Welcome aboard the Pixie Express via St Pancreas

Yesterday I had the best day, I went to London to meet up with my friend Carle. Carle and I did a swap a few year’s ago, all the way to South Africa! Such a long way for Carle to travel, but she is here, promoting her beautiful yarns. I had the privilege of seeing the new colours, quite delicious…anyway, let me tell you about the day

I woke early, before the alarm at 6.15am, so I showered, had some breakfast and set off on my adventure

I don’t often get to travel on my own, but somehow, there was a happy need to do this

I was making good time so on the way, I took some photos of these beautiful, random sunflowers

sunflowers  thorney

Barry had shown me where these beauties were hiding….

I then made my way to Peterborough Railway Station, purchased my ticket, bought a coffee and then boarded the train

There was no one else in the carriage…I hoped I was on the right train and not on the Hogwart’s Express, such a worryguts!

The train set off at the right time so I relaxed and made some progress with my sock knitting

Carle and I, under my suggestion, were to meet at Costa Coffee at King’s Cross…but once in the station, I didn’t recognise the place! All had changed since I was last there. I knew where Costa was in my mind, but there was no Costa in sight….this place looked more like an airport than the old Railway Station I remembered!

A phone call or two later, we finally met up near the information centre. A lovely smile and kisses and a hug greeted me, this was going to be a good day Smile

PS My youngest daughter was at St Pancras at the same time as me, but neither of us knew it!!

I had prepared maps and routes for us to go to places setting off from Libertys. Carle had been to Libertys the day before and had found another place for us to buy Liberty fabrics at a more reasonable price. Shaukat, a place I had ordered from online before, so it was decided that we would go there instead

What an Aladdin’s Cave…..

DSC_9033 copy

Here’s Carle, looking for some woollen fabric to line a knitted/crocheted bag…

This fabric is especially precious, and has a wonderful feel to it

DSC_9061 copy

Precious because, I had suggested to Carle that the selvedge would make a lovely handle for a bag, then there was a dilemma, Carle did not need such a large piece of fabric but the shopkeeper was not keen to cut the piece. I came to the rescue, and suggested that I would buy half of it. Then Carle had a brainwave just as the fabric was about to be cut “STOP!!” she cried, it was suggested that the fabric was cut in half lengthwise so we would both have the benefit on a long selvedge to use for the handles of our bags we were going to make. It felt rather like an adult version of those friendship bracelets that best friend children like to share…

The rest of my fabrics from Shaukat

DSC_9055 copy

The bottom one reminded me of Pointillist paintings…

DSC_9053 copy

This red piece is some Liberty stretch cotton, enough for a dress for me…

I asked the girl in Shaukat if she could recommend somewhere for lunch, unbeknown to us, it was around 2pm already and our tummies were rumbling!

We were directed to a wonderful North Indian restaurant, Thali,  just a couple of doors away…the place looked very beautiful….and empty!

Carle was amazing in there, she just asked the waiter to surprise her with a light lunch costing around £10, I asked for that order too so we sat and laughed and chatted and drank our lassi as we waited for our delights to be cooked

We were not disappointed! A wrap of a nan bread filled with a lamb kebab and salad with a mint and coriander dip and 2 succulent pieces of perfectly cooked chicken. A feast for us, we both kept mmmmming at every mouthful! A bargain and a wonderful find, a trip to be repeated I’m sure!

We then made our way to somewhere very special…Patricia Roberts shop no less!!

DSC_9039 copyDSC_9040 copyDSC_9041 copyDSC_9042 copyDSC_9045 copy

I have some pattern books of hers dating back to the 80’s…still those pattern books are available! I made myself a waistcoat in the knitted patchwork pattern which was from a Woman Magazine, I used to wear it with my chambray denim shirt and jeans…. I couldn’t afford the proper yarn back then, but the experience of knitting it was both a challenge and delight. That waistcoat is still in my wardrobe, it’s about 28 years old!!

I made a purchase…

DSC_9051 copy

This will be a Christmas present for one of my Grandchildren….

Then it was time to visit The Button Queen, I had started to flag about then so we stopped for a coffee after that visit. I loved listening to Carle, asking so many questions, and the patience of all that we asked. I constantly smiled….the man in the button shop could see I was enjoying sitting in one of his chairs ‘Now you understand why we have such comfy chairs’ he smiled….

another coffee was had on our way back to St Pancr(e)as, as Carle called it…we did did laugh, you know those uncontrollable laughs, the more you laugh the bigger it gets…a magical memory….

Another is Carle describing the wonderful Pizza she had enjoyed the night before, from a place which sounded to me like Pixie Express, but of course, it was my slight deafness and her accent that had confused Pizza Express…Pixie Express sounds so much better. I love renaming things and places Open-mouthed smile

Carle presented me with a most wonderful gift, which held a very interesting story, I’ll tell you more about that when I’ve been reminded of the information regarding the exquisite red fabric of my precious project bag

DSC_9064 copy

inside were more treasure, I was well and truly spoilt, not only by meeting up with a wonderful woman, whose friendship I shall treasure for the rest of my life, with the sad thought that we will, in all probability, never meet again Sad smile but by these darling products

the cup mats seen to echo the colours of SA

DSC_9081 copy

and these yarns…oh these yarns

DSC_9078 copy

DSC_9075 copy

DSC_9072 copy

I wish you could smell them, they all have a delicious new baby aroma..magic!

Thank you so much Carle… Red heart

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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  1. josiekitten says:

    What a nice day out! I have made a note of the Button Queen!

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