely that you could be there right at the the start!

  3. nicolette says:

    Such a fun trip down memory lane, I remember so well you and Barry got married! 4 years already, time flies! Hope your migraine will be gone soon!

  4. yonksnews says:

    Hi Marianne,
    Thanks for stopping by on my birthday and becoming my latest follower. My regression session was amazing. Writing that post reminded me of a great experience, so much so, I am now keen to go back again and visit George. Are you being lashed by these horrendous winds too?
    Have a happy Sunday!

  5. Hi Marianne, lovely to have you on our pincushion swap. came to say hello !

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