the week before last….

….we went to France for 3 days

It was a last minute decision, Barry was on redundancy leave and we hadn’t heard any news about his job with the Australian company, so on Barry’s suggestion we went to France. Saint-Pierre-la-Garenne to be exact.

It felt so good to get away after all the ups and downs of late

DSC_0842 copy

We drove to Dover and travelled by Le Shuttle…took just 35 minutes, we ate chocolate

Then there was a long drive to the B&B but oh my goodness, it was worth the drive, the whole place was stunning and I immediately felt so happy to be there, even though there was nobody in…

DSC_1493 copyDSC_1513 copyDSC_1532 copyDSC_1508 copy

You can see more of the photos of the B&B here

The proprietors arrived a while later and sat us in the garden with a bottle of apple juice and glasses as they got our room ready (I think they hadn’t realised we would be there but they were very lovely)

DSC_0849 copy

After a meal (in a restaurant that wasn’t the one we were booked into as we couldn’t find it) we had a good night’s sleep and came down to a breakfast of traffic jam, butter, bread and coffee

DSC_0864 copy

then we went to Giverny…oh my….what a magical and very beautiful place to visit

DSC_1005 copyDSC_0999 copyDSC_0997 copyDSC_0953 copyDSC_0932 copyDSC_0930 copyDSC_0925 copyDSC_0924 copy

the whole album can be seen here

I have come home with renewed enthusiasm for our garden, Mum has cleverly found out the name of that pretty Rose, I shall order it soon with my birthday money from her, thank you Mum xx

That evening, we sat in the garden of the B&B and ate a picnic and drank cider….then I did some spinning


photo by Barry xx

Another good night’s sleep and we were ready for Versailles!!! We were both so excited to be going to this place, I had no idea what to expect….

DSC_1282 copyDSC_1453 copyDSC_1440 copyDSC_1407 copyDSC_1364 copyDSC_1334 copyDSC_1405 copyDSC_1304 copy

I didn’t enjoy Versailles as much as I enjoyed Giverny…however, it was a stunning Palace, dripping with gold, but we were ushered by the crowds of hot sight see-ers to room after room of walls filled with paintings…there were some amazing ceilings in there though, I nearly fell over backwards taking this one!!

DSC_1326 copy

The final album of our short break in Normandy can be seen here: Versailles

Our final evening was spent in a wonderful French Restaurant, recommended to us by the owners of the B&B…good job the waitress took pity on us though, Barry told me that the starter I had chosen was Veal, well ok, I thought, never eaten Veal in my life before but neither had I eaten Fois Gras after watching a nasty programme showing me how it was produced and neither of us could work out what the last choice was…so Veal it was,until the Waitress informed me it was Sweetbreads of Veal…erm, nah, no thanks lol….then she told me that the 3rd choice was lobster, so I had that! Yum!! My first lobster…delicious!

DSC_1481 copy

Another good night’s sleep followed and then we made our way back to the Eurotunnel and home….wah, it now seems like a dream….magic!

PS: Barry has brought it to my attention that I haven’t shown you any photos from the very delightful meadow that we stumbled across….so here they are:-

DSC_1246 copyDSC_1239 copyDSC_1235 copyDSC_1234 copyDSC_1229 copyDSC_1218 copyDSC_1216 copyDSC_1202 copyDSC_1196 copy


About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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2 Responses to the week before last….

  1. Sandra says:

    Love all the photos but this year-don’t know why I am really taken with wildflowers so the meadow truly spoke to me.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. josiekitten says:

    I am just catching up after returning from my holiday. Giverny looks completely magical. I loved the photos in the album. Even though I am sure it was very busy, you have managed to capture the feeling of space there. I want to visit it now! And I just love the photo of you spinning under the tree.

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