Melbourne–Week 3

you can read about week one here and week 2 here

2012-09-08 18:38


Karen and Grant

We were taken out to lunch by my lovely new spinner friend Karen and her husband Grant. They went to the wrong hotel and racecourse at first. Ooops! Still they soon found us and took us to Footscray for a meal at a Vietnamese Restaurant. Lovely food but a bit too much veg for Barry!

After lunch we went for a walk through the market there. Felt like we were in China!

We then went to a DFO where Barry bought 2 pairs of shoes for $49. We stopped for a beer then came home.

2012-09-09 12:50


Long drive

Been feeling rough today and even found it difficult to knit in the car. Eventually I fell asleep as Barry drove. Think the reason for my malaise is me forgetting to take the tablets for my trigeminal neuralgia. I woke as Barry pulled up outside a lovely cafe. He’s having an all day breakfast and I’m having a crispy fish burger with guacamole.

We’re at The Cafe on the Mount at Mt Eliza, Victoria


We also went to Arthur’s Seat


and Cape Shanck


2012-09-10 10:03


Rest day

Needed to catch breath today. Went shopping for ingredients to make some chocolate coconut cherry bars to take to spinning tomorrow. Worked out well, very tasty

I used this recipe

they look like this if you try and eat a slice when it is still warm


2012-09-11 10:05



Another warm day, enjoyed spinning group. They had their monthly meeting. Karen took the minutes.

Time went really fast…almost missed the bus home.

2012-09-12 10:07


Rest day

Didn’t sleep too well…spent most of the day knitting a Camden Cap. Had to make and insert a brim from a milk carton. I love how the hat is looking.

DSC_2040 copy

Barry got his own car today. No more being late for work!

We went out for an Indian meal, was ok, not too special


2012-09-13 10:10



Meeting Sooz in Melbourne today. Slept so badly. Feel yucky, not got enough clothes on! It is really cold but looks bright and sunny!

Didn’t have enough time to go-to Myers before meeting Sooz. Managed to find her hotel…I was so cold in my sandals. Didn’t have a coat or cardi with me! Managed to find a brolly which came in very useful. We went to the lovely wool shop and both bought some treasure. I wanted to test out some Morris and Sons Aran weight yarn to knit a Rogue Hoody. With that in mind I bought two different types to try out in mittens. I’ll decide whether I like one of them enough to buy the amount needed for the hoody. We had a lovely lunch….then Sooz, who had a better sense of direction than me, managed to get us back to a lovely card shop where I bought birthday cards for a couple of family members.

Then we parted company, I got onto the train back to Moonee Ponds but loads of school children sat very close to me. Two of them were fighting over a tension ball like character and inevitably it burst! They got flour everywhere including down my jeans! They were in loads of trouble and the teacher with them really yelled at them. They did apologise but still their teacher reported them. They made me smile though especially as they looked like a couple of flour graders…

Then it decided to rain when I got off the train. Not any old rain but really heavy cold nasty wet rain first of all then it hailed!! I took cover, but still my sandalled feet were wet and cold 😦

Sooz is a friend from NZ that is in Melbourne for a long weekend as her husband is doing some work. She is also a member of my fibre club…

We’re out tonight, meeting Barry’s boss and colleagues….

Had a wonderful time at the Casino, in the Conservatory, the food is served buffet style and you can eat all you would like. The quality was superb and although it was a bit scary meeting Barry’s bosses and colleagues, I soon felt at ease, everyone was very friendly!

This is the view as we left the restaurant


2012-09-14 09:09



Barry brought his jet lagged colleague here for a meal this evening. I cooked pork chops in a lovely BBQ sauce using the recipe given to me by my old dentist! It is sweet sticky and delicious…

I felt tired all day after the busy time yesterday but Graham is very easy going and very chatty too. I drank most of a bottle of Merlot whilst the men shared a bottle of Shiraz. I call Shiraz truth serum as Barry usually confesses all if he drinks it, maybe it worked on Graham this time lol!

The poor man was flying back to the UK the next day, only having arrived on Wednesday, I didn’t envy him!


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I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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  1. josiekitten says:

    It’s cold here too Marianne – I wore socks today and thought seriously about a hot water bottle last night! Those cherry/coconut/choc bars look very moreish. Looking forward to you coming home – have you found some inspiration for the fibre club?! xxx

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