The Actual Giveaway Details ~ Now closed

I can hardly believe the flurry of activity over on my Facebook Page…thank you all so much, and hello to all my new likers Smile 307 to date…woohoo Party smile

There will be 2 prizes, A Fibre prize and a Sewn prize

The Fibre prize will be 350g of my Seduce blend of fibres dyed up in one of my colourways, you can choose the colourway from my previous dyeing, you could even ask me to do you a custom dye lot…Seduce is a wonderful blend of BFL, Baby Alpaca and Silk

DSC_5941 copy

The Sewn prize will also be in 2 categories but it will be just one prize

A Quilted Basket and a Zipped purse to match, in fabrics of your choice from my stash collection

Quilted Basket Anna (2)


One of my Double Needle Tip Organisers for the knitters amongst you, again in fabrics of your choice from my stash collection

dino irene - Copy

you can find out more details of these items over in my shop….

These are valuable prizes, both of them are worth around £50……

Now I’m afraid that I am going to make you do a little work for your prize…before you leave a comment on this post, I would like you to promote this giveaway somewhere. Then, I’d like you to come back here and share the link or details of where you promoted this giveaway in your comment. It could be as simple as a tweet, or a message on Ravelry, or your own blog or on Facebook somewhere.  Also, I’ll need to know what sort of prize you’d like (fibre or sewn) and if you feel like writing a little more then tell me why you’d like that particular prize…that bit is optional Winking smile  It’s not compulsory to ‘like’ my FB page either, but it would be lovely to have even more likes…so there you are, lots of options.

This giveaway will close at 10pm UK time on the 29th April, so you have three weeks in which to spread the Fluff-n-Stuff lerve….

**you have to leave a comment telling me where you have shared this blog post to be entered into the giveaway draw ~ I also need you to tell me, in your comment, which prize you’d like if you win, fluff or sewn***


Oh and sorry family members….this giveaway isn’t open to you, but you could always ask me to make you something if you’ve a birthday coming up or something… Red heart

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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109 Responses to The Actual Giveaway Details ~ Now closed

  1. josiekitten says:

    Wow! What wonderfully generous prizes Marianne. You are such a sweetheart!

  2. Debbie Newton says:

    ok.. will repeat my self again…. I would be absolutely delighted to win one of your creations Marianne… they are delightful… i have my fingers crossed.. x

  3. Vanessa Hubbard says:

    Lovely giveaway. I’ve facebooked and twittered it. Hope that draws in a few more likers for you.

    I always need more project bags, so would love to be the owner of one of your quilted baskets.


  4. Irene Ferris says:

    Oh how exciting, I have put in on my FB page. If I was to be so lucky I would like ‘sewn’ please. You could never have to many of your bags Marianne x

  5. I’ve tweeted it – I’m afraid I haven’t got a Facebook anymore. Hopefully that’ll get some traffic for you!

    I got some Seduce via the fibre club and I would just like some more. Moooooore. It’s so nice!

  6. Amber says:

    Shared on Facebook but wanted to keep,it secret so there weren’t too many after my prizes:)) lovely gifts marianne and I would love a sewn one please.

  7. i have shared on facebook. I would most like the sewn prize but would be very happy with the fibre too. I have too much fibre to fit in my designated storage area so I guess I don’t really neeeed any more.

  8. Clare says:

    I have shared on facebook. But what a decision if I’m lucky!!!??? I think I’d really like a needle organiser as I’ve lusted after one for some time 🙂

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  10. marianne says:

    Shared on FB!
    You have such gorgeous goodies, hard to decide! You know how I love your fibre, but… I’m really loving that quilted basket! LOVE, I’m telling you!
    Muk, you’re the best.

  11. Robin Crittenden says:

    You know I think all your stuff is gorgeous. Would love the fibet but I dont spin so would love it bag. Ill mention on FB.

  12. Gypsygirl says:

    I ‘likelikelikelike” ‘d all over facebook!!!!! 🙂 Needletip case that I have been coveting….. 😀
    might I add that it could arrive in time for my birthday? LOL
    Thanks Marianne!

  13. I have shared your giveaway on my Facebook Page ( I’d like the fibre because I’ve only just started spinning and I have seriously caught the bug.

  14. Shared on FB and twitter 🙂 Love your fluff, and I’m in awe of your sewing skillz! xx (Which prize? No idea – they’re all fabby!!!)

  15. Zoe says:

    I’ve added you to my group Ravelry page. I love this fluff, had it as fibre club and either of the sewn prizes are lovely. Such a tough decision to make

  16. Sonia Dee says:

    The fibre looks wonderful and as a newbie to spinning I look at this like a Magpie to add my already growing stash!

    I will be sharing this on Twitter, Ravelry, Facebook and my blog.

    Wonderfully kind thought x

  17. Liz says:

    I’ve shared your link on my blog, like everyone else I’m hoping to win! I would choose a sewn item, probably the needle holder because they are so gorgeous, and I can’t sew. I have been watching bbc ‘sew off’ though so feel inspired to try. I’ll tweet it too, need to shorten link first though!

