A Berkshire Blazer


There’s rather a lot of birthdays in our family around this time of year

I have a rather large stash of fabric and yarn so….

I have been knitting with a vengeance and sewing with equal vigour and learning to use my new overlocker in the process. I’m getting there now, just need to learn to do the flatlock stitch and I will have it all sorted. Not sure I’ll ever be able to thread it without the manual though…Smile with tongue out

Anyway, this little jacket was made for Sullivan, my grandson, he was 6 yesterday, I sent him that cute little coin purse I made with some money in it and a lego car kit that I had trouble prizing out of Barry’s hands!

This pattern is by The Straight Stitch Society

I managed to make the eye patch appear on the opposite side to the patterns directions but it looks cute either way…and Sullivan likes it which is the main thing. He said it looks like origami and actually, that isn’t a bad description haha, love the detail and especially the bone zip pull Smile


The jacket is the Berkshire Blazer from Pattern Anthology

I simply couldn’t wait to sew this design…

I didn’t sew the sleeves in quite as the pattern directs you to, guess it’s my many years of sewing experience that has guided me which makes me stray from the path at times, but I have never snipped into a seam allowance on a jacket or any garment for that matter,  so I just sewed the sleeve in place using lots of pins and a narrow straight stich, then overlocked the whole seam which trimmed it to about 1/4” at the underarm. I used my insulated pressing mitt to steam the seam towards the sleeve at the shoulder. Pressing from the outside of the jacket. Incidentally, I would have like a marker point on the pattern piece for positioning the sleeve head at the shoulder seam, it worked out fine though…. Smile

I added a bit of extra shaping to the shoulders by doubling up a 2”  wide strip of fine polar fleece and sewing it to the sleeve/shoulder seams, I really feel that it adds a bit of extra dimension to the delicious design

I’d had the tweedy fabric in my stash for a few years so it felt good to use it. I did order the lining though, I just wanted something funky and fun on the inside

berkshire blazer sullivan jacket (1)

I purchased a set of leather elbow patches and cut them down to size. My machine happily sewed them into place using a topstitching thread and needle, oh and my walking foot Winking smile

berkshire blazer sullivan jacket (2)

Sullivan is a small 6 year old but he’s growing fast so I made the 7 year old size with hopefully room for him to grow into it. The buttons are from my Grandma’s button box, I always love to use those precious buttons when I can…

berkshire blazer sullivan jacket (3)

Well it’s on it’s way to the recipient…I’ll keep you posted and might have a photo to share with you next time, of him wearing it

I am itching to make him a pair of trousers and a hooded shirt, but I think that might be his Christmas present, if I find the time to stick all the pieces of paper together and then sew them up!


About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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