Show and Tell

So much has been going on here in the run up to Fibre-East 2013!

Mostly I have been dyeing and intended doing lots more sewing but this glorious warm weather sort of put paid to that plan as it was far too hot to go fabric hunting. So I found the energy to sew myself a loose sundress and I am so glad I did! On the days that I’m not wearing it, it is in the wash Winking smile

So here we go with a few photos


First off we have Miyah sporting the Twirl Skirt with attached Bloomers pattern from TieDyeDiva. I totally enjoyed sewing this pattern and will definitely make it again. The hat is a pattern in my Oliver & S pattern book but the sunhat is available from her website too Smile


Next up is a photo of the almost ready to go stand at Fibre-East, all last minute details were done on the Saturday morning….eugh getting up at 6.30am 2 days in a row is a killer Alien


The bunnies made guest appearances on both days and caused quite a stir! How I wish I could sell the rabbits I make from these delightful patterns, but after asking the designer she confirmed what I already knew…so I shall just be making these for gifts or for myself…the trouble is, they all have their own personalities and I know I’ll have trouble parting with them haha. I couldn’t believe I was pinning out the points on the pink lacy dress and steam blocking it, I mean, a bunny’s dress!

You can make your own Little Cotton Rabbit by purchasing the pattern either on Ravelry or on Julie’s Blog



Above are photos of the booty bought at the show over the weekend…Barry went and bought the yarn bowl for me after I showed an overly large amount of interest in it as we took a walk around the show when we got a break. The beautiful large bowl, created by Wendy Fowler, will be in use very soon as I shall be knitting myself a Lobelia Cardigan from that yummy yarn I managed to buy from Skein Queen before the show started. So glad I did because all that was left of that particular yarn at the end of the weekend was one skein of Pink Tickled Mink…

The red buttons are so beautiful and have been purchased in readiness for my new red cardigan, not got the yarn for that yet but the pattern has been chosen Smile According to Sally, she reckons they look like Ibruprofen capsules, which is great, because I loved the look of those capsules when I bought some a few years ago. They are so pretty, you feel better just by looking at them, like little red jewels lol!!

I also bought myself a copy of the new book by Rachel Coopey, it features the lovely new sock yarn from Rowan..some gorgeous patterns in that book…

The darling little dress on a hanger was created by a wonderful felt artist Jenny Barnett, it is only about 8 inches in height and is featuring a piece of vintage lace, I love it very much and maybe, one day, I might get to go on one of her courses….

The last photo shows some yarns that I chose from Texere, can’t wait to knit up the pink yarn on my knitting machine, 400g for a tenner, that can’t be bad! The sparkly stuff was 5 for a fiver, another bargain, but I have no idea what I am going to do with them


These last 3 photos are of some Bond fleece that the lovely Sarah brought to the show for me. I shall have fun with it and hope to use it for some naturally coloured fair isle work on something knitted. She also delivered 2 whole white fleeces, one a Bond and one a small Finn cross from my lovely friend Maureen that I met in Australia last year. I’ve not opened either of those bags but I’m sure it will be stunning and well worth the long wait and interesting journey it took to get here Smile Thank you Sarah, for all the hard work involved with the import of all those fleeces, so much time and energy used up with the bagging up, posting etc…I know I could have done it x (I never thought I would ever be spinning or dealing with raw fleece, but Australia taught me otherwise!!)

So today has been spent mostly sat on the sofa, occasionally making myself a drink or something to eat. The weekend was absolutely wonderful and even though I am worn out, I am feeling very happy and keep remembering the lovely people I met over the weekend. Thank you all for making it another successful show for Fluff-n-Stuff and popping by for a chat or a squeeze of me braids! Ooower Misses!!

Thanks go to my amazing husband, without whom I would not have been able to do this show, he was my very patient driver throughout and offered endless support and brought bacon baps, drinks and ice creams on request….I love how he interacts with our customers and says such lovely things about my products, I am very lucky Red heart

Oh and more thanks go to my two lovely helpers that took over the manning of the stand so Barry and I could go for a wander and a bite to eat. So big thanks to Sally (Saturday) and Helen (Sunday), you girls are great…oh and thanks to Tab for her arty arrangement she created with my business cards!

I have eaten most of the nectarines you left behind Sally Winking smile

next comes the big shop photo session, but I think I’ll give myself a few days to gather my thoughts and do a spot of housework….can you imagine how much mess a tired  and hot Marianne can create when she’s getting everything up together for a show?!?

Goodness is that the time? My husband will be coming home from work soon and I have done nothing, well nothing much hahah.


About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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4 Responses to Show and Tell

  1. Nicola says:

    looks like you had a FABULOUS time Marianne… and I LOVE that yarn bowl… an you imagine how lovely a “love fabric” bowl would look 😉 ???!!!

    • picperfic says:

      Oh it would look gorgeous Nicola, my bowl has a special slot for the yarn to run through but a large bowl with some pretty pieces in it would look wonderful, I bet she’d welcome a commission?

  2. josiekitten says:

    Wasn’t it a great weekend? I do like your yarn bowl a lot. You deserve to chill out for a bit after all your hard work!

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