Sorbetto Blouse and a Machine Knit

Shortly after I put out an enquiry as to whether anyone would be interested in a Sewing Workshop, I had a couple of takers! Woohoo!! I was half scared and half delighted…still am haha!

Between us we decided on making the lovely free blouse pattern from Collette, The Sorbetto Top

Then, as it was the meet up of my sewing group on Tuesday this week, I decided to draw up the pattern on Monday evening and cut out a version that I could make a start on. I had some gorgeous lawn fabric in my stash which I thought would be lovely for this pretty top. I was feeling tired on Monday evening so thought I would have time to do the continuous bias binding tutorial from the same website before going to the group on Tuesday morning at 10.30am. Well, it all went t*ts up in my haste to make this tape….I should have known it would. I followed the tutorial, drew my cutting lines, then drew them again in the opposite direction doh! Who me? The last bit of the of the tutorial tells you to cut the tape round and round following your markings…well mine just went into rings lol!! I know what I did wrong though so will try it again when I’m not up against the clock Clock So, there I was, cutting the loops into strips and joining them before I ran the whole length through my nifty bias binding maker, there were a lot of joins in that binding! I better get it right before I try and teach my students how to do it too!!

Still, at the sewing group, I managed to sew the pleat,  french seams and attach the bias binding. I used my darling mini iron for the first time and it worked really well.

I started to hand sew the binding to the wrong side whilst at the group but finished that off at home. The pattern tells you to attach the binding to the wrong side of the top and then machine stitch it in place on the front. I have done that in the past on different projects thinking I will speed up the process. I think it can lead to problems, you have to get the stitching line very close to the edge of the binding and the stitching line can make the binding too stiff. So I sewed my binding to the front and handstitched it to the wrong side, it has a lovely soft feel to it and moves with the rest of the blouse, I am happy….wonder if it fits me?!?


I love it, however, in my haste to cut this out I forgot to line up the pattern down the centre of the pleat Confused smile, that design error will annoy me every time I wear it! But hey, it’s a blouse, and I love it…

More news though, a friend of mine, Colin, over on Facebook, showed us a photo of him wearing a gorgeous flecked tweedy jumper which he had made on his knitting machine. This really got me needing to get my knitting machine out of mothballs and give it a clean so I could make Barry a new jumper. Well, he brought it in from the garage for me, and I opened the box to find it so discoloured and cracked that I just closed it back up again and thought I might like a new one Winking smile, I worked out that the poor old machine was about 32 years old!!  Barry was quite keen for me to look online to find one, but to find a punchcard model would be way too expensive so I went and had a look on Preloved. I found one on there, a punchcard machine, same make as my old one, but even older than mine. It was in very good condition, hardly been used in fact so we bought it and I came home and made myself a cardigan lol. I only have three colours which I could use, either, dark purple, purple or I went with the dark purple

It took me a couple of hours to knit the pieces for the cardigan, and three evenings to crochet the border but I love it and really like the way it contrasts with my new blouse too



close up of the french seam Smile


I am very much looking forward to the workshop to sew a Sorbetto Top and have written out a plan of action, I think we will have lots of fun, cake and sewing too!


I’ll leave you with this photo of me, when I was about 25 years old, taken in 1981 by my talented Mum. I was always moaning whenever she asked me to pose for her. So glad she persevered with moody me and took photos anyway. I had two children at the time of this photo, Ali who would have been 7 and Edward would be 2…I look like a baby myself!

marianne-romsey (1)

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I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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