A Right Royal Long Weekend

It all started on the 2nd June…I took my shop to Southend Spinning Guild. It was such a joy to go there. Such a happy, friendly group of women and James  Open-mouthed smile It is a smallish group, a spin off from a larger group. Was so lovely to be able to chat to most of the members, they all seem to know each other well.

For a few weeks before, I had been sewing bags and dyeing fibre whenever I could. Talk about cutting it fine, I was working right up until the evening before and boy did I sleep well that night. The alarm woke us up far too early!! Clock 

This year, so far has been very busy for me, I am beginning to realise that my life is like that in general. In particular this year has been Ali’s new baby darling Esme and Edd & Michelle’s wedding. Both of these events needed my attention which took me away from getting my shop ready for the Guild.

Anyway, Barry drove Heather & me to the venue and we set up shop in one well lit corner of the room.



Almost as soon as all the stock was laid out I started to sell….


and then I sold some more….

Those spinners were amazing! I sold so much and really and truly I didn’t expect to do as well as I did. I just told myself that getting the stock up together would be good for the 2 days I’d be selling my wares at Fibre-East. Hah….I need to dye up a lot more stock for that event!

Thank you all so very much for the support you gave me, and Mrs Halobaby, your eggs are delicious!!

The selling continued all day, only stopping to share the absolutely scrummy lunch that everyone had contributed to. So glad I managed to make a Victoria Sandwich to take along

There was even time for some spinning, I chose to spin up some of my Angora/Merino blend, such a wonderful blend it is, a joy to spin! I tore off strips and just spun away. The fibre had been random dyed so I just mixed the colours up a bit more. I wonder when I’ll finish the spinning?

Here’s James doing his stuff with some of my polwarth fibre


On the Sunday, we watched the wonderful Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the televison. So glad we were in the warm, and got to see all the special moments without getting wet or cold. How our Queen Princess stood for so long is a wonder to me, I fell asleep halfway through and woke up to see that she was still standing! Poor Prince Philip though, he should never have been out in that weather. But that is what those Royals do, they are a proud bunch! Hope he’s soon mended….

Then on Monday we watched that amazing concert brought together by that clever young man, Gary Barlow.  Peter Kay as a Beefeater just tickled my silly button….oh and Madness on the roof of Buckingham Palace and the projected film on the walls, absolutely stunning!!

Did you see the programme about the making of that magical song ‘Sing’? Well worth a viewing if you can find it to watch. How do you even begin to write a song with such complexities? I am so proud of him, wonder how long it will be before he becomes Sir Gary?? Oh and Gareth Malone…just speechless…such talent!

On Tuesday, Barry and I felt the need to get out of the house and headed towards Wells-Next-the-Sea, it was packed with visitors, so after a lovely rummage in an antique shop we headed to another of our favourite places for lunch. The Norfolk Riddle..we were not disappointed! Not sure how long this weight will stay off if I continue to eat such wonders. Lemon chicken with asparagus and new potatoes and then the most deliciously crunchy and buttery apple and rhubarb crumble with ice cream.  Oh and of course we shared a bottle of Whin Hill Cider. I say shared but in reality I drank most of it because Barry was driving. Lucky me…

We had our cameras with us, I asked Barry if he’d take some photos of me wearing my lacey stole and new blouse which I had finished sewing the day before. I used this pattern and loved putting it together. The blouse uses French Seams throughout, and was a joy to sew. I used some gorgeous Viscose fabric, which does crease but also gives a lovely drape…I have some fine linen which I have laundered ready to make myself another

The cider had left me feeling very relaxed and happy, Barry climbed a tree to get this angle of shot Surprised smile


So now here we are, it is Thursday, dull and overcast, which sort of matches my mood…I have the most revolting and painful cold sore on my top lip and feel yucky. Who’d have thought that 2 days later would have me feeling like this? But looking back at the photos cheers my spirits, Barry and I have such a lot of fun together. Never know what is going to happen next…I just hope the roastabag holds up after I blasted it at the start of a slow roast shoulder of lamb. I was meant to use foil but I couldn’t find any and saw the bags so I thought I’d try one of those.  I’ll let you know how I get on, but it does look a bit shrivelled, the roastabag, not the lamb which is smelling delicious!! Sorry, that was a bit random, just go with it  Winking smile x

PS Thank you to Barry for the photos, ‘cept for the one of James Smile

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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