Sew busy

I am tired….really weary…there’s been so much going on here lately and it’s taken it’s toll on me. I am going for a blood test on Tuesday to see if my thyroxine levels are low, but somehow, I just think I need a rest and maybe get myself on a proper diet again to lose a couple of stone perhaps

We’ve had such a lovely bank holiday weekend with Ali and her gorgeous four.  Yesterday, Steve (Barry’s eldest) and Janina, Tobi, Laura (Barry’s youngest) and Miyah (4) came to visit too. I cooked roast beef with all the trimmings, all that was left of that meal were a few carrots and a bone for Roo, the little dog, who tried to dig his way out of the garden

After lunch, everyone except me, Ali and Esme went for a walk up to the local park, I sat down and got a few rows of knitting done Thumbs up

I had made loads of cakes in preparation for this weekend, so those that didn’t want Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble and custard had a good choice of cakes. Mostly they went for the chocolate cake Winking smile but Sullivan (5) totally loved my flapjacks, he asked me how I made them so I told him it had taken lots of practice and an extra squeeze of golden syrup and lots of love Red heart, he was happy with that reply Open-mouthed smile 

Tobi is going to be building us a wall to close the gap created by the fence which blew down some time ago, we’re also having a new gate, I can’t wait for it all to be finished. It will be lovely having Laura and the children here for a weekend whilst the wall and gate is put up, I’ll happily feed them all and enjoy their lovely company…Tobi seems to have a soft spot for my food Plate

Can you believe that I didn’t take one photo on my camera the whole weekend? I did take a couple on my phone though


This is Millie and Maddie knitting whilst watching Dr Who…that’s my space in the middle. I bought them both al little pack of knitting wool and they were soon knitting stripes on some tiny Knit Pro circulars I had bought but never used as they seemed too small to be used for anything other than knitting stripes for a phone sock and a scarf for teddy!


This is Super Sullivan in his new pyjamas…he’s such a charming little chap xx

I made the children (and us) American pancakes for breakfast yesterday, served with Lemon Syrup and this morning I made some French Toast served with jam or syrup,  as the loaf I made on Saturday was a bit dry for anything else

Lots of kisses and cuddles later and they were all back in their car and driving back to Southampton Sad smile

Shortly after the precious family had left us, Barry and I managed to fill the trailer with some rubbish that needed clearing and then we took that to the dump. We cleared the hidden area at the side of the house, Barry used the pressure hose to clean the paving slabs and we moved the little plastic greenhouse to the back of that area. We’re going to put the old wooden patio table in there too so it can be used as a potting area out of sight of the rest of the garden Hot smile

Barry has cleaned and set up his tomato planters with the clever watering system. I cleared an area under the kitchen window and moved the clematis there and have encouraged it to climb up the frame which is attached to the wall. A hot sunny wall it is so I’ll have to make sure the clematis is well watered! Sun

Next job on our list is to clean the decking with the pressure hose and put all the tubs and planters that Mum helped me fill, into their final positions

I am really looking forward to a lovely garden, we’re also creating a vegetable plot from a gravelled area in front of the decking, we’ll have to look up when we can plant certain things as it will be a few weeks before we can actually use it…I definitely think that some purple sprouting broccoli will be on the list though, I love picking it for a meal in the cold January weather

So, another busy fun filled weekend, I am totally pooped, really….I might just sit and knit or do a little bit of spinning

I’ll just leave you with the 2 gorgeous Poplar Bags I made for a customer recently…that Kaffe Fassett Fabric is just so cheerful!

Kaffe Fasset Poplar Bags (14)

PS If any of you know the Stitching Dragon can you direct her to my blog so she can pick up her prize in my recent giveaway…I’ve sent her a couple of emails but not had a response yet…

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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2 Responses to Sew busy

  1. Mary Dunn says:

    It sounds to me as if you need a day at a spa,lots of nice relaxing treatments and a massage .

    love the bags and the fabrics

  2. Your flapjack recipe should set Sullivan up for life xx

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