  18. Susan JJ says:

    Shared on FB 🙂 I’d love the fibre prize…so far I’ve been a lurker, not a buyer! x

  19. Sally ferguson says:

    Shared on Facebook 🙂 I would be over the moon with either fluff or sewn gift (but if I have to choose I’ll go sewn) :)) xx

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  21. puddytatpurr says:

    Ok! I posted on twitter, which then posted to Facebook (tagged you on both) and I blogged:

    I’d love fibre but the stash is beyond control so can I has sewn please?

    Fab giveaway hon xxx

  22. fancythreads says:

    Hi there, I have ‘Liked’ your facebook page, and shared your giveaway on my facebook page, phew!
    But, I would really love the fibre – for two reasons. Number one is that my project for my City & Guilds Textiles is about tea, but the piece is in this colourway! Number two is I have just re-taken up spinning, and I would love to spin this, and knit it up. Thanks for this and wish me luck!

  23. indigobird says:

    Wonderful giveaway Marianne! I’ve pinned it at 🙂
    I don’t know which to go for… but lets say fibre because you know how much I love my fluff!

  24. Denise says:

    Hi Marianne,

    I posted about your contest in Ottawa Area Ravelers ( I love your fibre so that would be my choice for a prize. Thank you for running this!

  25. Lorna says:

    Beautiful giveaway! Have tweeted the info @LohBee. If I was lucky enough I’d love the fibre 🙂

  26. Liz Kebbell says:

    Hi Marianne
    I’ve posted on my blog, for me definitely a sewn item because I can’t sew. Very difficult to choose between the bag and the needle case!

  27. Hi Marianne I have shared & liked & told my Facebook world about you!!
    Altho we may have only recently ‘met’ on Ravelry I feel like you’re a woman after my own heart who loves her life, her kids, her grandies & most of all gets unlimited joy creating for those around her & for those who also appreciate that love of creating.
    Love your work & would LOVE to win one of your beautiful baskets because they are so damn gorgeous!

  28. Hi there Marianne
    I’ve shared on facebook and will to twitter in a bit. Both prizes are gorgeous but this time I would go for the sewn goodies x. Good luck with increasing your followers.

  29. Sarah Pape says:

    I have posted a link to your giveaway here:

    Where I had already listed you as a recommended fibre source earlier today before I even saw about the giveaway!!!

  30. anastasiamw says:

    Hello! Well isn’t that fiber just absolutely gorgeous! That’s what I would go for. Lately I’ve been obsessed with spinning. I’ve shared this on my blog’s Facebook page, For the Knit of It.

  31. Sarah Pape says:

    My link has already generated a hit and another entrant! Does that increase my chances of winning?

  32. Sabrina Bastine says:

    The fiber blend sounds yummy but I am not a spinner. Now that quilted bag, that’s my style. I’ve shared this on my Facebook page.

  33. Helen says:

    And shared on Facebook! I’m a fibre kind of girl, so that would be right up my street. Also, my two braids arrived yesterday and they’re GORGEOUS. As I also got home to a burglary, it cheered me up no end when I finally got round to opening the parcel! (Fortunately they didn’t take much and were relatively tidy about it.)

    • picperfic says:

      So sorry about the burglary…hope you’re ok? I often worry about how I’d feel if such a thing happened to me….good luck with your entry!

  34. Estelle says:

    I posted about it all over my blog because I’m really really greedy 🙂
    so very torn between MOAR FIBRE and a snazzy bag…

  35. SarahJ says:

    I have tweeted and blogged as I would love one of your sewn prizes to add to my collection (am a total addict to your sewn creations). I can honestly say that I use at least one bag every day!

  36. e kirk says:

    Wow, fab prizes, thank you for running this. Plug here Sewn would be my preference if I should be so lucky 🙂

  37. vampy says:

    Tweeted about this contest, fingers crossed it should bring you a lot more likes, as your stuff is lovely. If I’m lucky enough to win, I’d love the fibre prize

  38. What an amazingly generous giveaway! I’ve shared it on my fb page.

    If I was lucky enough to win I’d have to go for the fluffy prize – gorgeous as the bags are, the fluff is even prettier.

    cherryred xxx

  39. Sadie says:

    Fabulous giveaway! I’ve tweeted and ‘liked’ on Facebook too, how very generous of you!
    I’d love the fibre prize if I win, because I’ve purchased some of your fluff before and it is GLORIOUS!
    Thanks for running such a fun competition! x

  40. I’ve drooled over your new website, and then shared the giveaway details on Twitter

    I’d be absolutely delighted to win either prize.

  41. Sue Reece says:

    Oooh, what gorgeousness!!!! I’ll be promoting the giveaway to all the members of our Crediton Spinning Circle by email and when I see them on Friday. I’d love to win the fibre prize, should I be so lucky.

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  43. Ella says:

    Shared and liked on FB and LinkedIn. Your fluff is wonderful, just imagine a sweaters worth of fibre, never knit a sweater but if my name comes out the hat then that’s what will be happening!

