I’ve gone a bit quilty bonkers….

I can’t help it, all these wonderful designs on the internet, one click and I’m clicking further and further into a state of total quilty overload!! The only way I know how to deal with that sort of situation is to just create something, so I did, I made a ruffled lap quilt

DSC_3058 copyDSC_3060 copyDSC_3061 copyDSC_3062 copyDSC_3066 copy

I indulged  couple of my other loves too, my overlocker and the cute little rolled edge it gives to fabric and then I gathered the pieces using my clever ruffler. I loved everything about making this pretty little quilt…and then, instead of handstitching the binding I used one of the built in stitches on my machine.  I am learning so much along the way.  Free motion quilting is starting to flow a lot more easily now, but I do need loads more practice in that department.

I have discovered a new young lady that makes a lot of sense regarding free motion quilting. Leah Day….she has a great blog and lots of videos on you tube

Yesterday I started to make a pair of Cathedral Window cushion covers using this design and after cutting folding and pressing 20 pieces of fabric origami I went and got myself over excited about placing the colours into the windows and could not get off to sleep last night.  I read all about the next processes instead of reading a story on my Kindle. If I could have got up and done some more sewing without disturbing Barry then I would have.  It might be to do with our new coffee machine too, it makes a delicious brew from bean to cup and I’ve been drinking far too much. Also, I’m almost out of decaffeinated beans so have been a bit frugal with them…doh!

Here’s the cushion covers so far…I am very proud of them…

DSC_3067 copy

They are fiddly but really, as long as you follow the instructions, they are great fun, especially when you turn back the edges to reveal the colours

Tomorrow I shall insert the zips into the backs and add the edging


In the meantime, we are having work done in the living room.  The ceiling has been skimmed to a beautiful smooth flat surface and all the missing bits of skirting and dado rail have been put in place.

ceiling progress

Barry pulled out a peculiar built in bit of woodwork as it just didn’t do anything for the room at all and this mess was revealed

DSC_3050 copy

Also, it revealed that the floor boards don’t go right up to the wall now that the bit of woodwork has gone. The wall has now been plastered and skirting board added to that space.  Shade cards are going to be delivered on Wednesday and then, hopefully, the decorating can commence! Open-mouthed smile

We are going to have a new floor put down and hopefully use the floor boards that will be removed to use as a floor in the dining room,

but then I guess that’s another story…

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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7 Responses to I’ve gone a bit quilty bonkers….

  1. blueadt says:

    What a gorgeous quilt!

    The cushion covers look great too & I’m off to check out the tutorial now.

    A dehumidifier would speed up the plaster drying…

    • picperfic says:

      thank you!! Luckily the ceiling was done last week so we were able to open the windows most of the weekend and it’s about dry now…we’ve also go an open fire warming everywhere up. It will be so lovely to have a finished room to relax in!

  2. Wanda J says:

    You are simply amazing! The construction of those quilts are mind-boggling to me.
    Ugh, what an unexpected surprise behind the odd woodwork. Good thing he tore it out before putting in the new flooring, wouldn’t that have been a fine conundrum?

  3. josiekitten says:

    Just beautiful quilts! Love them. You always manage to choose such lovely combinations of colours and fabrics.

  4. pennydog says:

    Those cushions are lovely! I adore cathedral windows but I’ve never tried, I always thought it uses a lot of fabric and I’m a bit precious. I will have to cave in eventually….

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