Melbourne Week 2

you can read about week one here

2012-09-01 09:25
Saturday – Car Keys
We spoke to Howard and Maria yesterday evening.

If we can get hold of the car keys then we’ll be doing the 1.5 hours drive to see them tomorrow
Barry is getting twitchy cos he can’t make contact with the guys holding the keys. They told him they don’t use the car at weekends. Hope he makes contact soon or he’ll be on edge all day. I suggested he puts a note under their door (they are staying in the same block as us)
Today we’re going into Melbourne I think, Barry is so tired though, I’m wondering if he’ll ever feel rested again….
We got the keys and a TomTom so visiting Howard and Maria is on for tomorrow.
Today we went to St Kilda beach after spending a little time in the city.


Wind was a bit nippy but the sun shone. There were a couple of intrepid swimmers in what looked to be icy water!

We then went on the Tram to where Barry stayed when he came for his interview.
We photographed China town and then went to buy me some sleep atire (it’s cold at night!). Found a lovely nighty and matching gown.

We managed to get on the wrong train on the way home. So we got off and went back a few stops and then after a short wait we got on the right one!
I took Barry through the shopping mall on the walk back to our apartment. He was impressed at my adventurous activities..
Barry is still very tired but I’m doing ok now. Think it’s because I go out most days which has helped my jet lag recovery. Barry only sees a windowless office, must be quite difficult to adjust with no daylight to help. Working is tiring too! He was snoring by 7.30pm xx

2012-09-02 10:05
Sunday – Howard and Maria

We drove for an hour and a half to spend the day with Howard and his lovely wife Maria. Howard is my Mum’s cousin, my second cousin…
What a wonderful house they have. A beautiful garden, very rambling and large but full of treasure. Such a lot of hard work for them both but somehow they are conquering the vast overgrowth….!

After a delicious BBQ we went for a walk and B & l took loads of photos. Howard is so interesting, and VERY chatty. When we returned from our walk Maria showed me her collection of Spinning Wheels. I was in my element, she had a workroom full of boxes of fibre and spun yarn. Home from home!
A while later, Howard mapped us on his family tree.
We made plans to meet up on Friday at Flinders Street Station so that Howard can show me round the Botanical Gardens.
We also made plans for B& I to stay the weekend after next. I’m hoping to see a Kangaroo as they run wild where they live!
We got home about 10pm and fell into bed only to be woken by the Hotel’s fire alarm! We dozily threw on some clothes and started to make our way downstairs only to be told it was a false alarm. Took us ages to get back off to sleep! Grrrr….I did get a photo of the fire engine though!

The weather was gorgeous, a perfect Spring Day, although there was a nip in the air….

2012-09-03 10:24
Monday – Quiet Day
Today my trigeminal neuralgia has decided to rear it’s ugly head 😦 I’m dosed up with pain killers and hope it will soon pass…..
I’ve done a bit of washing and have made a food shopping list. Going to get the ingredients to make my old Dentist’s BBQ saucy pork!
Think I’ll do some more spinning today when I get back
So far today the weather is sunny…

2012-09-04 09:36
Tuesday – Spinning in Sunbury
Just about to get on a bus to Sunbury where I’ll meet Karen. She’s taking me to her spinning group
Well I found the bus to Sunbury and tried to knit on the 40minute journey but the ride was very windey and bumpy so I just looked out the window. A funny old Australian man kept chatting to me. He showed me his travel card of which he was very proud! Told me he never paid any travel fares now he had retired from the buses. Told me to remember that for the rest of my life! Lol! Then he proceeded to tell me that the aboriginals had no rights as all the people that had built Australia had earned their rights. Remember that he kept saying….then he went on to the American Indians, no such thing he said, they’re a confused lot. Remember that he said….then he got off! Lol!
I was met at the bus station by Karen and her 11 year old daughter, Charli. We got into her mini bus (Karen has 10 children so needs a bus!)…I was given a tour of Sunbury, one of the places was Rupertswood where the very first Ashes cricket match was played. I’ve taken photos!

We then bought some lunch and went on to the Spinning meeting. Such a lovely chatty and friendly group. I was made very welcome. Many of them tried out my Victoria wheel, they were fascinated by how light it is, I think one of them may be buying one for herself!

All too soon it was time for Karen to take me back to the bus. Arrangements were made for me to visit one of the spinner’s sheep farms. It is lambing time. She has Fin sheep and I spun a sample, I loved it! She sells it in roving form and also blended with cashmere. I think I may have room for some to take back with me.
Barry came home and announced that he might have to stay a week longer….I’m happy about that, I’ll be able to fit in another spinning meeting ♥

2012-09-07 18:22
Friday – A Day with Howard
I caught the train to Flinders Street and shortly after I arrived Howard showed up.
I was taken on a lovely chatty tour of Foundation Square before we moved on through to a place where big open air music festivals are held.
Howard is such a fountain of knowledge. We soon arrived at the Botanical Gardens and I took more photos of plants as he carried on telling me about the history of the place.
We had a Vanilla Slice and Coffee in the cafe and sat there nattering far ages before moving on to the Cenotaph. I got some good photos from the top. There was a small ceremony of light across the tomb, it was quite moving…


We then made our way back to the cafe for lunch. After chatting again for ages we made our way back to Flinders Street on a tram.
We went our separate ways about 3pm….
Wet cold and windy

2012-09-08 18:38
Saturday – Karen and Greg
We were taken out to lunch by my lovely new spinner friend Karen and her husband Greg. They went to the wrong hotel and racecourse at first. Ooops! Still they soon found us and took us to Footscray for a meal at a Vietnamese Restaurant. Lovely food but a bit too much veg for Barry!
After lunch we went for a walk through the market there. Felt like we were in China!
We then went to a DFO where Barry bought 2 pairs of shoes for $49. We stopped for a beer then came home. I was glad to get my shoes off…

Wet, cold and windy again


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I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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7 Responses to Melbourne Week 2

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  2. Pat Scott says:

    How very interesting to read about your travels, Marianne! Sounds as if you’re having a marvelous time!

  3. knittynutter/angie says:

    loving to hear fo your travels, sounds like you are having a blast, just dont get to comfortable we miss you!!

  4. Dizzyspinner says:

    Excuse me…but what you doing over there miss….lol x

  5. josiekitten says:

    I can’t believe you have been there for two weeks already! I’ve not heard of Fin sheep before. What a great opportunity to try out some new things.

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