Weekend stuff

Barry has been breaking down the top soil that he churned over last weekend..in between watching the Grande Prix and the Cricket, it’s too hot to do anything much…he’s mentioned putting turf down which sounds expensive to me, either way, seeds or turf will be tricky to  look after with this hose pipe ban.  Maybe some of that plastic grass would be the answer eugh!! There are some amazing plants with buds on in the borders.  The most impressive fat poppies are about to burst open…I can’t wait to see the colour of them!

Last weekend I spent mostly sewing an outfit for a little girl in our life that has a birthday soon…

Birthday dress

I used up my last piece of veiling in between the skirt layers. The veil was a faulty one from my last proper job, don’t think we were meant to take them home but the girls in charge used to ask if anyone wanted them before the boss walked in. I said yes please as often as I could lol there are beautiful twinkling ‘diamonds’ glued onto the tulle, I doubt they’ll survive a machine wash, but they look very pretty for now Smile  I love the pattern, another TieDyeDiva one, she does produce wonderful patterns, but how I hate sticking loads of A4 paper together. I have decided to trace off the size I want onto some lightweight interfacing, that way, I only have to print off one set to stick together, I’m sure I’ll make another of these cute dresses..

The cute blouse that goes underneath the dress really pleases me, it made me try out shirring again. My last 2 machines just would not do shirring, no matter how I tried to do it yet my new baby, a Janome Horizon MC7700QCP, just did it perfectly. The Acufeed system is amazing and I have ordered a special foot which will create evenly ruffled fabric for me. Hope it turns up soon, I am definitely in a ruffly sort of a mood.  I also thoroughly enjoyed rummaging through my stash to find fabrics that go together. I hope the little girl in question is as happy with this outfit as I am! The blouse looks lovely over little leggings, I know I’ll be making more of these.

This weekend, phew, it’s a hot one…I have again been sewing, this time it’s a dress for my Granddaughter Maddie although I’m a bit worried that it might be a better size for Millie, and there lies the problem, Millie isn’t really into dresses any more, oh well, we won’t know until the girls’ try the dress on.

It’s another delightful pattern, taken from this book, full size patterns are included so it was just a case of tracing off the pieces. Seam allowances have to be added though, I was surprised that it didn’t actually take me that long to finish that task and then cut out the pieces. There are loads of patterns in the book that I am eager to try.  I just did a google search for the Feliz dress and came across lots of Etsy shops that were selling the completed dress for around £100!! My goodness…..!! Maybe I need to make some too Winking smile

I used Kaffe Fassett’s Parasols fabric for the top layer, it looks more like spider webs to me lol

Maddies dress 

I am taking my shop to Southend Spinning Guild on Saturday 2nd June and have been very busy dyeing up loads of fibre and sewing lots of things to take with me. The Guild is open to visitors for which there is a charge of £3. Tea and coffee will be provided. Here’s the address:

Balmoral Community Centre
Salisbury Ave
Westcliff on Sea

I am really looking forward to meeting some friends, old and new…..

So my plan for keeping weekends for my own sewing is working

Hope you’re all enjoying lovely sunshine and having a good time where ever you are x


About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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