a bit soggy underfoot

do you know what it is yet?


It was Fibre-East!!

We had the most amazing weekend despite the weather….which happened overnight on Friday! We set up our stall on Friday evening and it was completely dry when we left about 6.30. We went for a meal at a nearby Indian restaurant and saw the rain falling as we ate our meal. Never gave a second thought to the quagmire that would behold our eyes when we got back on Saturday morning. Still we rallied on, in true Brit style and just got on with the day ahead.


loved having a laugh with my friends…this is Allie from Lunayarns…I first met her at the I-Knit weekender a couple of year’s ago now. Soon after she set up her amazing yarn dyeing business…think I had just told her to tread carefully as I think we’d lost a couple of customers in that muddy bit…


I managed to escape the stand on both days, so massive thanks to Jo and Sally for doing an excellent job Smile

Barry took this shot of the back of me talking to Tracy from Purl Alpacas. I am wearing my gorgeous Duchess cardigan designed by the beautiful Kari-Helene…oh and Tracy is wearing her Duchess cardigan too, you can find the pattern here. Their alpaca is wonderful stuff, not one tickle or itch in sight! I have my eye on another design on theirs too. You can find the shop here



This is me showing one of my bags to Claire who had a stand opposite mine, she creates the most lovely bags and purses. I am very tempted by the gorgeous circular bag she had displayed on her stand. The shawl on Busty Bertha is a beautiful example of a Citron shawl, knitted from singles spun from some of my Darling Fibre (my best seller with Coast coming second). This is the Esme colourway, it was the last lot sent out for my Fibre-Club. Thank you so much Helen for letting me borrow your pretty shawls which were much admired and caused no end of sales for me Smile  You can just see the lovely Debbie from DTDesign behind me, would have enjoyed a bit more chatting to her but the right moment never seemed to happen! Why didn’t I buy that angora laceweight when I saw it?!?!

So now, all the muddy boots and boxes containing the fluff that will eventually find it’s way into my shop is safely stored away until I can muster up enough energy to deal with it.  I can’t remember feeling this exhausted ever, but there has been quite a lot happening at Fluffy towers lately. Pretty soon, I am going to ask to get off this roller coaster for a little while, and just knit and drink tea for a while with no other worries entering into the equation. don’t think it is going to get any easier for another few weeks yet though…..Think this is a bit like jetlag…but it wasn’t me that made that short trip to Melbourne last week was it?

Thank you for the photos Barry, I love your new little camera Winking smile Apparently Sally took the last shot as she wanted to have a go on it too!


Do you recognise Debbie? She is the clever dyer extraordinaire from Skein Queen and she’s seen here, having a few more minutes knitting before the day ahead yesterday Smile

Thank you to the wonderful organisers and volunteers that made the whole weekend brilliant…!!

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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12 Responses to a bit soggy underfoot

  1. What a lovely day!!! 🙂

  2. Sally says:

    I think it’s safe to say Barry’s luscious camera took that shot… I just happened to be holding it (and making cooing noises) while it happened 🙂

    Was great to see you both xx

  3. Shearersgirl says:

    It was a good show, despite the mud. I’m sorry I didn’t get to say hello, I did have the odd break but I didn’t like to leave my stand for long in case it sunk into the mire!!

  4. Skein Queen says:

    lovely blog post. Why didn’t I spot that beautiful citron! Stunning colours.

  5. Freyalyn says:

    Yep, we survived too – but utterly exhausted now we got back. (Then I injured myself at the gym this morning, on top of it all). Don’t know when I’ll be organised enough to sort it all out and get the remaining fibre on line. Good to meet you at last!

  6. miss julep says:

    Wow! Such a colorful day in spite of the mud & rain. Awesome post!

  7. Pixeltash says:

    Lovely colourful day 🙂 Thats my rainbow striped back in the photo of you showing your bags to Claire, I think that was me watching how to spin a lock into a thread on a spindle 🙂

    • picperfic says:

      was Clare of Boo’s Attic showing you how to do the spindling? I need some lessons in using a spindle, I just can’t seem to find the love, although I own and love a few spindles!

  8. josiekitten says:

    Oh my goodness, all that mud!! Your stand looked fabulous and I love the cardigan you are wearing. I shall definitely try to come next year.

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