Driving through a rainbow

What a day of weather!! We’ve had all sorts but it ended up with me driving through a full arch of a rainbow Rainbow  …that happened once before when Barry was driving and I thought it was magical then, but for it to have happened twice was just amazing!  Another good reason to love living out here in Fens Winking smile

Today I felt the need to do a task that I kept forgetting to do, so that when I remembered it needed doing, which was usually when I was trying to get off to sleep, the thought just kept going round and round in my head…

You see, I needed to do my dreaded car tax, it runs out at the end of May and even though I thought I had changed the address on my necessary form…log book? anyway, I hadn’t so the letter to renew it had been redirected from our old house. I also knew I needed to change the address on my driving licence! I really should have done it the minute we moved……So, what to do first? Oh it was a nightmare trying to do it all online Computer…every link I clicked led to me having to find another bit of paper, my driving licence, the chassis number on my car, my passport..the links kept sending me in all different directions and I kept hitting stale mate.  One of the reasons was that I didn’t have enough time left of May to get a new form sent back to me with my new address on before the tax ran out. So I managed to get a new licence ordered, that cost me £20 because I couldn’t find the paper part of my licence Sad smile Never mind, that job was done!

So, on to the tax disc, I needed to download, 2 forms, one for a change of address and one for the actual tax disc. I then had to take these forms and MOT cert and Insurance document to my local DVLC, which happens to be Peterborough.


The insurance document turned out to be another problem, in that I couldn’t find it. So after chatting online to my handy assistant Barry, we decided it might be a good idea to phone my broker and ask her if she could email it to me, which she did, hurrah!! Open-mouthed smile Barry prayed the printer would work, and it did, thanks Prancy, always to the rescue!

I quite like the drive to Peterborough, it’s mostly through country lanes and today, the light was amazing, the sky was a deep grey, that purpley sort of grey you get when it’s been heavily raining and then the sun comes out? The fields of yellow oilseed rape are in full flower and looked stunning with the bursting new leaves which were in various shades of lime green.

I also took with me loads of other identifying bits of paper so I didn’t have to drive home without a new disc…my large green multi tasking tote was filled to overflowing with papers of different sizes. I still felt like I had forgotten something…..

Doh! I had, as I was driving along I realised I hadn’t written down the mileage, not entirely necess’ry it said on the form but I wanted to leave nothing to chance and then I remembered leaving the chassis number boxes empty on the form so I could fill them in when I was ready to go.

So, my sat nav took me to the DVLC, I parked easily along the side of the road and paid £1.20 for 2hours parking….then the heavens opened! I needed to get my chassis number and never do I manage to open my bonnet/hood! I never can find the slidey switch and I always get covered in muck trying to do so Baring teeth smile

I waited a while, fiddling about in the car, writing down the mileage, and the rain seemed to be lessening so I got out and tried to lift the bonnet. Oh grrrrr…it took me a while and I so wanted to look like I knew what I doing, oh grrr again, smile, I can do this…oh there it is and it opened. Now to find the serial number…I had to go back into the car to count the number of spaces on the form so I knew which number was needed as the silver disc which had rows of numbers on didn’t actually say the words ‘Chassis Number’ just prefixed each row of numbers with a letter…I found one which fitted as long as I left of the **’s at each end. Wrote the number down on a spare bit of paper, slammed the bonnet shut and got back into the car with filthy dirty engineers hands High five

I had nothing to wipe my grimey fingers on so I used my jeans to rid them of most of the dirt and continued to fill in the form

I put everything needed in one section of my bag but made sure I had everything needed to get the tax disc.

This was a busy place!  We were told to queue here Left hug before going upstairs. So I did. In front of me were about 4 people, ‘you need the green form’, she seemed to be saying to everyone that approached her….and people were turned away empty handed Annoyed

My turn came, ‘you need the green form’ she said…

my heart sank.  I stuttered a bit and said, what green form,

the bit that comes with your driving licence

Gulp…I don’t have it.

Well you need the green form to say you’re the new owner of the vehicle.

But I’ve owned the car for years

You need the green form

I’ve lost it

Oh well in that case it will cost you £25 extra

I know, I expect I’ll find all my forms when I get home..

She just looked at me as if I was mad, think that maybe I’d said something that she might have heard thousands of times before…

Do you have any other forms of ID with your address on?

I do! I said proudly and rummaged around in my bag and came back with an Inland Revenue Self Assessment reminder, I felt rather smug Princess

How are you paying

Credit card

There is a £2.50 surcharge for credit cards

I know…

Ok, take this all upstairs and they will issue you your tax and the updated form will be sent in the post

So 190 odd quid later I am the proud owner of a bit of paper to put in the front window of my car

Happy days Party smile

I drove through the rainbow  Rainbowon the way back, and then stopped at the village butchers and stocked up on some meat for the week ahead

But now it is 5.50pm and another day has bitten the dust! I guess I’ll be sewing tomorrow then, after I’ve popped into the doctor’s to pick up my prescription from the pharmacy within, and then been weighed at my slimming group and then done the rest of the food shopping..I might be home by lunchtime, maybe I’ll need a nap!

I wonder what the rest of the week will bring??

PS The winner of the Hand Spinning News article was Keith Evans, a lovely chap whom I met once at Cold Harbour Mill I think. Keith won a £15 voucher to use on anything in my shop

Sorry about all the emotes…I’ve only just found them Just kidding

Time to go and cook the veg to go with the roast lamb….then knitting time!!

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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2 Responses to Driving through a rainbow

  1. josiekitten says:

    What a nightmare! At least it got sorted in the end. Hope you enjoyed your roast lamb!!

  2. picperfic says:

    we did, delicious lamb! I’m glad I got it sorted too, one of those jobs that you think will be quick but turns into a nightmare!

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