  44. dyespinknituk says:

    Hi! I have shared on FB, Twitter, Pinterest and WordPress! As you know i love your stuff and I am seriously torn between what to choose!

    However I think I would have to go with the fluff, and that is only because i have just placed a order for a bag (and dh is already moaning that I have too many bags!) BUT I love both your fluff and sewn items (as you know!)


  45. Nadia/Silwen says:

    I’ve shared your giveaway on FB:

    The fibre looks so smooshy that I just can’t resist. I would definitely enter for the fluff! Amazing stuff. Thanks!

  46. Kicki says:

    Promoted your lovely fluff in our knitting group,

  47. Amanda says:

    Hey! What gorgeous fluff! I’ve shared your amazing giveaway on Facebook and twitter, & will pop a note in my blog post later today 😀

  48. Barry says:

    I’ve mentioned you all over the world…. If I win I’d be quite content with just a snuggle please?

  49. jo says:

    I’ve been and shared on my facebook page Marianne, I could really do with a needle case for my tips, I’ve been meaning to make one for around 3 years, but haven’t made the time yet, lol! I even bought the fabric, it’s about time I had one, pretty please!

  50. josiekitten says:

    I have just blogged about your giveaway. I’d love to win the fibre please, I know just how gorgeous it is!!

  51. Sara Davies says:

    Another lurker to say hello! I’ve blogged about your giveaway ( & I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be picked! I’m currently knitting a sock yarn blanket so your quilted basket would be a beautiful home for it to live in as it grows 🙂 Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  52. Edie says:

    Posted this wonderful story on our farm facebook page (Spinning Moon Farm) which we share with lots of other fiber enthusiasts.

    I love the sewn and the fiber so if I win could I choose then which I would rather have. I’d love the bag because it’s big enough for multiple projects but after seeing Helen’s finished cowl I would love to do something like that as well. Decisions, Decisions….

    Have a great Spring!

    • Edie says:

      I don’t think my first post was really specific but definitely the sewn project would be my choice. All of your products are wonderful!

  53. Debbie says:

    :Your fiber is absolutely georgous, beautiful and who wouldn’t want some? Love your fiber and your bag is beautiful!

  54. J. Jones says:

    Beautiful prizes. May the best person win!

  55. Allison Lane (Potamousse) says:

    I have tweeted your greatness! I have high hopes I might win a bag. Think I’ll spread the word in the Fibre East forum too. Does that give me a better chance? 😉

  56. I’ve shared about your competion on my Facebook page & Twitter. I’m just learning to spin so the fibre would be AMAZing!!

  57. Cathy Wood says:

    Shared on my facebook page and I think that will also share on my twitter feed too. I did ask people not to take part so that I would have more chance of winning but no one listens to anything I say anyway!

    PS I would like fluff

  58. Janey Barinov says:

    Shared on my facebook page, what a lovely give away, I’d be happy with any of the prizes as they are all relevant to my craftyness,


  59. Janey barinov says:

    Im sure I did this via iPhone but its not here, shared on my Facebook page but no idea how to post a link here (brain freeze) I’d be a happy bunny with any of your lovely giveaways! All lush! All would/could be happily used 🙂

  60. peahen says:

    I’m kicking myself because if I’d read this blog post a couple of days earlier I could have mentioned it in HSN. (Next issue is after this comp closes 😦 I’m sure there’ll be an opportunity in the future. But I’ve passed on the news via FB and Twitter. Even if I don’t win here I could make very good use of one of your needle tip cases, make sure you have some at any shows you’re doing this year!

  61. Joni Black says:

    HI – nice giveaway – always looking for a new bag to stash my stash LOL I posted it on facebook
    thanks joni

  62. Rosie says:

    Beautiful stuff, I’m now haunting your shop & a wonderful giveaway (have shared on FB). Would love a sewn prize.

  63. Rebecca says:

    Hi, I have tweeted about your very generous competition here: I would love sewing (but only because I am drowning in fibre already – it was a really hard choice as they’re all lovely!) Thank you, Rebecca 🙂

  64. What a wonderful giveaway Marianne. 🙂 This is very generous of you. I’m tempted by the fibre ❤ but would I find time to spin it? I think the quilted bag with zipped purse would be the best option for me. Your giveaway has been shared on my Facebook Page,

  65. norfolklass says:

    Reblogged this on norfolklass and commented:
    Marianne of Fluffnstuff is having a massive giveaway – join in the fun and follw

  66. Regina Cowan says:

    HI, I have repinned – -Would love the fluff if I win! 🙂

  67. Sharon says:

    What a wonderful way to share your blog Marianne, and what beautiful gifts you are generously offering! I have shared the link on my page here: so that any of my fibre friends can come check it out! Since I just purchased my very first spindle today, I would be so excited to have one of your beautifully dyed braids to spin. I know it would make a wonderful outfit for my little Jenkins Lark (of Turkish design). Thanks for the chance to win some fluff, and for a great blog!

  68. Hannah says:

    I retweeted one of your competition posts on my twitter (maxwells_demon). If I was lucky enough to win, I would love the fibre to spin

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