The Big Day

Barry and I drove down to Hampshire on Friday, arriving late afternoon. We popped in to see Edd and Michelle and found them up to their eyes in cupcake activity!

Their house smelt deliciously of vanilla buttercream

MAZ_8750 copyMAZ_8749 copy

I was so impressed with their baking and decorating skills, those cupcakes had risen to the perfect height, I understand that they did quite a few batches before they were happy with the final lot

MAZ_8758 copy

Filling the icing bag was a joint effort, in fact, they are a brilliant team, we both felt so happy being with them, they are so lovely together Open-mouthed smile

MAZ_8763 copy

Edward did the swirling of the buttercream and the final cakes were embellished with a heart and some pretty glitter spray

Barry and I enjoyed removing the icing from the beaters as we chatted to the soon to be married…yum!

We stayed nearby in a lovely room next door to a Pub where we had a delicious breakfast which was more than adequate enough to keep us going until the wedding breakfast later on in the day

It felt quite strange to get ready in a leisurely fashion, I felt as if I should have been doing something but everything, everywhere, seemed under control and rather than get under everyone’s feet, Barry and I just enjoyed the relaxed pace of getting ready. In fact, whilst I was busy titivating, Barry went for a walk, a long walk from what I can make out lol. Since moving away, the whole area, even though I know it like the back of my hand, feels like it isn’t home any more. I know it isn’t home now, but it was for many years, that’s a weird feeling Sad smile

We still had plenty of time to kill even when we were both ready so we made our way to the pub opposite the Church. We were the first to arrive there and I had a vodka and diet coke to relax me a little. It worked and thank goodness it didn’t give me a migraine. This was going to be a lovely day but also a tricky one….being in the company of people that I knew but hadn’t heard from since I left the place in 2005.  I was determined to have a happy day, after all, I did have my amazing husband by my side…….and I also realised that others’ were probably feeling just as uncomfortable as I was. This was a day for Edward and Michelle, and not one to be dwelling on the past…

My special friend Andrea came to give me a hug and support, it was such a tonic to bump into her and Carolyn in the Church car park, they both made me laugh so much xx

So here I am in my red suit, I totally enjoyed making it and felt very happy wearing it, I love the activity in the background, Barry takes a cracking photo!

Edd & Michelle Archer

The service was beautiful, the vicar was hilarious and he used an ipad to do the ceremony, think he was a bit of a showman to tell you the truth. I also noticed he had some funky boots under his tunic, and later, when we were all outside being photographed, he left the premises on a massive motor bike. What a character!

Edd & Michelle Archer

Here you can see the felted poppy that I chose to wear instead of a hat, oh that hug from my eldest granddaughter Emilia just filled my heart, every time I see it I feel emotional. In fact when Barry showed me the photo in his camera I did well up a bit…Grandchildren are such wonderful things xx

It was also lovely to see my precious Mum, she looked so pretty and made us all laugh, she’s amazing!

MAZ_8810 copy

So, it was a magically happy day, and I got to see and photograph all my children together, plus one more very lovely new daughter in law!

MAZ_8797 copy

I don’t think a moment passed for the happy couple which wasn’t spent with a beaming smile on their faces, it was infectious!

MAZ_8872 copy

I’ll leave you with a photo of me and lovely Trish, Michelle’s Mum, taken by Edd and if you’d like to see more photos then click here

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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5 Responses to The Big Day

  1. SarahJ says:

    You look lovely in your outfit but you had me worried for a while! It looks like a really fab time was had by one and all – Congratulations!

    • picperfic says:

      I was worried I’d not get it done too to tell you the truth Sarah, I know I’m a fast worker but all of a sudden the days seemed to have all gone!

  2. josiekitten says:

    You look beautiful in your outfit Marianne, the felted flower was a perfect choice. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful, happy day with us.

  3. Heather says:

    WOW!! What a LOVELY wedding!! Your son and daughter-in-law look like such a fun, creative couple, and what lovely blending of the shades of purple and cream/white in cupcakes, flowers, ties. I’m curious, though. Is it common in the U.K. for formal photos to be taken with bow ties undone? Also, why is the horse shoe hanging from the bride’s arm – local or country custom? While this wedding happened on a different continent, this wedding appears typical of the U.S.A. as well (or, at least Anglo protestant heritage). I loved the bride/groom on the cake and did enjoy your narrative of the vicar in fun boots and riding a motorcycle, too! Congratulations on everything… plus what a lovely red suit on you and hair flowers on moms! Happy spring from the U.S.A.! : )

    • picperfic says:

      Thank you for such a lovely comment! My son hates wearing ties of any description, so it was his choice to wear undone dickie bows…Barry did want to tie his up though for the church but we just went with the happy flow of the day 🙂 So, no, it isn’t usual lol

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